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Registration allows you to keep track of all your content and comments, save bookmarks, and post in all our forums. Here are some hints, tips and secrets that you may not otherwise have known about Sunset Valley. Firstly, the catacombs underneath the lot is filled with ghosts, ghouls and is not for the faint-hearted Sim. If you follow the military career, you receive special interactions with Fort Gnome Military Base. Sunset Valley contains many collectibles, in addition to all the books, household objects and other items more closely associated with everyday life. Click below to go to our questions page to see all the questions already asked and ask your own.
Unfortunately no :( I know there are some mods that may allow it but I've searched everywhere for cheats. Actually u still can be robbed if u r in the criminal career, once my sim robbed his own house at work! If you want to pick the gender of a baby before its born have your pregnant sim eat 3 apples for a boy or 3 watermelons for a girl. If you really want a lot of money type familyfunds (space) your families last name (space) then the amount of money you want then you get that amount. I?m willing to go out on a limb and say that Hidden Springs is the most scenic and beautifully laid out world in the game. Hidden Springs is green and while spacious, the lots are set close enough together that it won?t take your Sims all day to get from one side of the world to the other.
As relaxation is the theme, Sims will also find numerous places to kick back, take a dip in the pool and unwind, including a new spa.
In addition to a number of great new families already moved into the world, including some green people, whose tinted hue may be due to their proximity to a magical forest, fans of Liam O?Dourke (one of the Sims used in the advertisements for the base game) will find him living in Hidden Springs and ready to be played.
While Hidden Springs is technically a world, and not an EP or Stuff Pack, it does come with a brand new item, in addition to numerous household items and a handful of new outfits. The fountain, which looks like a small cluster of rocks with a waterfall, doesn?t work every time. This may have been an issue with the game before I installed Hidden Springs, and is the result of the last big update.
If you?re willing to spend over $20 to give your Sims a new place to live, work and play, Hidden Springs is nicely put together and nicely designed.
You can meet the three Goth ghosts Samuel, Frida and Olivia, the family Wolff (werewolves of course) and the Crumplebottom Witches Beatrice, Belinda and Bianca. There are a few flat-sharing Sims, the Singhs, McDuffs, Knopfler, Ivy, Grimm and what their names are (note that the names are from the German version of the Game).
The hangouts do not contain any late night objects since the town is focusing on own Add-On only.
The nicest fishing spot is the Stone Troll Fishing Hole where you can find an actual troll (deco though). Sims have a new interaction to skip stone on all ponds and lakes and my witch of course tried that out.
Moonlight Falls also has some new world deco like new buildings, a bridge and something that looks like a Baseball field. Apart from a few creature-specific objects there’s quite a lot new stuff for your Sims. Adult Sims will enjoy the comfortable rocking chair while the little ones can ride rodeo on the rocking horse. Sims who don’t get out that often can now talk to the magic mirror which also has the ability to magically style the Sim. There are many new effects most of which give you a moodlet but there’s also a new death called jelly bean death which does suggest that eating too many can be deadly. Placed in your home, she does chores around the house like taking care of the baby, do the dishes or repair the sink.
New plant pots will help your plants to endure the hard winters we’re getting with Season. Apart from the new skipping stone interactions, Sims can now play rock-paper-scissors but apart from winning a game, I couldn’t see anything special about it.
There are new trait specific conversational interactions like Express disbelieve in fairies or Fancy about witch hunt with which you can make friends and enemies. You can change the fairy wings size and color and werewolves come in two different forms which both can be changed individually. The gypsy wagon also offers an opportunity to have your fortune told but it’s very expensive and after the forth window without any info and asking me if I wanted to continue, my Sim left.
DisclaimerThere was only one PC with the English version installed and that was mostly reserved for the french and dutch people so the interactions can be named slightly different in the actual english version and that’s why most of the pictures are in German. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Fishing SpotsSomething like this deserves its own page, and we have a ton of maps for Sunset Valley over on the Fishing guide. CollectingI'll mention some of the spots for finding good items like special seeds and pink diamonds in this guide, but if you want to learn almost all of the collecting spots in The Sims 3, head to the collecting guide. Expansions and Sunset ValleyThis guide is largely for the Vanilla version of The Sims 3 and focuses more on its version of Sunset Valley.
Beautiful Vista Lots in Sunset ValleyThere are more lots with Beautiful Vista in Sunset Valley than anywhere else.
1: City HallCity Hall is the home of the Political Career, and serves Sims by offering classes in Charisma. 2: Police DepartmentThe Police Department in Sunset Valley serves only two purposes, aside from the occasional opportunity. 4: EverFresh Delights SupermarketThe Supermarket sells almost every type of fruit and vegetable in the game.
5: Wilsonoff Community TheatreThe theatre is home to the Music Career, and offers lessons on Guitar and the Late Night Instruments. 6: Divisadero Budget BooksThe Book Store is a one-stop shop for Sims looking for recipes, sheet music, skill books, or a good read. 7: Le Petit Shark Pool CenterThis is a fancy pool open to Sims visiting the downtown area of Sunset Valley. 9: Sunset Institute of Modern ArtArtsy Sims will once in a while like to come to this art museum in town.
10: Sacred Spleen Memorial HospitalThe Hospital is not a very active destination for Sims not involved in the Medical Career.
12: Hogan's Deep Fried DinerThe Diner is a much cheaper place to eat than the Bistro, and an alternate spot to join the Culinary Career and take Cooking classes.

15: 28 Hour Wellness GymThe Gym is a great, free place to raise your Sim's athletic skill level. 16: Central ParkThe Park is a pretty great place for families to hang, and for Sims to meet others.
17: Papyrus Memorial LibraryThe Papyrus Memorial Library makes the book store almost unnecessary for skilling purposes. This Map features Pink Diamond, Palladium Metal, and Special Seed spawn locations in Sunset Valley. 1: SimhengeThis location named after 'Stonehenge' offers several butterfly spawn points, and other collectibles.
2: Abandoned MineBe sure to look along the path for other collectibles (like Palladium) on your way to this mine that offers loads of metal spawn points, which can be rare varieties.
3: Private BeachThis place isn't noted on the map, but is a great spot for higher level fishermen to catch Alley Catfish, Red Herring, Tuna, Tragic Clownfish, Siamese Catfish, Shark, and Lobster. 5: Fort Gnome Military BaseYour Sims can take a handiness class here, and of course join the Military Career. 6: Landgraab Industries Science FacilitySims can turn in Insects here for cash, take a Logic or Gardening class, and join the Science Career. 7: Pleasant Rest GraveyardPleasant Rest Graveyard features several Special Speed spawners outside its fences. 9: Stoney FallsStoney Falls is a good place to catch Alley Catfish and Angelfish, and both of them are used as bait in the build-up to catching perfect Death Fish. 10: Pinochle PondOffers a beautiful view and Red Herring, Piranha, Black Goldfish, Shark, Angel Fish, Vampire Fish, and Lobster to catch. 11: Crystal SpringsThis place is quite far out of the way but offers Angel Fish, Lobster, and Vampire Fish for your troubles. Disclaimer: - This site is not endorsed by or affiliated with Electronic Arts, or its licensors. You can move gravestones from where a Sim dies, such as a family member in your house, to the Pleasant Rest Graveyard to stop them from pestering your Sims at home (and messing up your appliances!). In addition to all the educational books, there is also a computer and the slightly less education play room mentioned above. With this installed you click on the sim then select "advanced", then from the next menu that pops up select "skills".
Also without using cheats you can still force twins- listen to the kids music and watch cartoons in the same room with a pregnant sim. Considering the last expansion pack Generations didn?t come with a new world, fans of the game were due for a new backdrop for their Sims.
The biggest downside to the cost is that the Sims site bundles points packages, which means unless you have points left over, you?ll have to buy 3000 points (the 1000 and 2000 bundles at $10 and $20 respectively, bringing the total to $30) in order to purchase the world. What?s more, there are plenty of lots on it, so those of you who like having the opportunity to populate your neighborhood, build houses and community lots, Hidden Springs gives you plenty of room to spread out. There are a number of water falls, parks, and other visually stunning community lots, as well as a few great luxury homes for wealthier Sims looking for a place with a gorgeous view.
As you?ll see below, the spa comes with a cool looking pool in the solarium, however this spa is a rabbit-hole, which means your Sim can?t actually use the pool. The Fountain of Youth, which can be purchased by Sims in Buy Mode, gives Sims the opportunity to wish for youth. I have no custom content and the only additional items installed came from the Sims 3 store. I hadn?t attempted to take screenshots of the game with this computer before installing the world, so I?m not really sure. We were not able to test if the buildings from other expansions are placed automatically, since only supernatural was installed on the demo machines. The idyllic pond with the waterfall has sharks and other fish in there that you normally wouldn’t find in a lake. Going to the supernatural hangouts you find a machine where you have to  hit little creatures fast with a mallet or you can get yourself a goodie out of the gripper arm.
I have not seen her do the gardening but she seemed kinda lost anyways when I placed her house outside. It took us quite some time to figure out how they work (yes, almost everyone there chipped in an idea).
If you make a ghost you can even choose their type of death (New: similish statue, failed spell, transmutation, jelly bean).
Everyone can join and from level 6 you can decide if you want to go the mystic way or choose fraud. This guide to the primary town of The Sims 3 will teach you various secrets, special seed locations, and provide helpful information about most of the locales in SV.
For Vanilla Sims 3 (The Sims 3 with no expansions), this list is limited to rabbit holes which your Sim enters but cannot be seen. While I will touch on what changes in the various buildings here due to expansions, the buildings that are exclusive to expansions are covered on those pages.
Here is a list of the unoccupied lots which will give Sims the Beautiful Vista moodlet which ranges from +10 to +30. Some of which will never be useful to your current Sim, but you'll likely visit most of them as you experience more of the game.
It's the rabbit-hole employment spot for Sims in the Law Enforcement Career and, with Ambitions, where to join the Private Investigator Profession. Your Sim can take a tour of the theater, but its most common use is to go to a movie for $30. It's attached to the nearby lot, and frankly if I owned that lot I'd have the cops on speed dial to stop the trespassers constantly coming to my pool. It is however the subject of many opportunities across various skills, careers, and professions. This is the public school in town and everyone from Nobodies to the affluent children of the Landgraabs will attend here. You may choose this spot if it's a faster commute to work for your Sim, as the career working at either is identical. You can read up on all available skill books here, and occupy children with the toys and children's books. Special Agents (Sims Level 10 in Law Enforcement) can raid this place for cash from time to time. This should be very helpful to Gardeners, and Sims trying to make a Simbot or otherwise needing Life Fruit for Ambrosia. The surrounding area is a great place to partake in some collecting even for non-scientists. The entire area becomes active at night time, when ghosts roam the lot and death fish become catchable from the pond in the cemetery.

Beautiful views are plentiful in the world, given the mountains and waterfalls, which can be seen from various spots around town.
I watched it for a while as my Sim had a spa treatment and never saw any Sims in the Solarium.
Sometimes, they get a mood boost or one of their traits is changed to ?Childish? but they remain the same age. While I?m pleased at the boost in speed and upgrade in graphics that I?m seeing with my new computer, after running all the updates, and installing this world, I can no longer take screenshots using the camera button in the game. I've had two occasions where bathtubs have broken and while the puddles appear everywhere, I have no way of knowing which item is broken as there is no spurting water. The landscape is rather flat which leaves lots of rooms for your own lots – unfortunately this makes the town a little empty-looking.
In the alchemy store there’s a machine which does that for free (you can also place it on your lot of course). For secretive sims theres a door that looks like a book case so you can create a hidden room behind that. You can’t interact with her a whole lot, except talking and get her in and out of her house.
Trying with apple seeds like I did will get you nowhere cause you can’t plant trees in there.
They are too complex and just too hard to play with on a casual basis.But then one day I came across the many truly inspiring building videos by The Sim Supply on YouTube, building houses in Sims 3. This guide will answer a lot of "Where to" type of questions, like where to take classes, join particular careers, and find certain types of items for sale. With The Sims 3 Ambitions expansion, it also includes buildings like the Library and Fishing Holes which can be upgraded with more equipment to increase their profit potential.
Here is a map of the town with info on each of the buildings Sims can visit and interactions available there. Sims may also take a tour of City Hall free of charge, and will leave with a fascinated moodlet. This is an occasional wish for Sims, and isn't a bad idea as it's a fun activity that provides a long-lasting moodlet if the movie is good. Pink Diamonds are just flat rare and you can collect hundreds of gems before ever finding one. It's worth checking out with your Sim, as the giant fighter is a very cool statue and you can see the space shuttle. There's also plenty of water, though no sunny beaches, which is fitting given the mountainous landscape. I had Liam try it out and found that drinking from the fountain aged him down a day, after which he did not have the opportunity to drink from the fountain.
If you like honey, you can buy beehive or go to the ones that are already available around town. It would be redundant to list all the information about the various prices, upgrade requirements, and earnings here -- if you need that information or would like to learn more, have a look at the Real Estate and Venues Ownership Guide. Late Night brings nothing new to Sunset Valley aside from an infestation of Vampires, but you can add bars and night clubs manually using Edit Town mode. Beautiful Vista lots are the best place to build a home, simply because of this permenant boost. Players with Late Night will find this place sells Plasma Fruit, the only special type available.
It really could stand to have an outdoor grill, or something to accomodate a day in the Sun. For a while playing a homeless Sim was popular and this was the single best place for them to call 'home'. Picnic areas, restrooms, and outdoor grills are offered to give Sims a nice place to enjoy the day.
Sure, you can buy the statue here yourself but it's a lot to drop on one of the most expensive items in The Sims 3. You can send your Sim in to explore, and they may find valuable items like special seeds, pink diamonds and much more. Once again, not sure if this is a Hidden Springs issue or an issue with the last update, but it's new for me.
Later, we'll also take a walk off the beaten path and spot some of the must-visit places on the outskirts of town for your collecting needs. Head there around the start of a show in the early afternoon or evening and you can hook up to or more than a dozen Sims.
It's also a good spot to find a chess partner, as you can hook Sims visiting the park into playing with your Sim.
For maps to all other types of collectibles, have a look at the Maps page for shots using the collection helper. I?m assuming that?s how it works, which would mean Sims who want to stay young could make a daily trek to the fountain for a drink. We've got Pink Diamond locations, special seed spawns, and rare metal spawns to help you find Plutonium and Palladium. With the release of patches, Sims can no longer go Klepto on the museum and will find the ability disabled.
Meanwhile, when Liam finally did receive his wish for youth, he was aged down to the bottom of Young Adult (which was the life-stage he was in at the time).
But the building tools are awesome for just playing with ideas.Building the house the secret writing outhouseI work as a writer, so the first thing that comes to mind when designing a house is that it's needs to be perfect for writing.
This page also serves up links to all the other info on Sunset Valley Carl's Sims 3 Guide has available. That means having special places to write and work, preferable in super awesome environments.With this in mind, I designed this outhouse before anything else.Just imagine how amazing it would be to work up on that platform? It's a five bedroom house, and I haven't even calculated the square footage.Secondly, we need a kitchen, dinning and living room, and I'm one of those people who like open plan buildings. I already have great plans for my next design :)- Show Comments - About Thomas BaekdalThomas Baekdal is the author of several books about the shift that is happening in the media industry.
He is a professional writer and a publisher of Baekdal Plus, the strategic magazine for media executives.

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