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Secret of Evermore is a role-playing video game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Around the point where I quit, it becomes necessary to jump across a broken bridge to get to a new area. That’s not the only instance of the game giving you too little information or forcing you to figure things out by trial and error, either. The jungle village you find early in the game is designed pretty well, but once you go outside of that village, everything is just a blur of green and brown.
Des weiteren ist der Hund fast unverwundbar, während der Junge nach jedem dritten Gegnertreffer eine Heilung braucht. Knochensplitter neben einem Totenschädel zu finden oder eine Wurzel auszugraben, wenn man neben einer Pflanze sucht. Schmierfett, Knochenteil, Kalkstein, Arnitamin, Pilze, Eicheln, Federn, Trockeneis, Mondstein, Eisenerz, Äthanol, Dynamit. The name got a lot of people’s hopes built up, with a lot of them foolishly thinking that it was a sequel to Secret of Mana.
If this sounds like an interesting way of throwing you into many different kinds of areas, it certainly would be. The main character is utterly forgettable, equal parts uninteresting and ugly (his sprites are actually the worst-looking ones in the entire game). It’s not a particularly great system by any measure, full of missed hits that arise because of awkwardly-placed hitboxes, and while the Japan-only sequel to Mana (Seiken Densetsu 3) improved on this somewhat, Evermore is definitely a step backward. When you first arrive in the aforementioned marketplace, you’re given a short amount of time to trade around for new items. Der Sound sticht nicht sonderlich hervor, man hat sich aber auch hier viel Mühe gegeben. When it was revealed that Secret of Evemore was developed for the United States market, obsessive fans automatically assumed the game deprived them of the sequel to Secret of Mana, Seiken Densetsu 3 and declared it terrible, regardless of its actual quality.

Trying to hit an enemy from the side feels natural enough to suffice, but doing so from the top or bottom is a train wreck because of how difficult it is to gauge where you are in relation to the enemy.
It seemed like every time I accomplished something, the game would force me to run around several large screens of enemies to get to the next location. That becomes apparent when you stumble onto the first boss fight, which appears to be a giant ant thing. The problem is that you never really know whether you have enough ingredients for the next big fight or not, and it’s easy to hoard them for a rainy day because of this. This is important because a boss fight comes immediately afterward and the extra protection can do a lot of good, but actually trading is incredibly difficult because you never really know how much of anything you have. All paths eventually lead to drains, and only one of these drains has a switch for a door (which, of course, requires falling down a completely different drain to get to).
It feels like the cheap knockoff it is as a result, though what hurts more than anything is the sheer potential Evermore fails to live up to.
To add insult to injury, the main character’s main job throughout the game is to quote fictional movie lines, and this never ceases to feel awkward or forced. It ends up feeling like you have to touch the enemy and put yourself in danger in order to hit them from the top or bottom, and the disparity between how attacking sideways and vertically feel makes the whole fighting system incredibly awkward. Not only are there an endless number of enemies who fall from the ceiling as you defeat them, but the boss has an insane amount of health and casts spells (as in, you can’t avoid them) while you fight. Of course, this means that they’re not leveled and are thus practically useless when you do need them. C'est dans ce premier niveau que l'on apprend A  maA®triser l'alchimie, le fameux systA?me de magie de Secret of Evermore.
The other characters throughout the game aren’t any better, either, mostly just being around for convenient plot reasons. In fact, I didn’t even know that it was possible until I looked it up online out of frustration.

It’s not fun in the slightest, and whoever came up with the idea for sections like this should be drawn and quartered.
Padding even the fetch quests with loads of combat (which is awkward at best) leaves a seriously bad taste in my mouth. It’s an insane jump in difficulty that comes out of nowhere, and it almost caused me to give up on the game even earlier than I did. There are also bags of rice, limestone tablets, and several other things that are used for currency, and remember—the game has you on a timer while you figure this all out. All boss fights in Evermore are annoying and unbalanced like this, but there’s a special place in hell for that ant thing. Son rA?le est alors de suivre les ordres du joueur, un peu A  son bon vouloir (A§a reste une bA?te !).
Mais voila, puisque les magies sont faibles lorsqu'on les obtient pour la premiA?re fois, peu de joueurs auront envie de les utiliser pour les monter en level.
On se retrouve alors au final avec deux magies sur lesquelles on compte durant tout le jeu, en ignorant totalement les autres.
Il est d'ailleurs crucial de le faire passer au niv2, puis 3, le plus rapidement possible !
Surtout du niv1 A  2, et encore plus du niv2 A  3 !Donc il n'est pas concevable de booster chaque arme. L'humour prend de faA§on inattendue le rA?le principal et permet A  Secret of Evermore de taquiner les conventions du genre, de prendre de l'engagement et surtout de la confiance.

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