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Even if the translation was fixed to be perfect, however, there would still be glaring problems with the story, and the reason for this is that there really isn’t much of a story. There are four playable characters, each fulfilling a different role in your team (one is faster than the others, one can use magic, one is strong, and the last one is a healer), and yet they seem to have all been written by the same person. Like most jRPGs, you wander around the map and fight a bunch of random monsters so that you can grind your levels up and breeze through the next parts of the story. Magic attacks and special abilities are available to all four characters, but they’re found or bought rather than being obtained through leveling like in many older jRPGs.
The first video on this page highlights the biggest annoyance I found while playing the mobile version of this game, that being the movement stick resetting when you enter a door. Then there are the actual bugs I faced, which ranged from dialogue having random returns cutting up words (pictured in the screenshots) to the music randomly cutting out until I reset the game.
I played through the game in something like 9-10 hours, ignoring a fair portion of side content to power through to the end because I wasn’t enjoying myself at all.
Put simply, this is a game that only works if you find lazy references to other games the most hilarious thing in the entire world and are willing to overlook a number of major game flaws regarding the writing and mechanics in order to get to them. It’s honestly embarrassing that so much time has passed without someone going through and correcting the many, many typos and miscellaneous problems with the script. For a game that lampshades many of the mechanics and features inherent to jRPGs, it’s kind of astounding that grinding is still required.

These come in various forms, from living snowmen to orcs and everything between, but all enemies can be broken down into these two basic categories.
The way the game explains itself to you, your characters who do a lot of damage will be prioritized by enemies.
Charisma is basically your magic stat while grit increases your critical hit rate and immunity to negative status effects (as well as increasing the experience you obtain a negligible amount).
They also happen to be equippable and expend PP, which are gained whenever one of your stats goes over a threshold (15, 21, 28, and so on), with stronger skills requiring 2 PP. If you hold the screen just a moment too long, the area you’re pressing becomes the default position of the new control stick and pressing where you want the default position to be (usually in the opposite direction of where you were pressing) moves you in that direction rather than resetting the stick, even if you let go of the screen first. Thankfully, the save system allows you to save almost anywhere in one of four slots, making bugs less of an issue, but the lack of polish is still irritating given how long the developers have had to get things fixed. I took 8 screenshots of characters who exist solely to beg for ratings or Steam Greenlight votes (which is astounding since the game is already on Steam), and this means that this begging was present at a basic rate of one per hour in a paid app. Something to keep in mind—before playing this game, I bought the sequel on a whim based on footage where snowmen had the carrots in an anatomically-amusing part of their bodies, so it’s not like I have an aversion to immature humor. In fact, it’s so required that I found myself woefully under-leveled trying to force my way to the end of the game so that I could move on to something better, forcing me to lower the difficulty to the easiest setting.
The thought is that you can use special moves that increase an enemy’s hostility to certain characters to draw them away from others.

This forces you to not only manage which skills you equip before a fight, but also put points into stats each character might not excel at for the sake of being able to equip more special skills. It should go without saying that none of them have a character arc, nor do they change over the course of the story.
I like to play games on the default difficulty since that’s usually the difficulty setting the game was balanced around, but I was willing to toss both that and my pride aside for the sake of getting this piece of trash behind me. I played through this game in something like 10 hours, and in all that time I didn’t once see the effects of this so-called system. In fact, I noticed that enemies consistently went after the last person to strike regardless of anything else that happened prior.
I could have one character hit for a million points of damage and then send in my magic-user to strike the enemies for 1 HP, and every single enemy would go after the magic-user because of it.

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