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TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. A young lady of the noble Buxton family, JANE, is a vivid and cheerful girl, whose long yearning dream is to fly into the cloud and beyond. This series is a co-production between Japanese and Korean animation teams and was aired simultaneously in both countries. He goes to the University to discuss about it to several scientists, but no one believes him, with the exception of Christopher Barsac.In a separate event, Lord Buxton learn William embezzled some money from the bank, and Georges is invited participare to an expedition led by the Pr. Being surrounded with love of her family members as well as the servants, Jane's life was so much close to perfect.
Convinced of George's survival, Jane decides to embark on a quest to the unknown land to find her brothers.

Her perfect world, however, vanished when a letter arrived informing that Jane's eldest and beloved brother, George, who was participating in the expedition to the East, was executed to death. At the same time, Jane's stepbrother, William, leaves the family due to the protracted feud with father and the father becomes charged for embezzling. Kamale for causing several deaths during an explosion but it's subverted by the fact the Pr.
Kamale, who is, in fact, Georges Buxton, was made believe by William, the real culprit, he had caused the death of several British soldiers during the expedition to acquire azurium. Bitter Sweet Ending: Althrough Jane found her brother Georges alive and cleared his name, he then died with William. Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds: William, who felt alienated in his new family, wanted to take revenge against his step-family and projected to destroy the world with his superweapon before Jane spoke him out of it.

Wretched Hive: Neo-City is a city based on slavery and the plunder of the neighbourhing communities. Later, William push his master spy Morilire in the sky and kill, with his airplane-weapon, the entire population of Neo-City in the airplanes where they were.

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