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One of China’s top grossing family films and Disney’s first Chinese language film, “The Secret of the Magic Gourd” will appeal to the world over with its heartwarming, fun-filled adventures and universal themes of perseverance and self-reliance.
With the ability to grant any and every wish, The Magic Gourd attempts to make all of a boy's dreams come true. When an inquisitive boy discovers a mythical, magical gourd while fishing, he has no idea of the trouble that lies at the end of his hook.
When Raymond promises to keep Bailey and his magic a secret, Bailey makes Raymond's wish come true. Travel to a galaxy not so far away with WALL-E, a lonely robot who discovers love on a fantastical journey across the universe.

Bored with his Halloween routine, Jack Skellington longs to spread Christmas joy, but his antics put Santa and the holiday in jeopardy! Pocahontas, daughter of a Native American tribe chief, falls in love with an English soldier as colonists invade 17th century Virginia.
On a solo fishing trip, Raymond reels in the mysterious Magic Gourd, who offers to make all his wishes come true. The story line and the lesson that this movie teaches is something every kid (and adult) needs to learn. Disney a commence la premierefois a distribuer ses titres en Chine, en commencant par le Roi Lion, mais souhaite concentrer son attention sur des histoires chinoises avec des acteurs chinois.

A cause de son comportement en classe, ses camarades n'ont pasde bonnes notes pour leur travail en groupe. Chez lui, il entend sa grand-mere raconter a sa petite soeurSophie, l'histoire extraordinaire de la Gourde Magique. Alors qu'il avoue a voix hautequ'il aimerait pouvoir tout faire sans fournir le moindre effort, sa canne apeche remonte des eaux du lac, une gourde qui va bientot se revelermagique.

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