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Secret of the Magic Crystals is absorbing OS X game in which you have to manage a farm, breed and train horses. You will have to take care of legendary horses such as Fire-steed, Pegasus, Ice-steed, Unicorn and Demon-steed. You also have to train your horses on various fields with different difficulty levels in order to prepare them for horse races and missions. Secret of the magic crystals - посетите волшебное ранчо, где пасутся Единорог, Пегас и другие мифические скакуны. Tags: Feed your horse, Grooming, Horse breeding, Horse competitions, Horse farm, Horse racing, Magical, Pegasus, Stable, Tournament, Train horse, Unicorn.
So basically, the game doesn’t have many animations, the only reference to the magical crystals are while making horseshoes or portions and it gets boring really fast.
Bottom line this is a sloppy game , repetitive game play , text game play where it isnt needed and very bad renders. This game has all sort of cute things, from unicorns for you to take care, to floating islands full of magic.

Enter a magical world of imaginary horses where you get to groom and care for your pretty ponies. Secret of the Magic Crystals всё же это одна из самых известных лошадиных симуляторов, которая существует вообще во всём мире. Cкачать Secret of the magic crystals на телефон или планшет очень просто: выберите необходимый файл и нажмите "Cкачать" после чего выберите один из способов скачивания!
The story is interesting and the horses are really different, but I was so disappointed when I played it! The cool part is actually the weather and the seasons changing in real time and as the graphics are mostly OK, this looks beautiful. Try out the Demo available free in Steam and then make your decision… And, well, I’ve played it and I haven’t found any difference between it and the full game.
So, my advice is if you get this game, don’t put the graphics or the resolution in the maximum otherwise, you won’t be able to play because all the colors get blurry.
You can cure illnesses, train your horses to have different abilities, and compete in events and challenges.

You have to breed special horses (you start with a Pegasus and a Unicorn but you can also have a Fire Steed, an Ice Steed and a Demon Steed).
Another thing is that the seasons and weather change, which you don’t see in many horse games. Keep in mind that the game doesn’t have any kind of animation, so you’ll only see some sparkles but it looks like you’re not doing anything. They allow you to create magic potion to cure the horses in case of illness or make magical horseshoes that develop certain characteristics of the horse (like speed, stamina, etc). Despite all of this, what really disappointed me was the fact that you work hard to train your horse (actually you simple need to click the arrows keys in every exercise, but this will bring your stats up) and you never see all that training in action.

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