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The Secret of NIMH was directed and produced by Don Bluth (who also did The Land Before Time[1988] and An Americal Tail[1986]).
Every spring, when the frost is off the ground the animals living in the fields of the Fitzgibbon’s farm must move to their summer homes. Grateful for the medicine, and still unsure of what to do about the soon approaching moving day, Mrs. The Great Owl (voiced by John Carradine) is seemingly unhelpful until he realizes that he is talking to none other than Jonathan Brisby’s wife. Justin announces that the Rats will move to Thorn Valley that same night, as Nicodemus wanted, and leave no trace that they ever existed. Posted in Geek Movie Mondays Tagged Derek Jacobi, Dom DeLuise, Don Bluth, Geek Movie Mondays, Hermione Baddeley, John Carradine, Mrs. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Attention, due to some personal dramas going on in my non-book life I am extending the final date of the contest from August 1, 2013 to August 20, 2013. I wanted to thank all of the people who have been so helpful and encouraging with the blog transition from Google to WordPress as well as the new domain. I mentioned in another post that I would be willing to bribe anyone who would help me promote the move with promises of ARCs. I have to be able to see (and verify) the thread, so please keep it to visual threads only (no emails).
Also, to any potential contestants who have already been promoting the move via twitter and blogs and such channels, guess what… you are already ahead on this contest for free guesses. I’m going to go with Rebel Spring because I’ve been reading Falling Kingdoms all week (75 pages left) and I love it! He left the Walt Disney Company in 1979 to strike out on his own and eventually hooked up with Stephen Speilberg and Amblin entertainment.
O’Brien, it is a wonderful movie adaptation and stays fairly close to (at least the first half of) the original story, which is often a complaint amongst us avid readers.
Telling her that her husband is known well by the other creatures in the woods, he tells Mrs. Agreeing to move the Brisby home will cause exactly the situation Jenner needs to fake an accident that will kill Nicodemus. Ages and her husband Jonathan, all came from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH).

Brisby home so that she can start readying the children for the move, but before she leaves, she decides to volunteer to drug Dragon, because only a mouse is small enough to fit through the whole in the wall. Brisby escapes the cage just in time to warn Justin and the other rats only to find that Jenner has succeeded in killing Nicodemus and making it look like an accident.
Brisby’s hands, burning them, but making her powerful enough to touch a rope and move the stone all by herself. Instead, you get to pick the book you want to try for from my collection of advanced reader copies.
I probably have a book that you would like to have RIGHT NOW that does not release for many a moon.
I do try to remove everything from my Goodreads account once it has left my house, but I am only human and errors are sometimes made.
In the event that the ARC you are trying for is an e-arc I will figure out another compensation, perhaps resorting to the two book bribe again. But with the wonderful cast of voices, some names even more well known today, it really keeps the heart of the story alive. Brisby (changed for the movie because of a dispute with the Frisbee company) can’t move her son Timothy. On her way, she encounters a crow, named Jeremy (voiced brilliantly by Dom DeLuise), who is all tangled up in string as he’s collecting it for a love nest. With the help of their neighbor Auntie Shrew (voiced by the fabulous Hermione Baddeley of Mary Poppins fame), Mrs. Brisby goes to the rats, but in the film she is almost killed by a huge rat guarding the door, and runs into Mr.
Ages meet up with a rat named Justin (voiced by Peter Strauss), who is the captain of the guard. Brisby to see Nicodemus where she learns about her husbands death and why the rats are so different from others of their kind.
They were once ordinary street rats, but they were captured, put in cages and experimented on. She mentions that Jonathan taught her and her children (whom I should mention are voiced by Wil Wheaton and Shannon Doherty) to read.
When she tells the rats that NIMH is coming in the morning, Jenner smacks her to the ground in a rage, and upon seeing that she is wearing the stone, causes an epic sword fight between Justin and Jenner. However, you may only guess one number for one book ONE AT A TIME, as the numeral guesses must be earned by you.

In the event that you win, and want something from my books that I no longer possess I will figure out a better compensation.
He then moved on to Fox Animation, a rival of Disney and produced Anastasia, which was a HUGE hit for Bluth. Try as they might, the stone block sinks farther and father into the mud, and in a last ditch effort to save her family, Mrs. You don’t necessarily need to keep guessing for the same book every time that you enter. Time and time again, it would seem that Bluth’s career took turns for the worst, but almost all of his animated films, and especially The Secret of NIMH, have become cult classics. This book, opening by itself to the most recent entry, tells her that her husband was killed while trying to drug the cat, Dragon. However, realize that if you REALLY WANT A CERTAIN BOOK you are limiting your choices for said certain book if you jump around between other wants and needs. Beside herself with worry and grief, Auntie Shrew (in the movie, Jeremy in the book) tells Mrs.
I know that one of the reasons Bluth left Disney was because he wanted to continue the old style of animation, and I think this is a brilliant testament to the hand painted cell animation.
It’s because of this cartoon rat that both myself and my best friend wanted to name our kids Nicodemus. In the book, Jenner and several other rats have left the rosebush and headed off on their own, but were assumed to have been killed at the local hardware store, which piqued the interest of some unnamed men who offer to eradicate the rosebush and the rats on the farm for free.
Worried, because well, owls eat mice, she relents and lets Jeremy fly her to The Great Owl’s tree. And please be sure to LEAVE THE NAME OF THE BOOK YOU ARE TRYING FOR in the comments with your numerical guess.
Jonathan was integral in their escape and therefore have the undying gratitude of the Rats.

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