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I have often thought that we lose much by celebrating the Lord’s Supper only as a church body, in what has for many, become a ritual.
The Secret Place image, and this blog … has sent me down a new path … seeking ways to renew the sacredness and glory of the Lord’s Supper … as part of our quiet time in the secret place.
Yoann et Sacha ont choisi d'accorder la premiere place en finale a Julien alors qu'Audrey etait du cUne nouvelle quotidienne de Secret Story 6 encore pleine de suspense et de rebondissements ce soir ! Comme toujours, c'est Yoann qui flanche et decide de n'apporter aucune loyaute a Nadege en donnant sa voix a Julien pour eviter de se retrouver avec lui dans le sas vendredi. Tu nous la trop fait a l'envers, tu fait la meuf Simpa Franche Amoureuse mais enfet c'est du FAKE !

We are drawn there again and again to be taught to listen, to see the world through his eyes, and to be reminded that no matter how fierce the storm is, that all the universe is swallowed up in His endlessness.
And in that place we are blessed, and stilled, and made ready to face the world again.
More than once in the last while, a door has unexpectedly opened into the secret place, and I've emerged with a renewed perspective. Envieux d’accueillir leurs invites dans une maison propre tout le monde participe au nettoyage de toutes les pieces chacun a sa facon. On aime la technique de Julien qui consiste a tout cacher sous le fil et tout camoufler avec des coussins ! Parce que Julien est LE stratege de l'edition 2012 de Secret Story, la Voix lui propose un dilemme via le telephone rouge, histoire de tester ses limites dans le jeu.

Jesus said, "when you pray, go into the inner room[1]", unseen by others, and pray to the God who sees, and rewards (Matt 6:6). Later on, he talked about those who "bring treasure out of the 'treasure room'[2]"  old and new treasures. Notes [1] Greek word means "inner room" or "storeroom, where valuables are stored.[2] Greek means "treasure room", where treasure is kept.

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