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I occasionally get emails or requests for appointments from people who have Christian backgrounds, but broken marriages.
I’ve noticed that generally the kind of people who reach out to random churches in search of help have a Christian background, they know the gospel, but have never given their lives to Christ.
Finally, don’t make the mistake of seeing a relationship with Jesus as the means to an end, if the end is rescuing your marriage. In a similar fashion, I usually tell individuals or couples:  The goal of what we want to accomplish is not your happiness– but to start living to please the LORD! I know that co-habitation and premarital sex is wrong but, is there a book or something to thoroughly lay down the biblical case for ‘this being the case’? When the first Benihana opened in 1964, Japanese cuisine was all-but unknown in the United States and the idea of having a chef prepare a meal at your table was completely unheard of.
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Every couple is different, but generally one spouse will reach out to me (or to the church), asking what they can do to keep their marriage from ending in divorce.
Often they were living together before they were married, and strangely enough the marriage ceremony did not some how sanctify their union—it just made the break-up that much more expensive.
Stay with me here; I don’t mean this as an I told you so, but as a simple lesson in how the world works, so that you can work on fixing your marriage. If you sow righteousness, then you can expect to experience the fruit of the gospel in your life.

Confess your sins to the Lord, and ask for forgiveness based simply on the fact that Jesus was sinless, bore your sins on the cross, and offers life to those who believe.
Ask for patience as you start to grow in your understanding of what it means to be a Christian, and what it means to be a Christian husband. Additionally, make sure she knows that you are not expecting her to believe what you are telling her. Jesus is not a genie, he does not answer your wish, and does not put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Blending exotic Japanese dishes with a dazzling chef performance may have been a radical idea, but it was the recipe for success at Benihana. With our Secret Restaurant Recipe your Macaroni Salad will taste just like Kentucky Fried Chicken’s.
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With our Secret Restaurant Recipe your Alice Springs Chicken will taste just like Outback Steakhouse’s. With our Secret Restaurant Recipe your Macaroni Salad will taste just like Kentucky Fried Chickena€™s. You understood that sex before marriage was wrong and an assault on God’s character and the nature of the gospel, but you did it anyway. If I sell you what I say are seeds for an orange tree, and you plant them, water them, and care for them, and an avocado tree grows, then I am a liar.
Unless you love Christ more than your wife, your life, and this world, then none of my advice on marriage will do anything at all to help you.

Tell her that you want her to love Christ as well—not in the superficial way, but in a way that transforms her life like it transformed yours. The way you have led her in the past has cost you trust, and so it is likely she will rightly be skeptical of you playing the Jesus card, and expecting everything to be different now. If this is the case, there is nothing you can do, except pray and continue to care and provide for your children. He does offer grace and forgiveness, and together those two elements and show you how to live through trials. You also knew that living with your girlfriend apart from marriage was wrong, and that it too was mockery of God’s standard and design for the family…but you did that too. But if you plant them, water them, care for them, and then reap oranges, I was telling the truth. If you are unwilling to submit your life to him, and to sacrifice your dreams and goals, and replace then with serving the Lord, then this letter should end here. Submit to Jesus’ demands for discipleship, bring your life under the authority of God’s word, and try to honor Christ in how you live. There is forgiveness for sins, but that is only through faith—and not the kind of faith that is faked. I hope you see that there is truth in the demands that the Bible has laid out for your life, and that when you disregard them, you reap the consequences of sin, which in this case might even end up being divorce.
Rather, the kind of faith that saves is the kind that transforms your life, and causes you stop living for yourself and start living for Jesus.

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