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But I have to be honest, despite all the great food on the Las Vegas Strip, I have had a hard time finding a decent slice of pie. It’s little more than a counter, about six chairs, and an old “Vegas” pinball machine and Galaga video game (both work).
Other travel guides and restaurant listings may list the very best restaurants in Las Vegas, the most popular, or the best food deals. A clever idea and much easier to find than many would have you believe, Secret Pizza at The Cosmopolitan is one of those places that seems to get a lot of praise from all the wrong sorts of people yet curious to experience it myself and without dinner plans until 8pm I decided to stop in for a snack while shopping Crystals.

But within the first two weeks its already garnered its share of fans leaving dollars on the wall, including World Champ Gamer Fatal1ty, who taped up a $100 tip. A small place with a TV and a couple of pinball machines plus the slice counter down a long hall of records the restaurant was perhaps half full when I arrived and with three pizzas ready to serve my choice was simplified dramatically when a fresh Roma and Ricotta emerged from the oven as I was waiting in line. Hot out of the oven, with the aromas of fresh dough, sweet herbed tomato sauce, and almost-burning melted mozzarella forming an intoxicating blend? Friendly in service and low in price for a hefty slice with excellent ingredient quality I’ve heard many compare Secret to New York slice shops and while the foldable structure and gas oven production is similar I’ll simply say that anyone making such claims is a fool – most New York Slice shops are serving low quality ingredients on a subpar crust for ninety-nine cents while Secret is serving top quality sauce without unnecessary sweetness under smooth mozzarella on a crust with a good crunch, great chew, and an excellent crumb.

You’ll find it by walking down a long hallway decorated with old album covers, on Level 3 in between the Jaleo and Blue Ribbon restaurants. Admittedly bummed that they were completely sold out of canolis that are, alas, pre-filled but still something I’d like to try I’ve no doubt I’ll head back for the square slice sometime soon.

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