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In the exhibition catalogue, Tanguy Eeckhout, a Flemish art critic who’s currently preparing a PhD on local art collectors, points out that art collecting is a widespread, century-old tradition in Belgium.
In the 1980s, Kortrijk was frequently referred to as the “Texas of Flanders” because of its bustling flax and textile industries and its status as one of the richest areas in Flanders.
David has selected 150 works for the Tripostal, a place that’s well equipped to show large sculptures and installations. The exhibition comprises an impressive list of artists, with international figures like Louise Bourgeois, Danh Vo, Anselm Kiefer and Juan Munoz. Inka Loreen Minden, die auch unter dem Pseudonym Lucy Palmer schreibt, hat bereits mehrere erotische und homoerotische BA?cher verA¶ffentlicht. But the question remains: Why does the West Flemish city of Kortrijk have such a high concentration of collectors?In spite of all the work she put into the show, David never found a conclusive explanation, but she says that a number of influences may have played a role. As part of Secret Passions, you find works by Flemish sculptor Berlinde De Bruyckere and American artist Dan Graham, for instance.

Of the Flemish artists, there are both established figures, like Wim Delvoye and Luc Tuymans, as well as rising stars, like Rinus Van de Velde and Ruben Bellinkx.David says that “two, maybe three more exhibitions” could be staged with the works that didn’t make the cut. Dabei tummeln sich ihre Helden am liebsten im historischen England oder sind Vampire, DA¤monen und Gestaltwandler. But it also has rooms suited for works of a much smaller scale, such as the miniature paintings of Flemish artist Robert Devriendt or a number of works on paper by Fleming Michael Borremans. The works that were included in Secret Passions run across different thematic lines, the curator explains.
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One collection, for instance, consists of nearly 1,000 works, while another comprises some 600 items.“Their houses are filled with art – the living room, the hallway, the bedroom, the toilets, you name it. Detektive Derek Brewer von Scotland Yard versucht dem Killer auf die Schliche zu kommen und merkt nicht, dass er sich lA¤ngst in dessen NA¤he befindet.

This can be seen in some of the pictures that London-based photographer Gautier Deblonde took of their homes, which are shown between the artworks in the exhibition.David also says she saw a degree of emulation between the collectors.
The strong presence of American artists or artists that criticise the United States also intrigued me. Viele meiden ihn wegen seiner dA?steren Vergangenheit - doch welch dunkle Leidenschaften verbirgt er wirklich?
So I put that into focus, too.”Mirrors are also strongly present in the selection, as are Belgian artists, who account for 25 of the 80 artists represented. You’re out of luck, since their names aren’t mentioned anywhere in the Secret Passions exhibition or in the accompanying catalogue.“Anonymity was part of the concept,” explains David.

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