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Yoshi is dating a childhood friend who has become a successful musician, but could he be exploiting a Digimon? Yoshi Fujieda is found out to be dating the super popular singer, Neon Hanamura, by the paparazzi.
At DATS Thomas discovers that since the broadcast Neon's record sales have majorly increased, as Keramon is tricking people into making Neon more popular. After the battle Yoshi erases the reporter and Neon's memories and Yoshi promises to remember the events for the both of them. As Neon guest starts on a talk show and a radio show, the DATS team breaks into his apartment to try to take Keramon and arrest him.

Yoshi reveals that she used to go to school with Neon and was surprised that he had become such a big hit. However Yoshi against orders walks into Neon's apartment only to discover that Neon is home.
She organizes a dinner with Neon at his apartment, but when he leaves, Yoshi and Lalamon begin to snoop around his home. After Keramon grabs Yoshi and Lalamon Thomas and Marcus make their move and bust into Neon's apartment. When Neon returns to his studio he and Keramon hack into all the electronics of Japan to broadcast an ad by himself with the help of Keramon.

Under pressure from his boss, and in the insuing chaos a reporter breaks into Neon's apartment and takes photos of Neon and Keramon. Marcus arrives to try to protect Yoshi and attacks Neon, however Yoshi calms him down before her cover was blown. So Neon gets very angry and because of that, Keramon digivolves into Kurisarimon, Gaomon digivolves to battle him but is quickly defeated Marcus and Agumon quickly take over and digivolves to Geogreymon defeats him with a Mega Burst and he returns to an egg.

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