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An anything-goes business and banking system, recently laid bare by the Panama Papers, has helped build Panama City’s welter of steel and glass.
Panama, which offers up its national flag to international shippers, local addresses to ghost corporations, and an anything-goes banking system to anyone with money, has long been renowned as an accommodating place for business. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (effective January 1, 2014) and Privacy Policy (effective January 1, 2014). In der Stadt gibt es Orte wie Discos, Bars, Casinos und einen Strand, an denen mit anderen Charakteren geplaudert werden kann. Parallel ist Secret City Radio an den Start gegangen, ein Webradio mit Popmusik, das wahrend des Schlenderns durch die Stra?en (und bei allen anderen Beschaftigungen am PC) gehort werden kann. Der Entwickler, die Dusseldorfer Coolspot AG, verknupft Secret City mit seinem anderen Produkt Personal ID.
Unsere Beta-Version war ausschlie?lich um Performance und Stabilitat auf verschiedenen Systemen zu testen.
Ich finde das diese 3d Chat Programme, vorrausgesetzt sie haben eine gute Grafic, sowieso viel besser sind, als diese Standart chat Programme wie z.B. Ich personlich bin kein Zockertyp und lege vor allem Wert darauf, mit neuen Leuten zu chatten und zu flirten. Mittlerweile ist Secret City auch ganz gut angelaufen und ich lerne regelma?ig neue Menschen kennen. On a visit to the country in the late nineties, I was shown around by a Panamanian businessman, a friend, who took me to a newly built hotel and office tower in downtown Panama City.
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Wer sich damit nicht als Erwachsener identifiziert, bleibt vor allem von den geplanten Erotikinhalten ausgeschlossen. The gleaming green-glass tower rose incongruously above an otherwise pleasant district of one- and two-story residential homes and embassies, overlooking the blue waters of the bay and the Pacific Ocean beyond.

Der Avatar kann laufen, rennen, schwimmen, tanzen, sitzen und eine Reihe von Bewegungen wie Klatschen und Verbeugen.
Sie durfte vor allem den deutschen Mitbewerber StageSpace verunsichern, dessen Beta-Version im Vergleich zu Secret City wie das Hobbyprojekt eines Schulers wirkt. Zum Testen der Betaversion wird ein Lizenzcode ohne Altersnachweise automatisch zugemailt; er mu? in die Personal-ID-Software eingetragen werden, die sich rechts in der Taskleiste einnistet. Abbandonati vicino ai cassonetti come fossero privi di valore, come non fossero mai appartenuti a nessuno.
Geld verdient werden soll mit VIP-Accounts, die (stolze) 20 Euro im Monat kosten und den Avataren Zugang zu exklusiven Clubs bieten, personliche Chats und mehr Auswahl bei der Kleidung. Wer trotzdem meint das ihm das immer noch nicht reicht, der sollte es dann nicht mit einen 3d chat Programm versuchen sondern sich dann doch lieber bei Programmen wie Second life anmelden. I asked my friend what exactly he meant by “money laundry.” Over the next few minutes, with beautiful simplicity, he told me how it worked. A Panama-registered company was, like a Tijuana wedding, something that could be swiftly drawn up by one of Panama’s slew of sharp-suited lawyers. If you were a narco-trafficker, and needed to launder several million dollars a month in illegal income, for instance, you could set up several dozen Panamanian businesses, all of them entirely fictitious, and then make arrangements with the owner of the new tower to “rent” as many offices as you needed.
After a few minutes of calculations made by eyeballing the tower and counting its number of floors, my friend concluded that it would be possible to launder as much as a hundred million dollars a year through that tower alone. There are, of course, many other ways to hide or to launder money, and this week’s spectacular public dumping of documents from the Panama law firm Mossack Fonseca, the so-called Panama Papers, shows some of the ways the global offshore banking system, of which Panama is an integral part, allows wealthy people of all kinds—not exclusively narco-traffickers—to do so.
Perhaps the most famous, and possibly most lucrative, offshore bank of all is the nation of Switzerland.) But as demonstrated by my friend, using the gleaming office tower as a case in point, bricks and mortar are a clever way to hide one’s money, and Panama has long made itself available to real-estate developers who cater to this booming economy.
So successful has this resource been for Panama that, seventeen years later, the low-level neighborhood around the tower has wholly disappeared, replaced by scores of newer towers of every hue and description; one, almost lost amid the welter of steel and glass, is shaped fancifully to resemble a corkscrew.
The last President of Panama, Ricardo Martinelli, who ran the country from 2009 to 2014, and who is now living in Miami, accused of corruption by Panama’s Supreme Court, was a great believer in public-infrastructure projects, building highways, ocean causeways, and a subway system that will cost billions of dollars. The firm that Martinelli favored with the bulk of these costly projects, the Brazilian engineering giant Odebrecht, is currently caught up in a sweeping corruption scandal at home.

In 1999, when the Panama Canal was finally returned to Panamanian sovereignty, a great sell-off of property in the former U.S. One day, I accompanied Nicolas Ardito Barletta, a patrician Panamanian economist and former World Bank vice-president, who had been put in charge of the investment-promotion campaign, on a helicopter tour of the Zone. On our tour, Barletta told me that the vision for the future of the country was to be “a little bit of Singapore and a little of Rotterdam.” For one of our rides, he took along two prospective investors, from Spain’s Catalan region.
One, a man named Juan Manuel Rosillo, was out on bail for criminal charges relating to a multimillion-dollar tax-fraud scam in Spain.
His friend and partner was none other than Josep Pujol, a son of Catalan President Jordi Pujol. A year later, he was sentenced to a new prison term after a traffic incident in which his Bentley struck and killed a young man, but Rosillo fled the country—back to Panama, where he lived until his death, of an apparent heart attack, in 2007. In 2014, Jordi Pujol, the former Catalan President, acknowledged to police investigators that he had used offshore bank accounts for decades to move sums of money, which he said were accrued from an inheritance, around the world.
Among the countries involved in his activity, which is still being investigated, was Panama.) On that trip, I also met with a couple of prominent foreign fugitives who were resident in Panama, among them Jorge Serrano Elias, the former President of Guatemala. He had been formally accused in Guatemala of stealing tens of millions of dollars in public funds, but had been given a warm welcome in Panama, and he seemed at ease when we met on the grounds of a luxury housing estate and polo club he was building outside the city. A few days later, I asked Panama City’s mayor, Juan Carlos Navarro, a Harvard-educated man with Presidential ambitions, about his own vision for Panama and how he felt about its louche reputation, especially its tradition of harboring questionable characters like Serrano. He had scowled when I suggested that his country’s reputation abroad was more like that of Casablanca, or Tangiers.
But, I asked, what if someone like a war criminal or the next Mengele decided to come to Panama?

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