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A seaside town in Northern Ireland is rocked by the discovery of two bodies, but Lesley Howell and Trevor Buchanan haven't really taken their own lives, their partners are hiding something huge in real-life drama The Secret.This four-part series is the true story of Sunday school teacher Hazel Buchanan and respectable dentist Colin Howell who met at their local baptist church and began an affair. Their passionate and destructive relationship led to an elaborate plot to commit the 'perfect murder' and kill both their partners, making it look like suicide.
A family of cryptozoologists try to protect unknown species from being discovered and exploited by the outside world. Contact Us: To correct episode titles click through the episode and submit corrections via the specific list provider.
Doc Saturday scaned the legendary Dakuwaqa with his cryptipedia reveiling it's identity as a living Dunkleosteus. Assorted trellises, birdhouses and more decorate the backyard of Don and Lyn Allison?s home at 731 N.
A wren feeds its hatchlings at one of several bird houses in Don and Lyn Allison?s backyard.
A purple foxglove is just one of the flowers that adorns the backyard garden at the Allison home. JANESVILLE — Tucked behind the small, single-story white house with its formal front yard landscaping lies something unexpected.
The only hint of what blooms behind the meticulously kept house is the climbing clematis, old-time roses and hibiscus growing alongside it before entering the lush retreat.
First, the rock garden is tucked in the corner between the narrow concrete driveway and three-season porch. And just when you think you've arrived to gardener heaven, more lies beyond the green grass. The garden will be among seven featured on this year's Rotary Gardens Home Garden Tour on Saturday, July 12.
Solar lanterns adorning the fence are placed throughout the flowerbeds and illuminate the backyard garden at night.
Although something is always blooming in the Allison gardens, the lilies?30 varieties of Asiatic and that many more daylilies?are their favorites. Don's gardening philosophy is that if a flower is out of place it's a weed, and he gets rid of it.
This garden, which borders the greenbelt, features serene islands of color and texture plus annuals, perennials, containers and birdhouses all with an emphasis on wildlife.
This "secret garden" contains scented lilies, numerous perennials and some annuals plus trickling water in a cozy nook, along with birds and butterflies. This garden, featured on the 2001 tour, is filled with tough plants and numerous containers featuring a cacti and succulents.
This yard welcomes guests with a curved walkway flanked with a raised bed, grasses, shrubs and unique trees.
This simple yet busy garden design was an inspiration of the owners need to diversify her lot's space. These gardens are the results of individual gardeners who created them from a variety of ideas. Tickets: $9 in advance at Rotary Gardens, 1455 Palmer Drive, and K&W Greenery, Highway 14 East, Janesville.

Jean Wilson checks on turkey breasts cooking for Saturday’s Sissonville Multipurpose Community Center turkey dinner. Pat Taylor pushes in 50 gallons of green beans to be prepared for Saturday’s turkey dinner. In a room full of cooks at the Sissonville Multipurpose Community Center, Jean Wilson is the queen.Equipped with aprons, knives and cutting boards, every woman in the room points to Wilson when asked who the best cook is.
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, right, waves as he walks with his wife Melania Trump, center, during his arrival to the World Trade Center Museum, Saturday, April 9, 2016, in New York.
A Secret Service agent stands guard at the exit door as Democratic presidential candidate, Sen.
Trump left the Colorado convention to his organizers, and spent about a half-hour on Saturday touring the National Sept.
Democratic presidential hopefuls, too, were focused on New York's big trove of delegates even as Wyoming gave its nod to Sanders over Hillary Clinton.
Sanders got word of his Wyoming win from his wife, Jane, midway through a rally in Queens, part of a four-stop swing through New York City.
Sanders, who has now won seven of the last eight state contests, called Wyoming "a beautiful, beautiful state," and told reporters the vote there was part of a shift in support in his direction since the campaign left the Deep South. Clinton, at an evening rally before a Latino crowd in Brooklyn, found a rare point of agreement with Trump on the matter of New York values. Earlier in the day, she made a stop at Junior's restaurant in Brooklyn, where she spoke admiringly of the cheesecake -- but declined to partake. On the Republican side, more than 3,000 people at Colorado's Republican state convention picked the remaining 13 delegates. Trump's organizers distributed a slate that listed incorrect information for four of his candidates.
The complex Colorado process inherently favored Cruz, the Trump campaign charged, and suspicions among supporters mounted after the results were announced Saturday night. Cruz supporters argued that their candidate didn't just have an organizational edge but that the Texas senator was a better fit with the state's socially conservative, libertarian-minded Republicans.
Trump supporters were frustrated by Colorado's arcane process, which involved a series of caucuses at different locations before the convention.
Of the 34 delegates Cruz won, only 30 are technically pledged to his campaign; four are party officials who are unpledged but have promised to support Cruz, and the campaign placed them on its slate.
The results make it more challenging for Trump to accrue the 1,235 delegates needed to clinch the nomination by the end of the primaries on June 7. Colorado also has three at-large delegates - the state party chairman and the two RNC committee members - who are not pledged to any candidate. If a comment violates these standards or our terms of service, click the X in the upper right corner of the comment box.
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The killers manage to fool the police and get away with murder, but as the relationship sours, they separate, however they can never escape what they've done. A wooden deck behind the garage welcomes guests to take a load off their feet, sit and enjoy the view.

Boxwoods, lawn area, roses and a casual English garden all are features of this expanding garden. The colorful backyard opens to a city park and features a wide range of plants and other garden elements.
Featured are perennials, topiaries, trellises, statuary and a pond that crosses the back of the yard. Wilson is one of the people cooking 50 turkey breasts for the center’s annual fall pre-Thanksgiving meal.
Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., hugs a member of the audience during a campaign event, Saturday, April 9, 2016, in the Bronx borough of New York. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., speaks at a campaign event, Saturday, April 9, 2016, in the Queens borough of New York.
The Texas Senator already had locked up the support of 21 Colorado delegates and visited the state to try to pad his numbers there. A raucous cheer went up from the New Yorkers, but the Wyoming vote was a draw from a delegate perspective: Sanders and Clinton each picked up seven. When including superdelegates, or party officials who can back any candidate, Clinton has 1,756, or 74 percent of the number needed to clinch the nomination. Cruz supporters sported bright orange T-shirts with his slate of delegates printed on the back. His campaign contended the errors were due to changes to the ballot by the state GOP and did not rule out challenging the results. John Kasich, far behind Trump and Cruz in the delegate race, also was campaigning in New York. After a series of disasters befalls Howell, he finally confesses what they did to the horrified elders of the church. Other elements in the backyard flower garden of Don and Lyn Allison are accent pieces handpicked by Lyn?bird and butterfly houses, plaques, stepping stones and framed banners. On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders picked up another win in Wyoming -- but it did nothing to help him gain ground in the delegate chase. The couple?s ?secret garden' will be among those featured in the annual Rotary Gardens Home Garden Tour on Saturday, July 12.
Almost as soon as it opened in 2012, it served the community after the derecho stormed through, then again, when the power went out from Hurricane Sandy, and then, when a gas pipeline broke and exploded, destroying several homes and melting part of nearby Interstate 77. During those emergencies, all in 2012, the community center housed people, giving them a place to sleep, get a hot meal and shower.After the community center first opened its doors during those crises, Kanawha County Emergency Services took over deciding when the community center should provide shelter. The inconspicuous padding that normally serves to protect kids from the walls while they play basketball, can be removed to become sleeping pads. The bleachers on the side of the gym can be rearranged to give someone privacy while he or she gets dialysis. After seeing how many people have used it, the community center even added extra showers and toilets to the bathroom.

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