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One of the stars of the show is Prince Alexander of Russia, the 35-year-old son of Princess Olga Andreevna Romanov,A  whose father, Prince Andrei Alexandrovich, was the nephew of Nicholas II, Russia's last czar. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
On the show, the men keep their noble roots a secret—taking on the persona of a regular Joe—as they look for love stateside. The Honourable Oliver Plunkett of Dunsany hails from Ireland, is 28 years old and lives in the 900 year old Dunsany castle and runs his own computer game company.
Oliver: Had I been approached a few years ago I probably would of declined the show but, this opportunity came about during a big time of change for me.
Oliver: Well my mother has always imagined a fairytale wedding where I would marry a beautiful princess. Oliver: I don’t like to generalize and honestly I have been brought up in an international environment. We've got the exclusive first look at the show's trailer for Season 2 (premieres Fri., Oct.
Known to most as Francis Mathew, Prince Alexander has apparently been unlucky in love for quite some time; his most recent claim to fame was starring in Ukraine's version of The Bachelor in 2012. According to his bio, Oliver enjoys socializing in members-only social clubs, playing croquet and skiing. I have been educated in Switzerland, Ireland, England and Holland so my experiences are not so limited as to be able to do a cultural comparison.

I hope that you and your audience will take the time to go on this journey with me and experience it for yourselves. Popdust has an exclusive interview with one of the Secret Princes—and his answers may be surprising to many.
But the reality of the situation was that I was using my career and my constant study to hide from the world. Once the hours of laughing stopped and the actual idea of what I was about to do sank in; my brother actually was quite receptive. The mystery and infinite depth of a personality electrifies my soul and makes me feel alive.
So long as the lady I choose puts a smile on my face and has truly genuine feelings for me then I would be living up to the standards of my wonderful family.
All I will say is there were ups and downs but it is one hell of a story and I am happy that it has been documented. ET on TLC), above, featuring four fish-out-of-water princes, hiding their true identities to meet women who aren't just interested in finding Prince Charming.
I gave a lot of myself to stay in Ireland in order to help with the responsibilities laid down upon our shoulders after the loss of my father. I feel that people are too focused on physical traits simply because we are told what to like. Americans have some of the most varied culture and because of that, has the largest variety of individualism that I have come across without having to cross borders.

My brother felt that at least I would have a good laugh out in Texas and perhaps find a beautiful young lady! It reminds me of the amount of people that I would meet while traveling around when I was younger.
But that all pales in comparison with the lies I had to tell to the ladies that I had an interest in.
Every lady I have dated has been very different and because of that, each relationship has been special.
Rather than seeing the differences I see the similarities and familiarities that I felt in my past. So in essence what I look for in a woman is someone I can spend all my time with and never feel bored.
I refused to do that anymore and I was determined to rediscover my old self to experience the world again. The worst thing is when you begin introducing yourself with Oliver and about halfway through remember your name is supposed to be Luke! Or the worst thing that would happen is when you forget what your name is because you get so confused.

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