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A reality series about bachelor princes from around the world looking for love in Atlanta, where they shed their royal facades to find a suitable mate with whom to return home.
The guys' time is almost up in Austin, so Lorenzo devises a plan to reveal their royal identities to their prospective princesses. Premise: The second season of ``Secret Princes'' is based in Austin, Texas, where four royal bachelors take up residence in search of an American princess -- or maybe just a nice, down-home cowgirl?
Season 2 (6 full episodes) Episode 7 - Royally Challenged2 years agoThe four royals leave Austin and travel home to their kingdoms where they await their potential princesses.
One of the stars of the show is Prince Alexander of Russia, the 35-year-old son of Princess Olga Andreevna Romanov,A  whose father, Prince Andrei Alexandrovich, was the nephew of Nicholas II, Russia's last czar.
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Experience a royal adventure no matter where you are with the My Secret Princess Castle Play Box.
Known to most as Francis Mathew, Prince Alexander has apparently been unlucky in love for quite some time; his most recent claim to fame was starring in Ukraine's version of The Bachelor in 2012. This compact case opens to reveal a majestic castle with turrets, balcony, royal dressing room, and more. To start playing, simply use the enclosed key to unlock the box, fold open the top, sides, and base, and let the fun begin. Without fat wallets and assorted status symbols, the bachelors have to rely on their charm and wit to court women.
When kids have finished ruling the land for the day, store each piece inside the case, fold everything back in, lock the box, and store the key in the underside of the set.

Once they reveal their true identities to their American sweethearts at a grand ball, how will the ladies react? They come from different countries and the women in the United States know nothing of their royal bloodline.The four royal men were tired of women only being interested in their money and power. Set includes one figure, gowns, vanity with gilded mirror, side table, settee, perfume bottles, hat, crown, fan, and other accessories. They can to the United States to try to find a girl that would like them for their personality. the secret circle episode guide 2014
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