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On many recent iPhones and iPads, if they're plugged in, you can say "Hey, Siri!" to activate voice control, even if you're across the room. If you're using "Hey Siri!" to place a call, and want the call itself to be just as hands-free, you can do that as well.
Siri can now remind you of "this", where "this" is almost anything you're looking at when you invoke Siri. Siri can help you get your game on, whether it's for random number generation, Dungeons and Dragons, and just plain fun.
Sir now has access to the Photos app, so it can search for picture and videos based on time, place, album, and even person (if you've set up Faces in Photos for OS X). If you were out way too late, if you need to get some work done and people just won't leave you alone, if all you want is a little peace and quiet, tell Siri: "Do not disturb". Not only can Siri take you where you need to go, it can tell you how long it will take you to get there. Siri is the faster way to add anything to a Reminders list, and that means it's the fastest way to add anything to a shopping, packing, party, or any other list. When you're telling Siri what to type, you can dictate punctuation like "comma" or "elipses", symbols like "hashtag" and "copyright sign", and even emoticons: "smiley" or "winky".
Siri can set reminders, make appointments, send messages and email, Tweet or post to Facebook, but it can also keep you up to date.

If Siri gets something wrong, or if you realize you asked the wrong question, you can tel Siri to: "Change" things like dates and times. Twitter's latest feature, the Conenct tab, is built to make finding interesting people to follow much easier. It uses natural language voice control and sequential inference to listen to what you say, in the context of what you may have already said, and provide the best possible information or answer it can.
To get specific, tell Siri: "Add bacon to shopping list" or "Add bacon to packing list" (what?). You can format with "new line" or "new paragraph", prevent formatting with "hyper no space space", and get loud with "ALL CAPS". Ask Siri: "What time is sunset in Cupertino?", "What's the weather in London?", "What's on my calendar?", "Planes overhead?", "Pictures of the Golden Globes", or "Trending on Twitter". Ask Siri: "Who starred in the Matrix?", "Who won the last SuperBowl?", "What did Apple close at?", or "How many calories are in a Big Mac?". You can even tap the question you asked and manually type in different words to alter the query. That means special occasions like Christmas or even special events like the announcement of the next iPhone. Siri can help you stay connected, organize your life, and get thing done both professional and personal.

On the latest iPhones 6s, you can enable "Hey, Siri!" even when they're not plugged in for easy voice control any time. Just say: "Remind me of this" and Siri will add it to Reminders with a link back to not only the app, but the specific content. If Siri has trouble pronouncing a name or nickname, tell it: "That's not how you pronounce 'A Lie'!" and it will ask you for the correct pronunciation. And if you're wrong and end up paying for dinner or a movie, Siri can find you tickets and book a table at a restaurant as well.
Keeping with the character, the replies are almost always short, sweet, and meant to make you smile.
Siri for Apple Watch can't do everything Siri for iPhone can do, but it can handoff to your iPhone if you want to do more.
Call mom on speaker!" The phone call will start and you'll hear the ringing loud and clear, even from across the room.

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