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Big Boo's Haunt, also known as Big Boo's Mansion[1], is a three-story mansion located in a small cage. In Super Mario 64 DS, this is the only main course Yoshi cannot access since he cannot defeat Boos.
Mario's next journey in both games for this Power Star takes him to another (the third and the last) encounter with Big Boo. Like with Star 5, this level is the same in Super Mario 64 DS as it is in the original, but must be completed using Luigi, as he is the only one who can turn invisible (using a Power Flower) and does not need to active the Switch.
As a mission exclusive to Super Mario 64 DS, this one requires Wario to complete the level.
In Super Mario 64 DS, the player can find King Boo, and although he is a large boo with a crown, he was still named "Big Boo" (even though the game was released after Luigi's Mansion). At the top floor of the mansion, there is a Luigi painting that leads to the Big Boo Battle.
A remix of the Merry-Go-Round's theme is in Mario Strikers Charged as Boo's theme whenever he scores a goal. The Merry-Go-Round music is also used near the Aqua Cups area in Mario Kart 8's Water Park. In Super Mario 64 DS and New Super Mario Bros., the minigame Hide and Boo Seek is set in the main lobby of the mansion. Big Penguin • Bob-omb Buddy • Glowing Rabbits** • Mario • Luigi** • Wario** • Yoshi • Dorrie • Headless Snowman • Hoot • Koopa the Quick • Lakitu Bros. Amp • Beach Koopa • Big Goomba • Big Steely • Bob-omb • Boo • Bookend • Boss Bass • Bullet Bill • Bully • Butterfly • Chain Chomp • Cheep Cheep • Chuckya • Clam • Fire Piranha Plant • Fly Guy • Fwoosh • Goomba • Grindel • Heave-Ho • Killer Chair • Klepto • Koopa Troopa • Lakitu • Mad Piano • Manta • Micro Goomba • Moneybag • Monty Mole • Mr. Bingo Ball • Bob-omb Squad • Coincentration • Giant Snowball Slalom • Intense Coincentration • Lakitu Launch • Psyche Out! Mario will say either "Yahoo!", "Wha-ha!", or "Yippee!" during the last (highest) jump of his triple jump technique. If Mario loses a life in a stage, he'll be ejected out of the stage's entrance in the castle. Except for Mario's "So long-a Bowser" clip, the Japan-only Super Mario 64 rumble version has all the new voices, sound effects, and music listed above. If you don't press any buttons on the Press Start screen, you'll get to watch several game demos.
On the score screen, pressing the A button will replace your scores with the high scores, showing which file (Mario A, B, C, or D) they belong to. The painting for Jolly Roger Bay (Course 3) was changed from a picture of bubbles underwater to a picture of a sunken ship, while its frame was changed from blue to gold.

By picking up the coins that emerge from Bowser's fire breath, you can max out Mario's coin counter during the first Bowser battle.
Mario must defeat every Boo on the first floor, and once every one of them has been defeated, Big Boo (this one also called Master Boo) appears in the main room of the mansion. He'll head up to the third floor and see a door that will lead to the outside balcony, where he will meet Big Boo once again. The Japanese version reused Mario's "Unh!" clip, which is also heard when Mario hits a wall after a standard jump or side somersault.
When Mario enters Tower of the Wing Cap, the "course select" sound effect is heard as the screen turns to white. Though it would take a very long time without cheat codes, Mario can collect up to 32,767 coins in the Japanese version.
Unlike most other courses, Big Boo's Haunt is one of the rare courses that is not accessed via a painting. He can be defeated by being punched from behind or being Ground Pounded, as he turns invisible whenever Mario faces him from the front. Once Mario reaches the second floor of the Foyer, he should take the right hand door on the left side of the room. Peach's letter voice-over in the opening sequence and monologue during the ending sequence were provided by Leslie Swan, who also wrote the screen text and co-wrote the manual text for the game. The second added sound effect plays when Mario exits Tower of the Wing Cap, Wing Mario over the Rainbow, Vanish Cap Under the Moat, or The Princess's Secret Slide without getting a Star. Instead, Mario must travel to the castle's courtyard (after he has collected twelve Power Stars, fifteen in the DS remake) and defeat a Big Boo (with only one attack). There is also the Mad Piano (a piano that comes to life and tries to bite Mario (Luigi and Wario in the DS version) if he gets too close).
There will be a door that leads into a room with a spinning floor and Boo paintings around the walls.
The Star will jump up to the roof of the house, and Mario will have to get up to retrieve it, bewaring to not falling down, remaking is way to the top of the house or, occasionally, losing a life.
It's located on the other side of the room and lasts for a short amount of time, making it difficult for the player to obtain it. Mario's "Ha ha!" clip replaces an awkward moment in the Japanese version where there's no music or background noise, just the sound of Mario's feet landing on the ground.
In the clip below, you can hear the new sound of entering and exiting Tower of the Wing Cap.
All other demos from the Japanese version are present, and will play in the same order after the Bowser demo.

One painting near a doorway will shoot out fire while Boos will appear out of one on the left side of the other doorway. As Mario heads around the library, small books shoot out themselves from the shelves; these will injure him if not avoided, and are not to be confused with the books with teeth that attack Mario in other rooms. He needs to quickly acquire the cap and rush through the wall on the third floor, where Big Mr. The player can choose to use the Caps to change to a different and faster character (the block won't respawn itself). Once Mario has defeated him, a Star appears on the second floor and a staircase appears from the ground to reach it.
After Mario defeats five normal Boos, Big Boo will appear again and give up another Power Star once Mario defeats him in the same way he did in the first mission.
Once Mario has rounded the corner, he will come to a wall with three books jutting out of the wall. The level is bounded by what appears to be the bars of a cage, like the one in the entrance to the course.
There are two entrances into the main building: the front door immediately visible upon entering the level, and a single back door that leads into a room containing two Boos (and a Luigi Cap in the DS remake). This battle with Big Boo is slightly harder because of the rotating platform and fire coming out of the paintings. If Mario punches or kicks them in the right order, the wall will move away revealing a door.
The background is that of a moonlit night in a dark forest as well as blizzard-sounding wind.
This course is one of a few that contain bridges made of bricks that fall away when walked upon. If he hits the books in an incorrect order, a small book will attack him and the books will reset. The music for the Merry-Go-Round is also used in the minigames Lakitu Launch, Bingo Ball, and Slots Shot.

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