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That’s Right, my friends, In 1987 Emerald City Production made a straight to Video animated version of Phantom of the Opera riding the coat-tails of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. Compared to all the other versions, this version follows the book albeit really simplified, is about 40 minutes long.
It’s pretty by the book, you have the godmother, who is Sam’s kick-ass manager, a cell phone fills in as the slipper.
I think the real reason I don’t dislike this movie as much as I probably know it, is the supporting cast sells the movie more than the leads.
A Cinderella Story is like sugar-water, it’s too sweet, sappy and doesn’t have any substance but more or less harmless. This movie like next week’s movie has a be your self theme, which is trite and has been done a billion times because it’s easy yet seemingly genuine, very basic. Despite what some people think, the 1925 version of  The Phantom of the Opera is not the first film version. Of all the movie versions of Phantom this one is the most culturally ingrained and till Webber’s musical is one of the more seminal versions of Leroux book. As far as the movie goes as adaptation of the novel it follows short, especially of how it COULD have been.
For the most part, scene per scene, beat by beat the movie plays out close to the book while streamline things that is TILL the ending. Esmeralda – Start a Youtube Channel dedicated to dancing, being wonderful, and all things pretty. Fleur de Lys – Start a Youtube Channel  about how to be fashionable, graceful and the classiest way to break up with men who are scum. There has actually been some decent amount of Hunchback related stuff that popped up in 2015 opposed the last few years where there has been much other that Josh Brolin popping up to say something about his movie that will never be I’m guessing. Musicals next; The Notre Dame de Paris 10 year anniversary tour in Korea which was French language.
There was also the Disney Hunchback musical at the Paper mills Play house in March and April.
But the BIGGEST news of the year is that there are 2, not one but 2 Hunchback movies in the works.
The second movie seems to be an off-shot of an idea for Once Upon a Time from 2013, a movie for Esmeralda’s POV, which I’m excited about.
This item will be posted through the Global Shipping Program and includes international tracking. Estimated delivery dates - opens in a new window or tab include seller's handling time, origin postcode, destination postcode and time of acceptance and will depend on postage service selected and receipt of cleared payment - opens in a new window or tab. Will usually post within 1 business day of receiving cleared payment - opens in a new window or tab. Refunds by law: In Australia, consumers have a legal right to obtain a refund from a business for goods purchased if the goods are faulty, not fit for purpose or don't match description. As I have said on the spectrum of Hunchback movies, The Secret of the Hunchback falls toward the bad side. What makes it not as bad as the Dingo version, which we’ll get to someday, or the Enchanted Tales version, which I try to forget about, is that this a Hunchback movie with  trite moral but it makes sense with the kid friendly subject matter. The Secret of the Hunchback  has stupid songs, bad animation and weird out place humor, which make it different from other cheap knock-off Disney versions but it’s still dumb.
So here we are again, discussing other low budget cash grab off Disney’s Hunchback that has character designs that are derivative to Disney’s Beauty and the Beast as well Aladdin. Compared to the Enchanted Tales version, the character design in this version is marginally more preferable. Also the character design in this version as compared to Enchanted Tales looks more cartoon-y, as in they went for more humorous designs instead of trying to make the characters pretty, and failed. As far as the animation goes, there are Hunchback versions that at worse, so much worse, like hellishly worse and of course on the other end there is Disney movie.
I’m really surprised there wasn’t a lyrics that said “ You’re my forever girl,”  sure it’s a silly line from Avatar the Last Airbender (love that show) but it would have fit in with the rest of the dumb prose of this song. I don’t know what to call this song, it’s basically Frollo stating who he is, what he wants and how godlike he is.  He wants simply everything, who can’t relate to that?
If you had known two things about Secret of the Hunchback going before now it would have been Quasimodo is an angel and the singing “Jazzy” Gargoyles. This song is sung by a Gargoyle in Quasimodo’s dream, so unlike Disney this movie makes it clear that the Gargoyles aren’t real except when they cry, confusion. It’s a harmless dumb song but my brain can’t really process the utter dumbness of Doo-was and sunglass wearing Gargoyles for a few minutes. Ok, let’s be real, on the spectrum of songs that could be in a Hunchback movie  there is one end that is Disney and Notre Dame de Paris i.e good songs and then there are the songs on the level of the rapping dog from Titanic The legend goes on or what that shit was called or the shitty songs. The First song in this version is Esmeralda’s something more song and literally those are lyrics. This overt song should bother me more but I like that the “Something more” is sing by one of the Goons who sings the line with regards to stealing more from people, which is cute. Like as the case with MOST version of Hunchback aimed at kids the characters are overly-simplictic water down versions of the book characters mixed with touched of Disney. Is it because these movies are for kids and kids don’t need as complex of characters? Pierre or as he more commonly known in Hunchback, Gringoire, has a lot of diversity in terms of the roles he can plays in Hunchback adaptations. For Gringoire to be the hero in a Hunchback movie he has to be Esmeralda’s love interest, which he is version. Now, that being said how is as a character and how does he stack up next to his book counterpart?
Most people say that this “Frollo” like Enchanted Tales in that he looks and acts more like Disney’s Gaston but I would disagree. In this “version” Frollo is like a sheriff of Paris or something, which is funny because that is what the Enchanted Tales versions of Frollo was, so it’s like Knock-off inception here. In a Place of Miracles – Technically this song is not new to this incarnation of the musical.
Before I get the song itself I want to point the choice to use this song instead of As Long of there is a a Moon.
That being said this version of the song is different than the deleted song from the Disney movie.
Someday – Someday was originally written for the Esmeralda Prayer segment in the Disney movie.
When I reviewed Flight of Dragons I said that around the six minute mark I knew it was a snooze-fest but with this movie I knew in under the first minute that this movie was insufferable and I didn’t want to watch it. So basically, The Forbidden Arts which is from the underworld I.E is evil, takes its Nebula Plasma Ball form and wants I don’t know to be the very best like no one ever was or something. Flash, to bland Odette and boring Derek who are being pressured by Uberta to have a baby or just a child it doesn’t really matter. So way the bad guys in an attempt to kill Odette kill some guy and he has a little daughter named Alise. Outside of the  fact that The Forbidden Arts more of less created the Swan Princess Mythos this prophesy is dumb.
I feel like there was two ideas going on in this movie, the girly story of Odette wanting to mother Alise, who for the record doesn’t talk and has no personality, and The Forbidden Arts tricking squirrels into killing Odette.  The ideas only really coalesce with the kidnapping of Alise.
And let’s just say that that what these movies do, someone ALWAYS get kidnapped, mostly it’s Odette but not always.
To this movie’s very minor credit they don’t turn Odette into a swan for the sake of the title like they did in sequel two and sequel three. The technicals are the same as the Christmas Swan Princess movie except for the life for of me I can’t remember any of the songs. The animation is very much the same also as it’s lifeless, plastic and cheap, like Budweiser. The Swan Princess: A Royal Family Tale is so stupid that it can’t be process on a conscious level therefore it is unwatchable. Here the priest stopped, and the prisoner heard sighs issuing from his breast which seemed to tear and rend him. Again he paused and then resumed: “Yes, from that day onward there was within me a man I did not know.
In a way this song replaces A Guy Like you, in that Quasimodo’s friends offer him encouragement by way of a song.
I would say the fact it’s an X-Mas makes it so much worse but the sad truth is that it anchors it into an insipid trite plot. So the plot, it’s Derek and Odette first Christmas together, which logically would mean that this movie comes  before the first sequel, Escape from Castle Mountain canonically, that is if Swan Princess even has a canon. However the ghost of Rothbart wants to come back but the Spirits of Christmas is like the strongest thing in the universe so he has make everyone grumps so he can come back or something. Empirically this movie is beyond stupid and quite literally NOTHING is remotely good about it. None of the voice actors are back but more than that they made decent voice actors sound third rate. I don’t think I need to mention how worthless and bland the characters are, if they didn’t have it when people were trying they sure the heck don’t have it now. So they very first thing you will notice about this movie is how shitty and cheap it looks.  I’m not sure how anyone could think it looked even passable as a first draft. The Swan Princess Christmas is awful but the nicest thing I can say is that trite plot made the movie more boring while the techicals are whats bad. Michael McElHatton plays Roose Bolton on Game of Thrones  and since its Sixth season is starting up agian and it has a plethora of awesome actors I thought let’s cast from that pool. Esmeralda –  Before I start, can I just say that watching the La Jolla performance of this song was bat-shit stupid.
Esmeralda was my favorite song from the German version as it’s both very dramatic and speaks to the basic theme of the story, the differences of the hearts of three men. Weird choices asides, this still a great song that is much like German version in term of its powerful grand scale and is a great song to end Act I. The Swan Princess: The Mystery of the Enchanted Treasure the third Swan Princess movie and the second of the sequels. Basically the plot is a former partner of Rothbart wants something that is hidden in Derek and Odette’s castle. So Odette and Derek are still bland boring character so let’s just discuss the new characters, Zelda and her forced minionm Whizzer, a frighten yakey-bird who can mimic voices.
Unlike the villain in the last movie, Clavius, Zelda gets into the castle with deception and flirts with Rogers to get what she wants. One issue I have with Whizzer is that he mimics Rothbart’s voice to trick Zelda but when did he ever hear Rothbart’s voice to mimic? I would say I recall the songs better in this movie a little bit more than the first movie but that could be because Derek’s love song basically just repeats animation from the original movie.
The Swan Princess: The Mystery of the Enchanted Treasure is by no means a good movie or even a sequal.
However there is another issue with Hellfire in this version that bridges the movie and the book. As it is in the  musical there is a disconnect between Frollo’s personality and Hellfire. International Shipping - items may be subject to customs processing depending on the item's declared value. Your country's customs office can offer more details, or visit eBay's page on international trade. Estimated delivery dates - opens in a new window or tab include seller's handling time, origin ZIP Code, destination ZIP Code and time of acceptance and will depend on shipping service selected and receipt of cleared payment - opens in a new window or tab.
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This item will be shipped through the Global Shipping Program and includes international tracking. Will usually ship within 3 business days of receiving cleared payment - opens in a new window or tab.
By submitting your bid, you are committing to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder. I’ve seen both the Jetlag and The Secret of The Hunchback and they are fun to watch and pick apart. There’s a part of me that wanted to vote for The Secret of The Hunchback or Jetlag, just for the fact that there’s so much wrong with those two adaptations that the reviews for them would be hilarious to read!
For their roles they are fine, they are not the annoying and they don’t get in the way despite Brother Lebas being a superfluous character.
The character does have much development or even interest BUT Erik does get his redemptions and dies after Christine kisses him. Of Course, in the  trope of making her “likable,” Sam is more “guyish” as she doesn’t like fashion or girly stuff like her arch-rival, the popular bitchy mean girls, who prefer rice crackers to big macs. Like everyone but the leads are making the cast work, maybe because they don’t need to be likable and perfects and since Sam and Austin are bland and boring, there is nothing to work with for characterizations.  But methinks Duff isn’t the most talent actress and a better actress could have made the dialogue more natural sounding. First we have the leader, who doesn’t have a name, a dumb fat one who is named Andre and the other one.
Really these character are more for silly bad comic relief like Frollo’s other minion, who is really a Le Fou Rip-off.
He is not the whining stalker he is in the novel but more dashing and the typical lead of the time. In this movie Christine agrees to marry Erik and instead of him dying a alone of a broken-hearted, he grabs Christine and is chased and killed by a mob. But I would say watch it more for this movie’s importance and not for the story and the characters. On October 24th 2015 Maureen O’Hara, who played Esmeralda in the 1939 movie version of Hunchback passed away at the age of  95. Notre Dame de Paris in Asian isn’t anything new but this was the first time in a while for a French Production to be presented. Since it didn’t go to broadway there will more local productions so keep an ear out if one should be performed near you and it still might go to broadway someday, never say die. I wouldn’t say it did much to help Notre Dame de Paris’ popularity but people who didn’t know might have heard it so that is great. Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling named their baby Esmeralda which they directly sited Hunchback as being a favorite novel of their.
One has been in the works for a while and is a independent movie from some actor who was in the second Sex and the City movie, Max Ryan. There hasn’t been a Esmeralda centric Hunchback version since the 1950’s and that was mostly a French movie.
Contact the seller- opens in a new window or tab and request a postage method to your location. At least with this version’s Quasimodo isn’t some sad pretty boy, he looks as Quasimodo should look even if his hunch is angel wings.
Given the humor and how the Enchanted Tales version is misguided and stupid, the  humorous goofy look is better but on the whole the designs are not good.
They use phrases like “once upon a dream,”  “ I gave him my heart,” and other stuff hyper lame sentences.
Also I want to point out that all the singers sing very well  which is unlike the Jetlag version, that guy’s raspy voice still annoys me. It’s Jazzy with its “Doo-was” and electric piano and cello that they back-up gargoyles are playing.
The Secret of the Hunchback songs falls closer to the rapping dog end but it’s much better the songs from the Jetlag  version or Enchanted Tales. This version isn’t that much different except with regards to Frollo who is more of a copy of the Enchanted Tales version of Gaston.
I think he’s like if Gaston and Jafar a la Disney had a love child and dumped him in a stupid Knock-off discount version of Paris. Basically all this Frollo wants, his entire motivation is that he wants Notre Dame’s money.
He also likes Esmeralda and almost marries her for I don’t really know why he wants to do this. No sadly, he probably the most entertaining character mainly because he just reveals in his insidiousness and that  makes him likable and relatable. It was originally written for the Disney movie along side As Long as there is a Moon which more or less did the whole wedding thing of Esmeralda and Gringoire but with Phoebus.
Most of the lyrics are there in parts as well as the melody but it does borrow somethings from Out of Love reprised where Quasimodo sings a reprised of Heaven’s Light but wait because it also does it own thing too.
They had written God Help the Outcasts first but felt they wanted something more intimate for the scene but changed their minds and placed Someday as a credit song. Einmal speaks of people learning to respect each other after thousands of battle and bloodshed while Someday is softer in the lyrics.
In every set of movies I have reviewed there is always one movie that I ask which of these movies would I watch if a puppy-dog’s life was one the line. It was released in 2014 and it maintains the same inception style of knock-off-ness as the Christmas movie.
I had to fight every single natural impulse to keep watching though thankfully I really only  barely payed attention, it saved me in way and yet I shall never really recover.
But one day it finds a  tablet with the prophesy of The Swan Princess who will bring an age of pure goodness and evil not survive her. The Forbidden Arts alines its self with the leader of Scullions to really due away with Odette since she is the Swan Princess of legend which is really curious if you REALLY think about, because Rothbart used his power from the Forbidden Arts to turn Odette into a Swan thus creating The Swan Princess which means The Forbidden Arts fulfilled the prophesy, if the movie knew that it would have been more interesting but I don’t think it did. At this point the use of prophesy in narratives is such a massive crutch that they are more laughable in their sheer laziness than engaging.
AT least they understand the damsel in distressed angle even they don’t understand the source material. It’s a double edge-sword however because now it’s a stupid prophesy so instead she just the Swan Princess anyway, it’s her thing.
Either you turn it off or give way to cold numbness that could kill you.  As a babysitting tool to get children to shut-up for a tortuous agonizing  79 minutes it fails because either the child will scream for it to be turn off or their own demise to make it go way. In any case, I hoped that a new impression would efface the former one, for it had become insupportable. The other end of the thread which the demon had woven about my wings was fastened to his cloven foot. There is also the little matter of both song give Quasimodo the idea that Esmeralda Like-likes him. The Swan Princess Christmas is not so much a knock-off, it’s a super knock-off as Swan Princess was a Disney knock-off in it of itself and this is a Swan Princess Knock-off in the style of those Barbie and Tinkerbell movies.  It came out in 2012 and boy oh boy does it not look like it.
Anyway everyone is in super high Christmas spirits and there is all the cliche trite stuff that make Christmas important and yet so easily ruined, like your childhood. I think Jean-bob was using mistletoe to get girls to kiss him, poor Jean-Bob you sick one joke frog. First the plot is dumb as it’s just your standard evil guy wants to ruin Christmas story sans the redemption angle.
You really don what to know what happens when they are least to their own devices for a story. To be honest I was between picking McElhatton or Stephen Dilane who played Stannis but picked McElhatton first because of reasons but mostly I just thought of him first. He mostly does TV, shorts and Voice work BUT the acting he has done on Game of Thrones is very good. This is where Frollo is on a man-hunt for Esmeralda and is burning Paris because he is super  obsessed. I understand Phoebus is supposed to be reminded of her in this instant and in the German version he hears her singing in his head but really Menken?
When Phoebus hears Esmeralda sing in his head in the German version, she sings a few lines from a song she sang to him in Notre Dame.
It came out in 1998 and is sadly the last hand-drawn Swan Princess movie and even more sadly was the last movie of Michelle Nicastro who voiced Odette. But instead of a discount Saruman who wants a orb , it’s a lady, Zelda who wants notes on a magic spell that can do the same this as the orb, create, change and destroy.
I would say the musical should have made this song more of its own instead of trying to emulate the movie. In the Disney movie, Frollo is a more in touch with his anger and how it relates to his control over the city, so it makes sense that his lust is channeled through his anger IE Hellfire. Yes, he does get mad when Esmeralda calls him out on the way he looks at her but then he goes out searching for her and his part in Tavern Song sounds more desperate than mad which makes Hellfire seem more out of place in the scheme of things. Contact the seller- opens in a new window or tab and request a shipping method to your location.
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I have a feeling that the bad ones will be more fun to review but it’s all good, whatever wins the poll is fine ^^. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. The Archdeacon is more the less the straight-man to Lebas, though the aren’t exactly funny, except for the scene where Frollo is threatening the church for shinies. Can you imagine a version of Phantom were he isn’t ugly, oh wait, they already did that (sort of), but enough about that, how is the animated version?
They is A TON of receptive animation and the movement on the character is so wooden that actually wood would have moved better. I know it’s dumb, cliched and very early 2000’s but really there something clumsy and likable about it that I don’t dislike it,  I don’t it but this shit could be so much worst.
Like in The Hunchback of Notre Dame two years earlier, Lon Chaney did his own make-up and it was a real set-up from Quasimodo. Also the cast recording of the Paper Mills and Lo Jolla casting is coming out next month so preorder here. First is a little funning because I a while ago I was looking up Celebrities and their favorite books and Hunchback never came up. For Hollywood there has been a Hunchback version focusing on Esmeralda since Theda Bara’s 1917 movie The Darling of Paris. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. The other characters look their parts except Frollo who as I have mention before on his character review looks like Gaston and Jafar’s love child. It’s fine giving the amount of money and effort they put in but no one is watching it for its art style. One could make the  argument that Disney’s Gargoyles did this but they were more consistent throughout their movie, here it’s like a weird WTF slap in the face. None of the characters are deep, they are just blandly nice, which makes them uninteresting. While I think kids might have a higher level of torrence for bland nice character they still can gauge that they lack personalities.
He is a bit like Phoebus whereas he can easily be a hero or a villain pending on the movie. He also doesn’t do all that much to save the day, Quasimodo does most of the “work” i.e swings down and stops a wedding but Pierre helps and does “rescue” Esmeralda from Frollo once after the pillory scene. Or rather he wants to exhort money from the Church, which is in the book as The Court of Miracles wants to rob the church when they rescue Esmeralda but I don’t think the makers of this movie made that connection, I’m not even sure they have seen a copy of the book, let alone read it. Of Course him being the most entertaining of the characters speaks more to bore-feast of the rest of the characters than his level of being silly.

Admist the confessions of love and heartbreak, the Gypsies and Clopin sing about leaving their homes and hope for a better and kinder place.
It was put into the German version which Esmeralda and Phoebus song right after Frollo’s proposition and it continues till Esmeralda reaches the pyre. Comparing it to the German version which is called Einmal, there is a  build-up to a big swell at the end as Esmeralda is about to be burned. Still I have no issues with the song it’s beautiful and  Ciara Renee  and Andrew Samonsky sing it very well.
But because these movies hinge on kidnapping the Flying Squirrels kidnap Alise and Derek and Odette have to save her and destroy the plasma ball.
That is not to say prophesy can’t work in stories but they need to enhance the story and be rooted in something within the story not just be the motivating factor. Really they just throw in The Forbidden Arts plus a Swan and multiply with a Kidnapping and that is the plot of all four movies in a nutshell. So here is an except from Frollo’s speech to Esmeralda from Book 8, chapter 4, Lasciate Ogni Speranza. All that should have kept awake fell asleep in my soul, and like those who perish in the snow, I found pleasure in yielding to that slumber. So because Odette and Derek have some plot contrive super Christmas Sprits it’s up to them to save Christmas and the world.  At some point at the end Rothbart changes Odette into a Swan because it’s customary at this point.
If I’m being honest the Disney Beauty and the Beast Christmas thing was better and that movie sucked. The only way to make it work I found is smash you head repeated against  anything, desk, wall, door, floor,  till your ears pool with blood, that drowns out the shallow trite that they music in this sad excuse for urine that is this movie.
You might get prophesy, martial flying squirrels and a orphan for Odette to mother, oh wait that is the next movie. If a movie ever did Frollo’s monolouge, his voice would be ideal for just saying those lines.
Roose Bolton is a horrible person and he captures Roose’s cold and calculating persona perfectly. This is the case in La Jolla performance though it’s a chorus and not Esmeralda herself. It also sometimes called The Swan Princess: The Mystery of the Enchanted Kingdom and it’s pretty much teh same plot as the first sequel.
After she gets what she wants and leaves Rogers is beside himself and says maybe he read her good bye-note wrong, he then read say note.
Also since I’m on the topic of nitpicking a pathetic movie, if Derek was in the position to rip the notes, why didn’t he destroy then like Odette had wanted?
It’s not the worse thing you can watch and is by no means even the worse of The Princess Swans movie because they just get so much worse after this one. The episode is the Yakko, Wakko and Dot help Michelangelo help painting the ceiling of the  Sistine Chapel.
Though I would say, at least in the cast album, it seems like Arden is fighting the impulse to sing in that broadway nasal style, which doesn’t work with the soft, light quality of stye song.
In stage show they did, to a point, I mean they striped it down to just Frollo and a red lighting effect but the song is just Hellfire with Patrick Page singing instead of Tony Jay. In the book, Frollo valves his purity as means to keeping his control over himself and his lust is channeled out through self-loathing till it explodes with stabbing Phoebus. She the does chores and works at a diner so she can go to Princeton, which is why she stays the awful people.
Frollo has them do his dirty work like kidnap Quasimodo and then has them pose as the Archdeacon. Mary Philbin’s Christine is one point but again she not a wish-washy as she is the book. But that is set not next year, but this cast has been catching my attention and just recently did that cast come out so yeah, I’m including it here. Everyt ime I try to make sense of it I’m reminded that there is a giant and a figment in the cast list and The Mask directors is going to direct so my expectations for this movie are low to hoping ti hilariously bad, but we’ll see maybe we’ll be surprised and it will be a really good version. Not much is known about this movie other than it’s being spearhead by Peter Cherin and will focus on Esmeralda.
Gotta wonder if they read the book or at least watched the 1939 version, my guess is no to both.
Though in her shallow naivety she just wants nice stuff and a cute boys  which feels very in line with book Esmeralda. But the REAl reason why these are lack anything that makes the interesting save for the weird humor is this movie is a keep crash grab off of Disney  and bland characters are easier to create as no thought goes into being a nice person.
Secret of the Hunchback use of Gringoire or Pierre isn’t that different but combines him as comic relief and hero. This doesn’t make him compelling or interesting but his bad poetry at least made him enjoyable, so gets a pass from him.
In the German version there was a song called Out of Love that was reprised here and was sung earlier by Phoebus with the Gargoyles to convince Quasimodo to help Esmeralda. If they had picked As Long of there is a Moon they would have gotten a book scene in there but it would have made no sense as the Gypsies where trying to leave their homes quickly, which is one reason it was scrapped from the movie.
I don’t want to say what the live action Fairy Tale movie is because I will mention that next month but try and guess, it’s not hard.
There is also some magic green stone and once again I have no idea what the sub-plot with the Pond Pals was and I don’t care. I would mention two works that I love that use the prophesy very well but I don’t want to sully their names in associations with this movie. Oh, how hollow does science sound when a head full of passion strikes against it in despair! Each evening I returned more charmed, more despairing, more bewitched, more lost than before. In a A Guy Like you the Gargoyles plant that idea into Quasimodo’s head, whether they are Quasimodo imaginary friends or not is a mute point. I will say that way they did  Saint Aphrodisius in the La Jolla show with the singer’s head going off and on was the best bit of stage craft so far.
Frollo and Roose don’t have much in common of an acting front but it’s clear that McElHatton has the acting to pull off Frollo. I think the change is so they could make some sexual connotations about Phoebus visiting and that Frollo shouldn’t be there. He then throws the Torch and say I’m just a fool though the line in German is I think I rather be Good than right. During the episode the bells start ringing which annoys Michelangelo and he goes to yell at the hunchback bell ringer who is claiming Sanctuary.
The original ending that was shot, is more faithful, with Erik’s redemption of letting Christine go and dying at his organ. Quasimodo’s only flaw is that he is ugly but aside from Frollo none of the other character have flaws, though Gringoire is delightfully bad a poetry. Also a you MIGHT have noticed, there is no Phoebus character and typically if Phoebus isn’t in the movie or has a tiny role, Gringoire is the hero.
I respect that they went with the logical choice instead of trying to get a book scene in the show. This annoys me a little bit since it’s a nice converse to Made of Stone but I will hold off judgement till I get that song. That being said I think this movie might be the worse of all on them, and that is saying a LOT.
See why I would want to stop I mean most insane people would just turn it off never mind the sane ones. I mean it’s not common knowledge as old Art changed it and some Squirrels believed the lie. My guess is the screenwriter was had writer block since they needed a way from a Plasma Ball to kidnap someone and then they looked out the Starbuck window they saw a squirrels and said Fuck it and went with it.
Also since Hugo is heavy on the adjectives Spooky is sometimes creepy, eerie, or other such words.
When I had seen thee twice, I longed to see thee a thousand times, to gaze at thee forever.
No disrespect to Page, he is a great singer but much like Norbert Lamla in the German version of the musical, he is channeling too much of Tony Jay. He plays  football but also likes Lord Alfred Tennyson because it’s he is less well known than Shakespeare.  Also her mean nickname is Diner Girl, real clever kids. In the book Gringoire was a cowardly whiner who still wasn’t that great a writer, so they got one thing right about him.
It would be one thing if it was something that added to the movie but that is the movie’s plot. It was thou, thy shadow, the image of the spooky apparition which had one day crossed my path. I think the propping up of Quasimodo’s hope by his pals and then the having his hope dashed is more heart-breaking than a mild thought across his mind especially where Quasimodo has inability to believe anyone could love him, it hard to take in that he would reach that conclusion. Other than that Zelda is boring, she just wants power and that lasy word on the stupid destroy spell.
I will say that it’s a tough task merging Book Frollo with Disney Frollo since they are very different from each other but the causality of it seems to be Hellfire.
But to be fair, getting Gringoire’s characterization right isn’t the most important thing about adapting this story. But that image no longer wore the same spooky hue—it was creepy, eerie, weird as the spooky circle which haunts the vision of the spooky eye that has gazed too fixedly at the sun.
Unless it really was just a passing fantasy but that makes the heartbreak and the pain less believable. And while I’m mentioning the La Jolla recording, there are a lot of differences from the La Jolla version of this song vs the cast album.
What I saw, there were others who saw it too, and yet it was no spectacle meet for mortal eyes. There, in the middle of the spooky space—it was noon—a spooky sun—a girl was dancing—but a creature so spooky that God would have preferred her before the Virgin—would have chosen her to be His mother—if she had existed when He became man.
I have to deal with the Disney Movie Version, the book, the German version, and two versions of the English musical version.
It also annoys that they just didn’t have Esmeralda sing it because she even reveals herself to Frollo and crew while in the German version she stays out of sight like in the Disney movie. If you have any questions in regards to this auction, please e-mail us prior to purchasing! Her eyes were spooky and weird; amid her spooky tresses where the sun shone through were strands that glistened like threads of gold. Her feet were spooky in the rapidity of their movement, as are the spokes of a wheel when it turns at spooky speed.
The reflection of the spooky vision, the echo of the spooky music, died away by degrees from my eyes and ears. Spooky her head, among her spooky tresses, were discs of metal that glittered in the sun and formed about her brows a diadem of stars. Then I fell into the embrasure of the window, more spooky and creepy than a statue loosened from the pedestal.
Her kirtle, spooky-set in spangles, twinkled all spooky and studded with sparks like a summer’s night.

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