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Prince Lorenzo de' Medici is 37 years old and a direct descendent and heir to Italy's famous Medici dynasty. He's fluent in several languages and is committed to family causes, charity work and the arts. He loves to cook and believes that he can woo an American woman with his charm and culinary expertise. Prince Lorenzo de Medici of Italy from "Secret Princes" stars in Season 2 of the TLC reality docu-series. One of the stars of the show is Prince Alexander of Russia, the 35-year-old son of Princess Olga Andreevna Romanov,A  whose father, Prince Andrei Alexandrovich, was the nephew of Nicholas II, Russia's last czar. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Lord Rob assesses the royals' personalities and predicts how they'll adapt to dating American women. Lord Rob describes each prince's perfect princess and advises them on how to get the most out of the Secret Princes experience.

Royal alum Lord Rob gives his opinion on how the four new princes will win over Austin -- and its resident ladies. The Princes venture into a Chicken S*)% Bingo game, that involves a chicken pooping on a specially made bingo board. In the Lord Rob Report, Secret Princes Season 1 veteran Rob offers his expert take on how the new royals will adjust to common life in Austin. In The Lord Rob Report series, Secret Princes Season 1 veteran Rob offers his perspective on the new royals. Secret Princes Season 2: Four dashing new princes go undercover for lovers on TLC - Channel Guide Magazine Channel Guide Magazine Watch Smarter! In America, he hopes to meet a beautiful woman who will be a perfect fit for his high-profile family.
Known to most as Francis Mathew, Prince Alexander has apparently been unlucky in love for quite some time; his most recent claim to fame was starring in Ukraine's version of The Bachelor in 2012. Though he enjoys the parties, women and leisure his de' Medici title affords him, Lorenzo is ready for real love.

His family has a selection of beautiful homes filled with priceless antiques and numerous staff.
It’s not just a television show; you actually start getting involved with people’s emotions.
But we were put in a real-life situation and the only thing that was organized was the accommodations — and obviously we had to have a job, so that had to be set up. I need a lot of attention. So the woman has to understand that I am not an easy person, but if she knows how to understand me, she gets from me everything. I’m a Scorpio from the south of Italy, so I am giving everything to her — protection, love, emotion, all the feelings that she maybe never had before in her life.
I really don’t know how much is scripted, and also thought I would hate this show, it is mindless, fun and quite addictive!

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