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Tinker Bell meets Periwinkle and ventures into the winter woods with her and Tinker Bell's other friends to find the secret of fairy wings. ??? ????????? ??? ???? ?????????? ?????? ?? ??????????? ??? ?????? ????? ?????? ? ?????? error ? ????????? ? ?????????? ??????? ???? ?? ?????? ?? ???????????????? ?? adblock ??? ?? ?????????(browser) ???.
Tinker Bell Secret of the Wings 2012, also known as Tinker Bell: Secret of the Wings, is a 2012 computer-animated fantasy film, based on theDisney Fairies franchise, produced by DisneyToon Studios. Tinker Bell Secret of the Wings 2012 flies to Winter Woods to get Periwinkle and her friends to help save Pixie Hollow.

They realize that frost protects the trees in Winter Woods from the cold, so the winter fairies all work together to frost the trees of Pixie Hollow to save from the accelerating freeze. They learn, however, that when Tink crashed in Winter Woods she tore her wing, and broken wings can’t be repaired. But when Tink and Peri come together their wings again sparkle, and they learn that identical wings can heal each other, so they restore Tink’s broken wing. They also discover that winter fairies can frost the wings of warm-weather fairies, keeping them from breaking in the cold, thus allowing them to visit their friends in Winter Woods.

Starring the voices of Mae Whitman, Lucy Liu, Megan Hilty, Raven-Symone and Angela Bartys, it also features new cast members who include Matt Lanter, Timothy Dalton, Lucy Hale and Debby Ryan, while Anjelica Huston narrates.Tinker Bell Secret of the Wings 2012 Online.

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