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In the SNES game Secret of Mana, all the weapons seem to have 8 orbs, and thus 9 variations, except the Mana Sword. When you reach the Mantis Ant, and Jema is telling you how to kill the Mantis Ant, perform another in game reset (LRSelectStart).
This process can be repeated to teleport your characters to any part of the game, not just the Mantis Ant.
Note, for anyone wondering, this glitch won't work on the iPhone version of Secret of Mana. I added, as a comment, to Josh's answer that the glitch won't work on the iPhone version of the game. If you're brave enough to jailbreak your iPhone you can hex edit the save file to change one tiny byte to give you 9 Sword Orbs so that Watts will reforge it into the Mana Sword. A jailbroken iPhone (obviously), with a method to browse the private files (hint: search Cydia for afc2add). After copying to your computer and making a backup of your chosen save file, open it in your hex editor. Navigate to hex offset 0587 (in most hex editors you can hit Ctrl+G, then type in 0587 to go straight to that byte) and replace the byte value with 09, as in 9 sword orbs.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged secret-of-mana or ask your own question. Are there an infinite number of prime numbers where removing any number of digits leaves a prime?
Oh you dear sweet souls, why only the first of the three pillars of Squaresofts rise to power in the early 90s. The story takes place in a world where mana represents an ethereal, but finite, energy source.
So much rage about missing this why is it happening when I’m doing my last two days of universityyy whyyyyy!!! This steam summer sale was good fun you can see the expanded story of my sale in my Hotline Miami review. So you know this is blind, purely my observations about the game and how it fits in to this world of ours. Don’t starve is a survival game so I was deeply deeply in love without much of a fight and the Tim Burton-esc art style game is just perfect for what the developer is trying to create. All in all Don’t Starve is fun and refreshing with lots of reply value because well when you die you have to restart. World War Z was once an acclaimed novel by Max Brooks depicting the zombie apocalypse through interviews… World War Z is now a film with Brad Pitt depicting the zombie apocalypse as experienced by one better then perfect character created to keep a visual connection through the story. Now I love zombies and I have for over half my life so when a big budget blockbuster like this rolled around I was naturally excited. Hey that’s for being here for the first ever Movie Monday remember to come back for Trailer Tuesday. You can only get it by casting the spell Mana Magic, which you get just before the final battle. The only way to get this during "normal" gameplay is via Dryad's final spell, "Mana Magic". You have now placed this save game file in a special state, where next time you load it, the characters will start from wherever the previous characters were. Be sure to hold the buttons for at least 5 seconds; My theory is because the game is saving to SRAM the location of your character (at the Mantis Ant). However, most locations will not still have the bosses, only the Mantis Ant seems to reappear and give you an Orb. Releasing in 1993 it was soon followed by Final Fantasy VI in 1994, and Chrono Trigger in 1995.

Think of it like a more tactical version of zelda, where as you play you unlock the ability to play with more and more friends.
But I digress one of the gems to make it into my library was the jaunty survival game Don’t Starve. So I was dropped into my don’t starve world and first thing was obviously to chase birds around this lead me to a monster tree that killed me pretty much instantly. I love Pitch Black and this doesn’t look to hurtful to my one of my childhoods favourite movies? But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing to me WWZ can be broken into two audiences those that read the book and those that have not. Zombie movies with budgets and scale of this size don’t really roll around this often so just to see crowd scenes comparable to the armies in lord of the rings hot damn will there be scenes for you! Pitt plays this family man ex UN super detective that can really handle anything like when he is constantly forced to be the only hope for the planet nothing ever really stops him.
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When both the Girl and the Sprite cast "Mana Magic" on the Boy, the Dragon Buster becomes the Mana Sword. So if you play a different save game file, and perform an in-game reset, and load the save file saved at Neko, your characters who saved at Neko will now be where the other characters were. Also, while you can repeat the process to obtain more than 9 orbs, if you forge the Sword past level 9, the game will get "confused" and the sword will change to a different weapon, like the Gloves. But since it only happens on one little island, doesn't that seem like it might have been deliberately programmed in? Seeing the oh so familiar elements of one of my favorite genres I pounced into action, my credit card drawn, I…!
If you have read the book and couldn’t stand to see it changed then it might be worth a miss for everyone else let’s review!
It can start to feel weird as you get closer to the action after these massive crowd shots but that really helps the film along. I know he is the lead but he was not relatable as he remained flawless the entire time they could have given him PTSD from his UN work or something, anything to make him more relatable.
Forge your sword one final time to obtain the Mana Sword, the most powerful weapon in the game.
Then is this ever the blog for you All Range Mode is the all range of media and the enjoyment we will have looking at them. The conflict was globally destructive and nearly exhausted all signs of mana in the world until a hero used the power of the Mana Sword to destroy the fortress and the civilization.
Bought the game and watched it download slowly in amongst all the other games I had purchased already. I shouldn’t have to tell you that when a tree stands up and kills you, it could hurt your trust of well anything.
In a lot of zombie movies the first attack or reveal will be very close up to provide the best jump scare. While each location is rich and has its own distinct atmosphere and attitude this can feel overwhelming after a while. It said that we got a sword orb, but it froze right after that" -- I have never had that happen to me in 18 years of playing this game!
I am Avi, a film making, game designing power geek who just wants to spread the love of the weird and wonderful in media.
The world began to recover in peace, and since that time an order of knights have been designated to keep the balance between technology and mana, while trying to avert another disaster. Scurrying around grabbing any amount of supplies I could before night I started to fall into the world of the game.

But no it looks fun bit of a different take on the original story but I can let that go the CGI and the millions of different species and stuff kinda puts me off. WWZ flips that and uses the distance as its illusion that you know what the undead look like and what they are then out of nowhere you get that first real jump scare, which works because of what they haven’t been showing us. When you go to the movies these days you might end up being there for at least two and a half hours WWZ runs for an hour and fifty six minutes so when you spend almost two hours hopping from country to country it can begin to feel ridiculous.
This was a combination of the chilling mood of the music, the clean disturbing yet cute visuals and the amazing reward system of new craftables lighting up when you reach the required materials.
Oh well I will be watching it just in case it turns out to be really great but I am not expecting much.
That is what this film does quite well, it uses its locations really well and does something a lot of horror forgets. This reward system is one of my favorites of the survival genre where as something like Minecraft requires you to know recipes Don’t Starve asks you to gather anything and everything. It sets up your spatial awareness, this is something often neglected by horror directors but it is so important. But it is just kinda boring after a while and all the acting and dialogue seems to only serve the purpose of exposition. Once you have all the everything you can make all the things from traps to tools to walls to hats. If you have seen the original Halloween film, there is an emphasis on violating your spatial awareness by placing the killer in shadows and places you wouldn’t expect. None of the characters really get to develop or grow Brad Pitt is still who he was at the start of the movie now he is just more perfect after saving the world.
Once you have found some rarer items you can start making special work stations to develop new items and gear. How WWZ uses it isn’t that traditional, they give you more awareness then who is on screen which can be nerve racking. The true wonder of this game is that you are defined by what you have and how you decide to survive you can set up farms at your homestead or make up a backpack and just explore for a while.
Just as an example from the trailer you see scenes of zombies piling up against a giant wall just climbing each other to reach the top and make the best zombie sex pile ever. Now in this scene in the film the people behind the wall don’t realise the zombie sex party is coming up the wall which makes it all the worse as the viewer who just has to sit there and watch.
Lastly before I get negative the locations and atmospheres of each area through the movie keep it moving at a good pace and did something neat for a zombie lover like me. They made me nostalgic I’m not sure how intentional this was but at the movie made me think of all the zombie classics I love to death.
This could be an annoying trait in a survival game just another bar to micromanage when you want to be gathering and securing your home, but the mechanic suits the narrative so it doesn’t feel out of place or like a hassle to deal with.
The opening scenes and city setting where reminiscent of 28 Days Later, the claustrophobic lab scenes throwing me back to the first time I saw Resident Evil one as a young man. Useless mechanics for the sake having them shows up a lot these days but when it suits the feeling and can aid the atmosphere of the world so perfectly like the sanity meter does it is hard to dislike. All in all it felt nostalgic through the locations and the presentation and if felt fresh through the portrayal of the undead, that being said there are negatives and here they come.

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