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The advert is the first place you should be looking to optimise and has the biggest impact to your CTR.
After you have optimised your advert in every sense, leave your whole Adsense account for a couple of months. Adsense has recently introduced a scorecard in the bottom right corner of Adsense’s publisher dashboard. By making sure your overall scorecard is high will help you make a success of Google Adsense. I do believe I have had a lot of success in Google Adsense and have managed to profit greatly from using their service: even when my website does not gain as much traffic in some months as I would like it to gain.
The best places to locate your adverts is above or below the content (and if not there, above the fold of your page).

Always try to stick with the same font your website uses so your advert blends further into the template of your website. I tend to go for the font size that is most similar to the content font size on my website. This scorecard shows you how optimised you are at maximising your Adsense adverts’ potential. Therefore, if the scorecard is telling you that you have one or two problems, make sure you address them problems and fix them as soon as possible. By blocking the categories that are contributing the lowest percentage to your last 30 days earnings will let higher earning categories gain more exposure (meaning they will make you more money).
I found two is much more effective as it increases competition for ad placement which increases my CPC.

I have made a success from it through fine-trimming and experimenting with different areas of Adsense so that, after 2-3 months, I have the best optimised package for my website. Although the CTR will fall due to one less advert being displayed, the increased CPC easily makes up for that. You are limited to blocking a maximum of 50 categories so make sure you get rid of all the 0% earners first.

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