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When Niamh McDonald opened her eyes in the dark cave, she didn’t expect to be a prisoner so far away from home. It's their very first adventure, and the Secret Seven super-sleuths are already on the trail of some really weird clues. Peter , Jack , Janet , George, Pam ,Barbara,Scamper and Colin are the main characters of the Secret Seven.
It's snowing and the Seven are dressed in disguise, following a lead to a spooky old house - and a mystery.
It is well thought-out and sometimes the suspense really had me reading fast, eager to know what will happen next.The writing isn't that bad either. When she wakes up in a dark cave she is unsure of where she is or what the creatures that are keeping her captive want from her.
Then her life spins out of further control as she discovers her family from California have been lying to her all this time – she’s adopted.Niamh returns to California, shocked and traumatised.
It is easy to create pictures in your mind with how the author has described things in the book and it isn't boring either.A major part of the reason I gave this book 3 stars (on Goodreads) is the story.

One thing that she knows for sure and is conflicted about is she finds out that she is adopted. And then, out of nowhere, a stranger visits her to tell her she isn’t human.Niamh cannot take any more surprises, so she decides to go back to her place of birth – Wales. When Anai rescues Niamh, she wonders why this red haired skinny Russian girl would risk her life to help her. Her life transforms further as she finds that Sprites have existed throughout centuries and she is not the only one who can see them.So why is she connected to Ania, the scrawny Russian girl who rescued her from the dark cave?
If ¦ COLLIDE: THE SECRET LIFE OF TRYSTAN SCOTT ¦ gets to 20 Amazon reviews before the release date, I’ll release book #2 EARLY! She reminded me of Beth (from Dare You To) and I really thought she was going to be a strong and smart character.
She got on my nerves like anything!This is the first time I've ever wanted to hit a character with their own book. For example, there is a scene in the book where Gerald, the love interest, and Niamh are being chased by someone.

Gerald tells her to disappear using magic and while helping her do so he's standing very close to her. So when Niamh is finally back safe what she's worried about isn't if Gerald is safe or not.
It was fine between Ania and Gabriel because with Ania's personality it wasn't hard to believe that she would fall fast.
But throughout the book it is mentioned that Niamh's heart is guarded and she has built walls around her etc etc. But not only is no reason given for her being so guarded, she instantly falls for Gerald and I can see no reason why besides that he's gorgeous.

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