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Many years ago, a wealthy family in Kakariko Village was cursed for their greed and were thus turned into Skulltula monsters. As you defeat Gold Skulltulas, each family member released from the curse will reward Link.
Ten Bombchus: A rare type of bomb that runs along the ground, and crawls up walls and ceilings. If you are playing on the Wii's Virtual Console, the Stone of Agony will be totally useless.
Gold Skulltulas are scattered throughout the game world and can be found as both young and adult Link.
After you have defeated all the Gold Skulltulas in an area, a Gold Skulltula icon will appear next to the name of your current location on the map screen.
Note: The world map DOES NOT cover Gold Skulltulas in Temples, Dungeons, the Kakariko Well or the Ice Cavern. A Gold Skulltula resides in every patch of soft soil in Hyrule except for the one next to the bean selling man in Zora's River. To capture bugs, look for rocks on the ground as they have the highest rate of causing bugs to appear.
If on a wall or far away, Gold Skulltulas can only be reached with certain items, namely the Boomerang and Hookshot.
The locations of Gold Skulltulas in the dungeons were changed in the Master Quest version of Ocarina of Time.
The following is a complete list of the locations of the 100 Gold Skulltulas scattered about Hyrule. On the top of the House of Twins, use the Hookshot  to kill a Skulltula and claim its token.
Turn right, left, right, left, left to find another patch of soil in a room with a lone tree and two Business Scrubs. As a child, plant a Magic Beans  at the same soil patch where you released the bottled bug to find the fifth Gold Skulltula. Climb the lone ladder at the end of the maze, turn to your left, and look on the wall right in front of you for a Skulltula. In the room with the Compass, activate the rising platforms and then jump over to the left alcove. In the first basement is a Skulltula clinging to the vines that allow you to return to the first floor. Look to the right of Ganon's Castle and behind the remains of a ruined gate to find a Gold Skulltula. Look on the center pile of bricks of the building currently under construction to spot another Skulltula. After clearing the boulder blocking the entrance to Dodongo Cavern, you will see a patch of soft soil.
Go to the spot where you used to a Bomb Flower to unblock Dodongo Cavern, and look for a red rock. Note: It is possible to get this Skulltula without breaking the rock by first spin attacking, with magic, near the rock to kill the Skulltula hidden beneath. This Skulltula resides on the back of the pedestal in the center of Goron City where the Spiritual Stone of Fire once rested.
After learning the Bolero of Fire as an adult, first return to the past and then warp to Death Mountain Crater as young Link using the Bolero of Fire. From the main entrance, enter the room to the southeast, a jagged corridor with Baby Dodongos.

In order to break the curse, Link must destroy all one hundred of the Gold Skulltulas scattered about Hyrule and collect the Gold Skulltula Tokens that they drop as proof of his deed.
In the 3DS version, this is replaced by the Shard of Agony, which chimes and appears in the top-left corner of the top screen when near secret locations.
Each time you visit the man, he will give you another one, so effectively it is a limitless supply of rupees. Most often, Gold Skulltulas can be found at night, either clinging to walls or hiding in soft patches of soil.
You should play the Sun Song on your ocarina to change the time of day before beginning your search.
The sound can alert you to the presence of a nearby Skulltula, although it is difficult to use to pinpoint the creature's exact location.
To check if you have collected all tokens in those areas, you must enter that specific area and check the map of place. Pick up these rocks to release the bugs underneath and then quickly capture one with a bottle.
There is a section for the differently located Skulltulas after the full list for the regular Ocarina of Time game. Use the Fairy Slingshot  to kill it, then leap from the nearby ledge to claim the token. To get there, stand in front of the door of that house and Hookshot  over to the roof of the House of Skulltula.
Destroy it with a Bomb  and kill the Skulltula inside, then climb the wall to claim the token. Position Link so that he is facing away from the rock, but with his back facing the crack between the wall and the rock. Use Bombs  to make your way to the far end, where you will find two treasure chests containing 50 rupees a piece, a Gossip Stone, and a crate. Enter the crater by the entrance at the summit and roll into the nearby crate to find a Skulltula. Use Bombs  to destroy the weak wall in the corridor (or lure a Baby Dodongo there and kill it).
When a certain number of Gold Skulltulas have been destroyed, a family member will return to human form and reward Link for his trouble.
The GameCube version will ask you if you want to use the rumble feature (unless you're playing with the Wavebird, which renders this item useless). If you follow the whole guide, there are also links down to the Master Quest locations in the dungeon's section.
If you can improve this page, please edit it, or help by discussing possible changes on the talk page. In the 3DS version, the Stone of Agony is replaced by the Shard of Agony, which chimes and appears in the top-left corner of the top screen when near secret locations.
Use Bombs  to destroy the wall on your left (slightly behind you) until you find a Skulltula. Note: This Gold Skulltula location can be abused to get an infinite number of Gold Skulltula Tokens.

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