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Hello, after an inspiration that I got some days ago, I present you my new creation.SeasonRank up in this season was very hard for me, in the first week I was very near to legend with an Aggro Tempo Mage, but then I returned to the low ranks, cause a lot of Grim Wars, Zoos, etc, then I tryed some decks and at last I had success with the Paladin.
Congratulations on making it to legend just curious, what would you play if you didn't have Tinkmaster Overspark instead? No Secretkeeper Also, why no Haunted Creeper, it would seem better with Knife Juggler and does the same job as Argent Squire or Annoy-o-Tron? If not busy crafting his music, travelling literally and figuratively, he's just out there somewhere slinging cards by the Hearth. Hunter’s secrets can be quite powerful and take a lot of tempo away from their opponent. Argent Squire helps you curve better especially against face.I would play Blood Knight in this deck.

At start, basically, you go to get early board with shields, secrets, argus, coghammer, equality or consecration if needed.
Patron Warrior has been the absolute most powerful deck agreed upon by our panelists ever since Blackrock Mountain’s release. Why bother with that when you can just bring up an image and save your memory for important things, like remembering where you parked your car. Keep shields up if possible to play around aoe spells, then you have card draws, like divine favor that is very good if your opponent is too greedy. Currently three classes have secrets, I will provide you with multiple ways to preserve your memory and up your Hearthstone game by knowing all the secrets! In mid game push for damage having also cards to clean board and finishers, that is more or less the strategy.

Funnily enough, even with the Warsong nerf, Patron Warrior(-15) is still not the worst deck according to our panelists, although it does record the biggest drop ever in the history of our power ranks. Curving out essentially means to play a minion’s mana cost on its corresponding turn (1-cost mana turn 1, 2-cost minion turn 2, etc.). Right now curve defines this meta due to the abundance of aggressive strategies roaming the ladder so essentially the goal is to curve stronger than your opponent to win early board control.The upcoming meta would consist of Secret Paladin(+2) and Midrange(Aggro) Druid(+1), and Midrange Paladin(+5) in the top tier, There are all decks that tend to curve out extremely well in the early game.

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