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Pianta Village is the ancestral home of the Piantas on Isle Delfino in Super Mario Sunshine. In order for Mario to travel to Pianta Village, he will need to have the Rocket Nozzle and at least thirty Shine Sprites. In the first mission of Pianta Village, Mario will enter the stage and notice some angry Piantas. In this episode, Mario will, once again, see that it is chaos in Pianta Village, as yet another Chain Chomp is red-hot with rage because it does not want to take a bath. In this episode, it seems like the Pianta Hot Spring is being advertised heavily, for many female Piantas hold signs that point towards the spring and say sentences that try to attract potential customers.
The player will find a Yoshi Egg at the front of the bridge that will request a random fruit, using the tree that grows all the fruits, (except Peppers) the player must take the fruit to Yoshi.
In this episode, the mayor will tell Mario about ten Piantas stuck in Lava Goop, and will go ask him to rescue them. The Fluff Festival is going on, and Mario must find the eight Red Coins scattered throughout Pianta Village.
After collecting them all, he must ride on bits of fluff to the largest of several clouds near the top of the giant palm tree and collect the Shine Sprite which appears there after the Red Coins are collected.
In this episode, Mario must replay Episode 5, though this time he must enter the flat, green mushroom and collect eight Red Coins. In this episode, Mario must replay Episode 8, though this time he must travel directly to the top of the enormous palm tree located in the center of Pianta Village. Obtained by spraying the "M" signature in the center of the underside of the village, it cannot be seen unless the camera is zoomed in. Obtained by spraying the "M" signature on the wall of a structure near the center of the village. Obtained by spraying the corresponding triangle Graffiti on a wall on the right side of the village. Obtained by having Yoshi spray the beehive and eat the bees next to the bridge at the entrance of the village.
Obtained by having Yoshi spray the beehive and eat the bees behind the tree next to the hot spring.
Obtained by having Yoshi eat all of the blue butterflies on the mushroom next to the fruit tree.
The ancestral home of the Piantas was built in a giant tree as protection against wild beasts. It is possible to see a small glimpse of Noki Bay if the player climbs to the top of the large palm tree in the center of the village.
An alternate version of the Pianta Village soundtrack featuring slightly different instrumentation (known as the Pianta Village Nighttime theme) exists in the game's coding.
After entering the pipe on top of the Shine Gate, Mario will start out on a ledge of the crater.

Odd-numbered episodes take place at night, while even-numbered episodes are during the day. When he talks to them, they will explain to him about the Chain Chomplets, who have a high fever and are red-hot with rage, causing chaos in the village. However, the Pianta Hot Spring appears to be free, and the arrows mainly serve in-game as a guide for Mario to direct the Chain Chomp. They must then go to the underside of the village, and find a flat, green mushroom with a hole covered with a Forcefield. Once here, the player must position Mario on the wooden platform with a picture of a Shine Sprite on it and have Mario look up into the sky at the sun. The Turbo Nozzle doesn't appear anywhere in the village, likely because there is not enough open water for it to be of any significant use.
In fact, it is possible to access Pianta Village before starting Bianco Hills by Wall Jumping to the top of the Shine Gate and entering the Warp Pipe that leads there (the small cutscene that zooms in on the Warp Pipe may not show).
This is the only location where Noki Bay can be seen without the occurrence of glitches or hacks. Pianta Village is built in a huge crater in the branches of a titanic palm tree to protect it from predators; in fact, the highest point on Isle Delfino that Mario can reach is located in this area, atop one of the giant trees. Wind Spirits are also lurking down there, making it very tricky for Mario who can fall into the abyss below. To get to the village Mario must cross a bamboo bridge or jump off onto the mushrooms underneath. The Piantas are awaiting the Fluff Festival, which draws nearer each episode, and finally takes place in Episode 8. These Chain Chomplets are covered in lava and leave a trail of Lava Goop behind, and the Chomplets themselves will inflict fire damage on Mario if he touches them. When Mario accepts the offer, both racers will run to the northwest side of the village, avoiding obstacles.
It is also unknown how the Pianta Hot Spring is a spring, for it is more reminiscent of a hot tub. In this episode, Shadow Mario leaves some Lava Goop behind as Mario chases him (which is the only time he does this in the entire game) which can damage Mario.
However, the player can only complete up to Episode 5 without using glitches, as Yoshi is required to finish this episode but is not unlocked at this point. The village is also home to another special tree, which bears all the fruits (except the Pepper) of Isle Delfino. Once sprayed, it will start moving around, though it always tries to stay away from the Pianta Hot Spring.
It is possible that the word "Spring" is just a advertising reference to how warm to the water is. If Mario manages to clean all ten of the Piantas within the three minute time limit, the Mayor will award Mario with a Shine Sprite.

When Shadow Mario is squirted enough, he disappears and leaves a Shine Sprite for Mario to collect. Mario must get in the way of paths that allow the Chain Chomp to go away from the spring, forcing the Chain Chomp to go towards it.
This is supported by the fact at a Pianta claims that the Pianta Hot Spring is burning hot. When they have cooled down, Mario will have to grab their tail and pull it back, then let go of them so they can fling in a certain direction.
Mario must find a way to explore the underside of the village, where he will find numerous enemies and grates on his path to get the Shine Sprite. However, Mario does not get burned if he jumps in, so the water is probably not as hot as claimed. Mario must talk to them in the opposite of the direction that he wants to be thrown to access several platforms; however, he must take note that each Chuckster can only throw him a specific distance.
Mario must keep on leading them to the lake, where they can cool down, but if he is too slow, the Chomplet will fire up again.
An alternative to this is traversing the village to the small lake, jumping out of the lake to spread water over the Goop, and then Spin Jump in order to get to the mayor. If done incorrectly, the Chain Chomp will turn around and run away, meaning Mario must chase, block, and guide it again; if done correctly, the Chain Chomp will turn around, jump into the Pianta Hot Spring (that fits him perfectly), and turn gold. Once all three of the Chomplets are in the water, Mario will be awarded with a Shine Sprite.
Yet another (though much harder) alternative is to have full or near full health and enter the grate near the Piantas making music. There is also a Pianta on fire that the player can douse if they come to the level a second time. Once Mario is out on the other side, he can not go back through the grate, because part or it will have fallen down on his way there.
Interestingly, when the Chain Chomp jumps into the Pianta Hot Spring, it does not displace any water, which is physically impossible.
After being "chucked" by all the chucksters in the right direction, Mario will receive the Shine Sprite.
He must get as close to the mayor's platform while being very careful not to accidentally touch Lava Graffiti, face opposite of the platform (on Lava Graffiti, Mario bounces opposite of the way he is facing), jump, then, while in the air, move toward the platform. If performed correctly, Mario will bounce across the Lava Graffiti to the mayor's platform.

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