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Once Newfoundland became a province of Canada, the horses were replaced by trucks, cars, and machines.
Read how Jessie discovers a frightening secret and how she and her friends lead a herd of ponies through the midnight woods, and hide them on a haunted island.
So I go with my dad or my brother until one day I discover two terrible secrets in Gull Harbor. I have a plan but when a storm arises and I must take the boat for help, there’s BIG TROUBLE AHEAD! Here’s a photo of a group of real Newfoundland Ponies from the Change Islands Newfoundland Pony Shelter in Newfoundland. A coastal Newfoundland community in 1965 is the setting for this first-person narrative, written from 13- year-old Jessie’s point of view, and three rescues form the basis of the plot.
Stephanie Morris enjoys creating a story that combines a sensual energy with a captivating storyline. With the help of Blizzard, her dependable dog, she and her family rescue three shipwreck victims.

Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. To her mortification the sole person that witnessed it is her co-worker and pain in her backside, Knole Driscoll. Sometimes her heroines have an edgier persona to them and sometimes they are of a softer essence. The survivors repay her later on with their friendship and support when she befriends an abused child, and when she devises a daring and dangerous plan to save some wild ponies from being rounded up for the slaughterhouse.
However, after the pact she makes with three of her best friends, Maylea is determined to leave the past behind. But all the time, her heroines are like real women, just trying to make a living and keep on going no matter what challenges life brings them.
And finally, she rallies her friends to save a herd of wild Newfoundland ponies that seem destined for the slaughterhouse.
In Stephaniei??s opinion, there is nothing like curling up with a good book that you cani??t put down, and she is addicted to writing them.

The seemingly separate adventures are actually tightly linked by the characters and the unusual setting, which comes to life through description, intersection with plot elements, and the local characters’ distinctive dialect. The problem is she will have to work closely with Knole, and the man is a distractioni??a drop dead gorgeous, sexy-as-sin distraction. Although some may see the story as a bit old-fashioned, others will find its evocation of this time and place convincing and involving.
When he and Maylea are paired together for a two-week work related road trip, he sees his chance. Now all he has to do is show Maylea that whati??s occurring between the two of them is not best kept secret.

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