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The Secret Society для android – увлекательная головоломка, состоящая из множества интересных квестов. Secret of the Magic Crystals is absorbing OS X game in which you have to manage a farm, breed and train horses. You will have to take care of legendary horses such as Fire-steed, Pegasus, Ice-steed, Unicorn and Demon-steed. You also have to train your horses on various fields with different difficulty levels in order to prepare them for horse races and missions. Oyun Ac?klamas? Secret of the Magic Crystals APK+DATA Oyunu Adresimizden Bedava indir. Pegasus, Unicorn, Yang?n-emekcisi, Ice-emekcisi ve Demon-Kuheylan gibi Fantasy atlar? ile oynay?n! Tags: Feed your horse, Grooming, Horse breeding, Horse competitions, Horse farm, Horse racing, Magical, Pegasus, Stable, Tournament, Train horse, Unicorn. So basically, the game doesn’t have many animations, the only reference to the magical crystals are while making horseshoes or portions and it gets boring really fast. Bottom line this is a sloppy game , repetitive game play , text game play where it isnt needed and very bad renders.
The Secret of the Magic Crystals: The Race is a multiplayer expansion for the original game which allows to race with your favourite horse against players around the world or the computer. The game enables you to breed legendary horses such as Pegasus, Unicorn, Fire-steed, Ice-steed and Demon-steed. The story is interesting and the horses are really different, but I was so disappointed when I played it!

The cool part is actually the weather and the seasons changing in real time and as the graphics are mostly OK, this looks beautiful. Try out the Demo available free in Steam and then make your decision… And, well, I’ve played it and I haven’t found any difference between it and the full game. I've just had a ball racing my horse against the others, the horse controls really well with the Xbox controller left toggle stick, and the A button to use powerups. I'm very glad you can race as your own personal horsies, too.*This review is based on the DLC, not the base game, which is why my review is on the DLC's store page. Make sure your gift message includes disparaging comments about how inadequate his skills are for the task of raising the ultimate magical pony. So, my advice is if you get this game, don’t put the graphics or the resolution in the maximum otherwise, you won’t be able to play because all the colors get blurry. It has both Single and Multiplayer options, so very good to go head to head with a few friends.
Study his weaknesses in advance so you know how to effectively goad him into installing and running this glimpse into Pony Hell. You can cure illnesses, train your horses to have different abilities, and compete in events and challenges. I have had so much fun with The Race :DI just love picking up the waterbucket powerups to drop in front of my oponents as this helps slow them down so you stay in front and the wings help give you speed for a few seconds, thats until you get pulled back by a Magic Crystal from behind especially when nearing the finish line and your in front.
Know that every second he spends in the game is a second when your life is better than his, even if you are undergoing a root canal at the time. But you can only have 1 powerup at a time, so you must use it at the right time if your to win or get near the front.

You have to breed special horses (you start with a Pegasus and a Unicorn but you can also have a Fire Steed, an Ice Steed and a Demon Steed). Another thing is that the seasons and weather change, which you don’t see in many horse games. You also have healing herbs so if you get one use it if you have been caught by a bucket or a magic crystal and it will heal your horse and you'll be back to a steady race speed again.Remember you can only have 1 powerup at a time so you must use it before picking up another one. Keep in mind that the game doesn’t have any kind of animation, so you’ll only see some sparkles but it looks like you’re not doing anything.
The Secret of Magic Crystals dlc The Race is a lot of fun no differant to racing a car only with a horse instead. These developers have done a wonderful job with this dlc in my opinion, with plenty room for improvement.
They allow you to create magic potion to cure the horses in case of illness or make magical horseshoes that develop certain characteristics of the horse (like speed, stamina, etc).
Despite all of this, what really disappointed me was the fact that you work hard to train your horse (actually you simple need to click the arrows keys in every exercise, but this will bring your stats up) and you never see all that training in action.

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