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Yet another ill-fated 2600 project shelved in the mid 80's, Saboteur was consequently "lost" for many years.
Although released for the first time during the 2002 Classic Gaming Expo, Save The Whales is actually an old, unreleased Fox title from 1984. Froggo has long been the whipping boy of Atari 2600 critics, probably because most of their releases are garbage. If you like this game, try: Treasure Cove (Bally Astrocade), Funky Fish (Atari 2600), Shark!
In Seaweed Assault you guide a white "submarine" around a blue screen while shooting green blocks (seaweed) that appear at random.
If you like this game, try: Submarine Commander (Atari 2600), Worm War I (Atari 2600), Wasp! Set the interval in seconds between taking snapshots in continuous snapshot mode (currently, 1 - 10).
Whether you use this document as a reference when things get difficult or as a road map to get you from beginning to end, we’re pretty sure you’ll find what you’re looking for here.
This document features helpful tips as well as the complete Hide & Secret 3: Pharaoh’s Quest game walkthrough, with annotated screenshots from actual gameplay!
A few of the items that you collect in Hidden Object scenes can be used elsewhere in the game.
Each Hidden Object scene always has the same items in the same positions, but the Find List may appear in a different sequence. When you finish a Hidden Object scene, you need to click on the exit arrow that points down to exit. Some Hidden Object scenes will open again a second time in the game after you complete tasks in other areas. In addition to the Handy Items you can find in Hidden Object scenes, you may be awarded a Handy Item for completing a mini-game. Quite often after you use a Handy Item in a scene, a new item will appear somewhere nearby. When you are going to use a Handy Item in a scene, you first click on it in your inventory, then click on the sparkles near where you want to use it. In each scene if you move your cursor slowly around, you will find from 1 to 4 yellow arrows which are exit points to other scenes. Sometimes the Up arrow is off to one side or another, usually associated with a building there.
If you get stuck and can’t think of what to do next, but don’t want to look at the walkthrough, try going back to the plane first.
If you’re still stuck, but there are no green numbers on the country tiles, again go to the plane.
After you repair the airplane, you will be able to use it to fly to other countries once you find the passport for that country.
Each country other than Egypt has two picture tiles, and each picture tile has the number “1” and the number “2” on it. If the number on the country tile is white, you can visit the scene, but you will have to come back again later when it is green to perform a task.

If an area sparkles red, you will be able to look more closely at it later in the game, but it is currently locked. If your cursor changes to a magnifying glass, click again to look more closely at that area. If you are doing a jigsaw puzzle mini-game, a piece will lock into place once it is in the right position. If you are doing a jigsaw puzzle mini-game, you can connect pieces together even if they are not in locked position.
If you are doing a rows and columns mini-game, the pieces do NOT lock into place when they are in correct position.
Your Find List may be in a different order, but the objects should be the same as in the screenshots. In this chapter you will visit all five of the river stops in Egypt and get a feel for the country.
Some locations will be locked, but you will get a good introduction to the area you will explore throughout the game.
You will receive the Propeller, which you can use later to fix the plane at the first river stop. Collect the scroll piece with the blue blinking light that is floating to the right of the boat. Look over towards the right of the scene and you will see a small figure at the base of the Great Pyramid. And there is a domed building behind the Market that is still locked, but marked with a red sparkle. In this Chapter you will learn how to use Passport Hall to travel to countries other than Egypt, and explore two locations in China.
Collect the hint pyramid from the top right of the pagoda and from the hillside high on the right side of the scene. Collect the hint pyramid from the top left of the scene and from the right side just to the left of the base of the Coliseum. This will unlock access to the Queen’s Tomb on the left and the Vizier’s Ghost on the right. Find the exit arrow that points up (near the small figure on the right) and click on it to go see the guard.
Take the Gold Capstone from inventory and use it on the sparkles at the very top of the Great Pyramid.
The mysterious beams of light from the Great Pyramid have unlocked several activities in Egypt. At this point you can examine the interior of the temple, but you can’t actually make any progress here yet. Now there are two areas that sparkle—the Obelisk on the left, and the archway towards the back. Collect the hint pyramid in the upper left and the one just to the right of the top of the center column.
Now go all the way back upriver using the center bottom exit arrows until you come to the Plane River Stop.

Collect the hint pyramid from the top of the small tower left of center and from the top of the plateau on the back right. Collect the upside down green hint pyramid from the top of the tree on the left and the brown hint pyramid from the lower right. Take the Red Crystal from your inventory and place it on top of the Obelisk where the sparkles are.
There are several possibilities for what to do next, but since we now have both the Shield and the Sword in our inventory and we know where those go, let’s go all the way back upriver to the Plane River Stop.
Collect the hint pyramid from the upper left and from on top of the railing on the lower right. Collect one hint pyramid from the upper left above the “M” in the metro sign and the other hint pyramid from the center of the Eiffel Tower. Collect a purple hint pyramid from the top of the castle just to the left of Stonehenge and a green hint pyramid from just below that same castle in the center of the scene.
Collect a hint pyramid from the top left and another from the back of the sarcophagus on the lower right. Give the Harem Girl the Sun Staff and the Sun Disk from your inventory and she will combine them into Pharaoh’s Staff. Any reproduction without the expressed written consent of the author is strictly prohibited. Use the walkthrough menu below to quickly jump to whatever stage of the game you need help with.
Your goal is to find the missing magic artifacts and use them to reunite the spirit of the Pharaoh and his Queen. It will only count if you click on the sparkles, even if visually it looks like it should go slightly off of that point. Starting from there, just work your way down the river, checking each location on each side. The sparkles for the Dome look like they belong to the Market, and since the Dome is only available sometimes during the game, this can be confusing.
You may be able to exit to a new scene, get a zoom scene, or use a Handy Item on that spot. We have named them based on what you see on the left side of the screen: the Plane, the Row of Statues, the Camel, the Sphinx, and the Last River Stop. Two of the Handy Items you collected in the last Chapter just happen to be riding equipment for a camel!
Anyone reproducing the site's copyrighted material improperly can be prosecuted in a court of law.
The Handy Item is the Red Crystal (although it looks clear in the scene) you will use on top of the Obelisk later.
On top of all that, you are provided a symbolic "password" code that allows you to save and reload your game in progress!

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