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That night we found ourselves in the middle of an extravagantly loud queer culture that called itself Banji for the night. The performances were so vivid that they could not be contained on stage, and the performers chose to blend with the audience and create new spaces.
I've been drunk for most of the time I have been living in Bushwick, and I thought it might be better to write about these cocktails.
At Talon Bar on Bushwick’s Wyckoff Ave, a Big Front Yard & Speakeasy Basement Are Coming Soon!
Michele Roux es una excelente fotografa, he visto su trabajo, muestra calidad y espiritu en cada una de sus fotografias.
Un gran lugar de la tierra sumado a un fotografo de alto nivel producen resultados como estas obras de arte. Mundo FlaneurMundo Flaneur es un blog latinoamericano de tendencias en Arquitectura, Diseno, Arte, Moda, Lifestyle y Tecnologia. El concepto esta inspirado en el termino frances “Flaneur” acunado por Charles Baudelaire y cuyo significado se refiere a un hombre que vaga sin rumbo, dejandose llevar, sin apuros, sorprendiendose en cada esquina, como un verdadero vagabundo. On a largely industrial strip of Melrose Street (save the apartments closer to Irving Avenue) a brightly painted rolling door covers a former auto repair shop. Different than any other gallery in the neighborhood, Secret Project Robot hosted their anniversary in the afternoon. SPR favorites played both in the backyard and inside all day into the early evening, among them crowd favorites Guardian Alien (ex-Liturgy) and of course the badass K-Holes, whose set was reminiscent of a noisier, more energetic X. As a space that grew artistically in their former location at Monster Island in Williamsburg (where they operated for 13 years before the building’s demise,) their relocation to Bushwick has only increased their mission to challenge audiences and artists and be a space for the surrounding community.

For a space that’s already hosted events this year such as the Bushwig Drag Festival, the You Are Here Festival and countless noise salons and exhibitions, they’re already looking ahead.
In spite of rent increases, robberies, and patterns of escalating police intervention, NYC’s DIY music scene continues to thrive. Pallisades, a  brand new performance space at 906 Broadway has only been open for four months but it has already hosted shows by some of the most popular bands in the New York punk and underground music scene. The crowd was polarized – some people made me promise that Bubbles was not only the best band of the night but the best band ever, while others proclaimed that TEETH was most dope.
Tal como indica su nombre, este complejo cultural pasa inadvertido por su apariencia clandestina y su fachada cuasi-hermetica hacia el publico. Last Saturday afternoon, under a dark cloud cover, groups of people continually walked into the fenced-off yard next door as noisy psychedelica poured out. Since their opening, the various rooms inside have been further decorated, including walls near the bathroom covered in stuffed animals, while the gravel backyard, in addition to housing shipping containers, now contains a stage, bar, tables and large potted plants and flowers.
In the case of “Headshop,” it’s a mixed bag of colorful art inspired by everything that can be found at the titular home of bongs and incense: Comics, black light posters, tapestries, t-shirts, candles, “pipes,” tarot cards, vinyl, video games, fliers and show promotions. However accidental the timing is, the show almost functions as a big celebration of NYC’s surprise announcement that it will honor weed decriminalization laws.
Many thanks for posting when you have the opportunity, Guess I’ll just book mark this site. Whenever a much-loved performance space closes down, another one seems to pop up to take its place (which is definitely not the case in every major city). It is conveniently located right off of the Myrtle Broadway stop on the J train and the sound and the size of the venue are good enough to rival any other medium sized rock club of notability.

During the week that Cannes celebrated the roaring ’20s and Manhattan exhibited the rebels of punk in galas of fine champagne, Bushwick was turning up the volume, pumping up the colors, upping the vibe and leveling up with some Banji glitter served with cheap beers and BBQ. El acceso principal se encuentra del otro lado de la manzana, en un callejon con reminiscencia de Berlin del este.
That became evident during the opening set of psych-prog band Oneida, when one of the member’s toddler sons joined his dad and the rest of the band onstage.
Clearly this is a space run with love and awareness of the surrounding environment’s past, present and future. Secret Project Robot, along with Silent Barn and various pop-ups, tend to traffic in exhibitions that are a lot more fun than most galleries.
They tapped into the zeitgeist and no one had to rehash notions of relational-aesthetics to do it.
The Secret Project Robot set up its colorful dance floor to welcome loud bands, vile performers, discordant freestylers and disgusting drags. After all, this was Secret Project Robot’s One Year Anniversary in their Bushwick location.
Niches of fans came together on a dance floor that was eventually stained with sweat and (fake) blood, their steps stomping on the staleness of the ordinary.

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