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I think I may buy this just to cast a vote with my dollars in support of Lucas bringing back the Adventure game. SMI is using a point & click interface, even on 360 which is the first time its been done like that.
I'm looking at the screenshots for the remake and while I think it looks very good, I have one issue with it, that issue being Guybrush. Well it looks like when it goes into classic mode the voices turn off and the subtitles come on.
Somewhere (maybe their forum) I've seen a Telltale exec or two state that their games are 3D because it is cheaper.

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All the content of this website is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License unless otherwise indicated. Secret of Monkey Island is the story of a young boy whith an unpronounceable name, who wishes to become a pirate. None of the other TellTale games have a page like that, and much of the text seems dedicated to telling us how so many of them came from LucasArts back in the day. I think the guys behind the remake and TMI are huge fans of CMI so thats what they are basing the visuals and speech on. There wouldn't have been much of a point if they'd updated the original ones, as they were already as lifelike as you could get.

Guybrush looks better there than he does in-game, even though his super-slick hair still bothers me somewhat. Inteligentni ovladani a grafika upravena pro vysoke rozliseni zajisti, ze se na opici ostrov budete radi vracet.

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