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We will make the whole diorama first then we will move on to how to do the waterfall and water effects. First let's get a look at the completed diorama so you can get a sense for what we are making. As with all diorama making you should always start out with some sketching so you can get a feel for what it will look like. This picture shows the figures, the board, the drawing and the foam I am using to make the diorama. The foam is called foamular and it is a 2 inch thick insulating foam sold in home improvement stores and hardware stores. Glue layers of the foam on top of the base and shape the layers with hot wire cutter, knives, sand paper etc. Gargoyle's iconic mask Gargoyle is the head of the Neo-Atlantean forces and is the primary antagonist.

Explore the Gold Coast and all the adventures that come with it in 13 episodes of MAKO MERMAIDS – AN H2O ADVENTURE Season 1, the sequel to H2O: Just Add Water.
A JMSP Programme in Association with ZDF German Television Network and ZDF Enterprises GmbH. It took me two days to make this but mostly because you have to let things dry before continuing. You should do side view sketchings and you should also do a blueprint style sketch that shows how things are laid out on the board. It includes everything you need to make waterfalls, ponds, rivers, rapids, oceans, waves, or anywhere water is your main focus.
He is hell-bent on world domination, but to do that he must first destroy Nemo and the Nautilus, and take possession of the Blue Water. However, influenced by the Old Atlanteans, he formed a rebellion, killed the Queen of Tartessos, and destroyed the old kingdom and replaced it with the Empire of Neo-Atlantis.

I carved a river down the middle of the top section and a smoothed out most of the ridges you can see. But after the entrance to the Moon Pool suddenly closes with their friend Evie stuck inside, they have no choice but to work together with Zac to set her free. A diorama is a moment frozen in time and hopefully there is a little story that will add something interesting the viewer will either understand what has happened or what will soon happen. You can slice and shape the foam any way you want, with small knives, a jigsaw, hacksaw or xacto knives.
I show you a lot of the basic techniques so you can go ahead and design and build your own dioramas.

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