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In 1629, during the administration of the third Tokugawa shogun, a rivalry that had festered in sword school conflicts was settled in the courtyard of Suruga Castle. Norio Nanjo's novel The Suruga Castle Tournament chronicled the martial competition organized by the soon to be disgraced Tokugawa Tadanaka (younger brother of shogun Tokugawa Iemitsu) in which men broke tradition by fighting with metal katana rather than wooden bokken. In that Shigurui is fascinating rather than exciting; likening Shigurui to Ninja Scroll is largely a bad idea. In terms of whether Ninja Scroll fans should rush to Shigurui: Death Frenzy, I'd give the new work a very qualified recommendation. The shock of watching a rock man pull a dagger out of what used to be his eye certainly contributed to the sensational appeal of Ninja Scroll. Though this is the showcase quality of the anime, Shigurui has a complicated relationship with the showiness of its violence.
While a character like Seigen is using the system rather than whole heartedly dedicating himself to the ideology, Shigurui is defined by a world where men devote themselves to perfecting their bodies and their art, then using this transcendently refined state to shatter the bodies of others. The best example of this near sexual idolization of the bodies of the swordsmen, juxtaposed with repulsive rending of that form might be a book jacket illustration from the manga that features Seigen and Gennosuke, naked, showing their knotted muscles in a fatal strike that looks like an embrace, vital organs spilling out between them.
To put it another way, the context of cruelty bestow on these beautiful things a layer of aesthetics that is at once dangerous and alluring. The bonus material for FUNimation's release of Shigurui quotes Hagakure (The Book of the Samurai) and introduces the philosophy of shigurui or "desperateness," in which desperate action rather than common sense achieves greatness. At one point in writing this piece I was batting around the notion of referring to Shigurui with a phrase like "bloody Shakespearian drama." Beyond the distaste of committing to something that reeks of quote whoring, I didn't want to overstate the case for the anime. If an anime is based on a manga series, in the majority of cases, the anthology that ran the original manga offers insight into who the work was written for, and what was promised to that audience.
The other cause for second guessing Shigurui's story telling is the fact that it's a twelve episode anime series based on the first six volumes of a manga series that's still running, currently about eleven volumes in. Ultimately, this anime reminds me of a bit of exposition in Satsuma Gishiden, a grueling samurai manga that only saw three volumes released in North America. Mizutaka Suhou's Samurai 7 is a manga based on an anime, which changes the proposition as compared to the more frequently seem situation of anime based on manga. Like comics based on games or movies, manga based on anime have not earned a particularly stellar reputation. Gonzo's 2004 anime series offered a sci-fi reimagining of Akira Toriyama's revered film epic concerning a farm community's ploy to hire masterless samurai in order to protect their harvest from devastating bandit raids.
Unburdened by a huge budget or promise of forging a new vision of Kurosawa's legacy, Mizutaka Suhou's manga benefits from diminished expectations. Mizutaka Suhou has also reworked the characters graphically, with a variation on the broad themes of the anime.
If feudal conflicts mixed with sci-fi hardware, shaped around a recognizable Akira Kurasawa plot doesn't excite you, Mizutaka Suhou's manga is not going to offer a convincing argument as to why you should be interested. A recently issued Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) "State of the Content Market in North America 2008-2009" report valued the 2007 anime-related market in North America at US$2.829 billion (about 280 billion yen). Gonzo (Hellsing, Samurai 7) parent company GDH announced that as party of their plan to return to profitability they will be devisting themselves of their game development division Gonzo Rosso.
Having failed to improve its financial circumstances in the fiscal year ending March 31, Gonzo is set to be delisted from the Tokyo Stock Exchange this summer. Gonzo founder and former president announced that he has left Gonzo to launch new studio Lambda Film. Anime Vice reports that the Lupin vs Conan anime TV special scored a respectable 19.5% TV rating. Bloomberg reports that Silicon Graphics Inc., a provider of computing and data-storage products, filed for bankruptcy protection for the second time in less than three years and agreed to sell its assets to Rackable Systems Inc. There's talk that Gemstone, the publishing arm of Diamond Distributors may be ending its Disney license. Rumors out a Japanese toy fair concerning the rumored expansion of manga publisher Kodansha into the US - basically what might be assumed if you believed that there was to have been a Kodansha expansion: the economic downturn quashed it. Kotaku reports that according to research conducted by Famitsu publisher Enterbrain, the Japanese gaming industry's year-to-year sales dropped in 2008. Taking place in the city of Shinjuku-Yashakiden: The Demon Princess novel is based in the same universe as the popular Wicked City animated series, and is spun out of the Demon City Shinjuku world.
A first chapter preview will be included in May 2009 release of Hideyuki Kikuchi's Vampire Hunter D vol. Taimashin: The Red Spider Exorcist is based upon a novel series also by Kikuchi, and is illustrated by manwha artist Shin Yong-Gwan.
Digital Manga Publishing is also offering a contest for pre-orders of Hideyuki Kikuchi's Vampire Hunter D Vol.
Kino International and KimStim announced the release of the four-DVD set Debauched Desires: Four Erotic Masterpieces by Masaru Konuma.
The street date for Debauched Desires: Four Erotic Masterpieces by Masaru Konuma is May 19, 2009.
Thomas Dunne Books will be releasing Cathy Yardley's manga-related "chick lit" novel Turning Japanese in April. Faced with an exacting boss and a conniving "big fish" manga author, Lisa risks her wedding, her friends, and her fears for a shot at making it big.
Two girls with the same name leave their old lives behind and come to Tokyo to start fresh--what adventures await these two hopeful young women under the bright lights of the big city?
Tiamat's Review recent spoke to Yen Press' Kurt Hassle and during the conversation, Hassle revealed that in addition to continuing child's view comedy manga Yotsuba, the publisher will be re-releasing creator Kiyohiko Azuma’s prior work, 4 panel high school girls comedy Azumanga Daioh starting in December.
Kuriousity reports that lists that Yen Press has picked up former Broccoli Pandora Hearts by Jun Mochizuki in addition to Mochizuki's Crimson Shell.
Japanese Boutique Soft-Vinyl toy icons Gargamel have announced their next batch of new releases, due for release at Super7 and Distribution Network Stores in Mid April! The PSP game based on live action movie DragonBall Evolution allegedly sold 1,800 copies its first weekend. In Case Closed: One Truth Prevails the lead character is 17 year old Shichi Kudo, a very intuitive high school detective, well known in Japan as a modern day Sherlock Holmes.
Players can use a number of special detective tools that feature in the Japanese TV series of Case Closed, including a voice changing bow tie and a solar powered skateboard. Newly formed videogame publisher Rockin' Android announced during Game Developers Conference 2009 the U.S. Rockin' Android's first PC game release will be the SUGURI Perfect Edition, streeting on June 30, 2009 and value-priced at $19.99 SRP.

A novel publishing plan is scheduled to start in the fall with A Bonfire of Worlds($7.99) by Stephen Mohan, Jr.
SRW Hot News reports that Neon Genesis Evangelion: Battle Orchestra for the PSP will be released July 30th, 2009.
Weekly Famitsu reports that Rebuild pjrect based Evangelion: Prologue (Jo) will be released on June 4th 2009 for PS2 and PSP.
There are at least two scenarios in the game, one based on the Television series and the other based on Evangelion: Jo. The Magic Box reports that Namco Bandai announced SD Gundam G-Generation Wars for Wii and PS2, the latest installment of the popular tactical simulation series. The Hollywood Reporter indicates that Paul Bettany is in negotiations to play the title role in the Scott Stewart directed adaptation of the Tokyopop manhwa Priest by Min Woo Hyung. MTV's Movie Blog is reporting that Justin Chatwin has confirmed an already scripted Dragonball Evolution sequel.
The Live Action Anime blog is noting that a Chilean newspapar is claiming the budget for DragonBall Evolution was $45 Million, rather previously reported $100 Million. Both appearances will be to promote Tatsumi's latest mega-manga memoir, A Drifting Life from Drawn and Quarterly, which is due to hit better books and comics stores on April 14, 2009. In addition to Brooklyn Botanic Garden's renown collection of cherry trees, events include two days of music, dance, martial arts, food, film, workshops, demonstrations, and guided tours of the Garden’s plant collections.
Visitors to the Garden enjoy traditional Japanese music performed with authentic instruments as well as contemporary music by leading musicians. The J-Lounge features fabulously attired dancers throughout the afternoon rocking to Japanese group sounds, Shibuya-kei, ’60s pop rock, and anime-themed J-pop.
Explore Japanese art forms and creative disciplines with special workshops and demonstrations of ikebana flower arranging, origami paper folding, mataro ningyo wooden doll making, and washi ningyo paper doll making. Children’s activities include a special session with manga illustrator Misako Rocks!, and the AnimeNEXT Manga Library’s display of nature comics is a must-see. Wizard World Philadelphia comic convention will host the 2nd Annual ToyFare Hall of Fame Awards on Saturday at 6 p.m. Wizard World returns to Philadelphia June 19-21, 2009 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.
The Artist Alley at Anime Expo is a venue for amateur and semi-professional artists to celebrate Japanese pop culture through fantastic works of art. The Maelstrom International Fantastic Film Festival(MIFFF), a three day international showcase of animation, fantasy, horror, and science fiction cinema, announced that its inaugural will be held September 18-20th, 2009 at the SIFF Cinema at McCaw Hall in Seattle, Washington USA. Isaac Alexander, Festival Director of Publicity and Co-Founder, comments: "Seattle has a great history of supporting genre films with Poltergeist, The Empire Strikes Back, & Return of the Jedi having had their World or American premieres in the city. Hellsing manga artist Kouta Hirano is exhibiting his work at Yodabashi in Akihabara through April 23rd. English-subtitled episodes from “Air Master”, “Captain Harlock”, ”Digimon Adventure 02”, “Fist of the North Star”, “Galaxy Express”, “Pretty Cure” and “Slam Dunk” will be offered in the U.S. Fist of the North Star -- Set in a time when war has turned the world into a nuclear wasteland. Slam Dunk -- A high-school drama about a young loser who goes out for the basketball team in hopes of winning the affection of a cute girl. Digimon Adventure 02 -- New enemy Digimon Kaiser, appears in the Digital World and is out use his considerable powers to control all Digimon.
We also saw Heidi (Arupusu no Shojo Haiji), Marco (Haha wo tazunete sanzenri), The Tallac Forest (Seton Dobutsuki Kuma no ko Jacky).
So, it's fair to say that that Mazinger remake brought tears to my eyes, like I know it will for a lot of 30-somethings around this side of the globe. And by the way, that video about the false premise that anime characters looks caucasian is spot on!
I seem to remember that, plus they cut out a lot of the violent stuff like people getting blown up. With sword schools engraving their reputations on the mutilated bodies of their opponents, Shigurui is honing in on studied movements and the refined, sculpted musculature, comparing the adept swordsmen to butterflies or Buddhist carvings, then littering its grounds with their plucked eyes, dislodged jaws and scattered teeth. It refers to beautiful images and noble sentiments framed in stark contrast to hideous images and perverse cruelty. What is ordinarily beautiful is rendered soul-shakingly beautiful as horror strikes to the heart. Silicon Graphics was known for their high-performance workstations with advanced graphics for 3-D, video and animation. In my personal opinion, this novel transcends Vampire Hunter D." The novel features illustrations by Jun Suemi, who also illustrated a number of "The Guin Saga" novels in Japan.
An ongoing series in Japan, with over 20,000 units sold, Taimashin: The Red Spider Exorcist is a crafty story about a demon-hunter who traverses between the worlds of the living and the dead, all to save lost souls being preyed upon by evil spirits of the underworld.
In TURNING JAPANESE by Cathy Yardley, you will meet Lisa Falloya, an aspiring half-Japanese, half-Italian American manga artist who follows her bliss by moving to Tokyo to draw the Japanese-style comics she's been reading for years.
Nana Osaki wants nothing more than to make it big as the singer of a rock 'n' roll band, while Nana Komatsu wants to put her life in motion and get her new relationship off to a good start. Shichi is on a mission to infiltrate a secret group known as the Black Organisation when he is drugged with a poison that was meant to kill him, but instead transforms him into a seven year old boy. The Wii remote is used to touch or manipulate objects and also can also be used as a magnifying glass when players lead Shichi undercover to investigate crime scenes and search for clues. The Sakura J-Lounge returns with an expanded lineup of DJs spinning a wide variety of Japanese pop and rock old and new to give extra punch to the festivities!
Samurai Sword Soul returns with another original piece, Bushido: The Soul of Samurai, showcasing the mastery of these sword-fighting professionals.
Anime Festival, Sakura Matsuri presents the most exciting manga and anime activities around! Other kid-friendly events include Samurai swordplay performed by Samurai Sword Soul, a hands-on workshop all about haiku and papermaking, an entertaining origami paper-folding workshop, plus taiko drumming for the whole family. Artists come from all over the country and beyond to share their original artwork, prints, crafts, clothing, comics and ?zines.
Also Seattle has a diverse local genre fandom community, as well as it hosts the Science Fiction Museum & Hall of Fame.
The series follows the Elric brothers Edward and Alphonse on their perilous journey in search of the legendary Philosopher's Stone. The oceans have dried up, the land is scorched and the surviving humans have formed a violent society.

In his quest for love, he sparks a rivalry with the team’s star as they set out to win the championship.
The crisis gives rise to a new generation of hero, the Veemon, which is able to combine with DigiMental to create a new type of Digimon. As a casual observer, I think anime has been stagnant for awhile, and is kind of starting to reinvent itself, but is still sort of stuck in a ghetto of schoolgirl robots and stoic bishies.
The net effect is that the latter cast a strange veil of seductive mystery on the former and vice versa.
Beginning with volume one in December, Yashakiden: The Demon Princess will span four vampire-filled volumes of horror. Hiroshi Nakahara is a forty-something salaryman returning to Tokyo from an intense business trip. Leaving behind the comforts of a humdrum desk job and her workaholic fiancee, Lisa has everything planned--right down to a room with a nice Japanese family--but hasn't taken into account that being half-Asian and enthusiastic isn't going to cut it. When the two Nanas fall in love with the same apartment, they become roommates and then best friends, and the party has just begun! In his new body, Shichi adopts the alias Conan Edogawa and pretends to be a child whilst continuing to secretly solve cases. The localized games for the PC include SUGURI Perfect Edition and GUNDEMONIUM Collection will be released for direct retail sale, while Flying Red Barrel –A Diary of a Little Aviator–, Qualia and Miku Miku will be exclusively available as download-only titles. As such, we're thrilled to finally have the rights to introduce these very unique retro arcade-style games to a wider audience in North America, South America and Western Europe. Coleman as well as anniversary editions of some of the best BattleTech novels such as the Warrior Trilogy by Michael Stackpole. All activities take place rain or shine, with indoor locations provided for all activities in the event of rain.
Enjoy works by the legendary dance troupe Sachiyo Ito & Company, which performs in the expressive tradition of Ryukyu Buyo, Okinawan dance, and graceful Nihon Buyo, Japanese classical dance. During NYC’s Largest Cos-Play Photo Shoot, thousands of festival-goers in costume will gather together under BBG’s peerless flowering cherry trees for some unforgettable image-making.
Kids will love watching their peers star onstage in a kimono show, a suzuki recital, and a taiko-drumming performance. ToyFare has chosen Hasbro’s Transformers brand to receive this year’s award in commemoration of the franschise’s landmark 25th anniversary. They set forth in the hope that the magical artifact can restore their bodies after a failed attempt to revive their dead mother cost Edward's left leg and right arm; as well as Alphonse's entire body, leaving his soul affixed to a suit of armor. In this world of mayhem, a drifter in possession of a lethal fighting style known as the Divine Fist of the North Star wanders the arid desert seeking to rescue his lover, Yuria. Zankoku bi often appears in scenes of death, destruction or violence and may well be considered an offshot of hakai no bi or 'beauty of destruction'.
Catch preview pages of this title in the November 2009 release of Hideyuki Kikuchi's Vampire Hunter D vol. Brooklyn favorite Kagero will bring the house down with its border-crossing Japanese gypsy rock.
Experience vibrant Japanese folk dance with the colorful Hanagasa Odori (Flower Hat Dance) parade and minbu dance, performed by the Japanese Folk Dance Institute of New York.
Other highlights include a traditional Japanese tea ceremony presentation, and a whimsical soft sculpture sushi display and photo op.
The Funny Voices: Anime Voice Actor Roundtable features the city’s hottest talents in anime cartoon voice talent talking about, and as, their legendary characters.
Essentially, I'm introducing "Ninja Scroll" into the headline and the conversation because I'm reminded that like "Cowboy Bebop," and "Neon Genesis Evangelion," it's a name that draws the attention of occasional anime watchers. Collimating with a 2D animated swordsman hurtling off a fighter, leaping towards a capital ship, and causing it destruction with a slice of his sword, the preview was exactly the sort of spectacle that might be hoped for from a big budget sci-fi homage to a classic film that genre fans had long adored. A similar exercise during the production of Gurren Lagann resulted in a spat that saw Gainax co-founder Takami Akai leave the company.
As a symptom of this focus, the groundwork for the farmers' desperate venture into "city at the bottom of the valley" to recruit samurai is slower in coming.
A Children’s Suzuki Recital features kids ages 4 to 13 performing string versions of Japanese folk songs.
Witness a moving performance of butoh, a Japanese style of dance that emerged after World War II, performed by Dean Street FOO Dance. Plus, enjoy the New York premiere of the film Transcending—The Wat Misaka Story, which recounts the story of the first Japanese-American basketball player in the NBA. At the AnimeNEXT Manga Library, children and adults can partake of the global phenomenon of these exquisitely illustrated Japanese comics and read nature-inspired manga.
Admission fees of $12 for adults and $6 for students and seniors will be charged all weekend, including Saturday from 10 a.m. Traditional music lovers will be enthralled by an ethereal shakuhachi flute concert and a classical koto and shamisen concert. Plus, renowned manga illustrator Kensuke Okabayashi presents a fantastic character-sketching talk and demo and signs copies of his book Manga for Dummies.
While no one holds a moral high ground and everyone at some point is a victim, the treatment of female characters is troubling.
Arriving in Kurayoshi he is drawn through his distant neighborhood to the cemetery and his mother's grave.
Enjoy the adrenaline-pumping sounds of taiko performances by Taiko Masala, Soh Daiko, and the all-child Genki Daiko—then try this ancient art of drumming in two hands-on taiko drumming workshops for families! Here, under a late afternoon moon, he is transported back into his 14 year-old body and life whilst retaining all the character and experience of the adult. A Crazy Comic Life, during which illustrator Misako Rocks!, known for her works Rock and Roll Love, Biker Girl, and Detective Jermain, will guide visitors through her colorful childhood in Japan and other sources of inspiration for her manga. Master manga-ka Taniguchi at his most powerful with the art individually reversed to western style by craftsman Frederic Boilet.

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