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Former plant inspector first raised concerns about seismic safety in 2010byDeirdre Fulton, staff writerDiablo Canyon Power Plant. In response to the revelations, which the Associated Press reported Monday, California's Senate Environment and Public Works Committee announced it would hold hearings into how the NRC has handled Peck's recommendation. Diablo Canyon is located on the central California coast, near San Luis Obispo, in close proximity to faults that seismic studies show could trigger an earthquake stronger than the reactors and internal equipment were built to withstand, according to Friends of the Earth.
But Peck's analysis calls specific attention to major fault lines located near the facility, including the recently discovered Shoreline fault less than 700 feet away, which could produce significant shaking during an earthquake—more than was accounted for in the design of important plant equipment.
Coming on the heels of this weekend's earthquake in northern California, the Diablo report and the circumstances of its release are particularly worrisome.
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Russia's state atomic agency, which is overseeing the plant near Bushehr, said low-enriched uranium would be added Aug.
Work on the facility began in the 1970s, when Iran staked much of its national pride on the development of nuclear energy.
The $1-billion contract between Russia and Iran is designed to prevent Tehran from enriching uranium to weapons-grade strength. Russia has provided the 1,000-megawatt plant with low-enriched uranium, which has been sealed and monitored by the International Atomic Energy Agency. Iran is also required to return fuel and plutonium generated at Bushehr to Russia for reprocessing. The Obama administration pushed for a new round of United Nations economic sanctions in June in another effort to force Tehran to make its atomic program more transparent. After nuclear fuel is transferred to the reactor, the next step involves loading the fuel into the core, followed by the triggering of a nuclear reaction by moving fuel rods closer to one another.

The project was begun by the German firm Siemens in the 1970s under the rule of Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi. The plant on the Persian Gulf coast fell into disarray after the 1979 Islamic Revolution and was restarted in the mid-1990s when Russia took over. Bushehr was supposed to begin producing electricity in 2006, but there were construction delays and suggestions that Russia was impeding progress as a diplomatic tool to rein in Iran's nuclear program in order to placate Washington and gain favor with the West.

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