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Lake Van Monster is a reptilian creature inhabiting salt waters of lake Van (Turkey Republic).
The Alkali Lake Monster horn is large and hollow, and is able to produce a deep, loud sound. It is seemingly very territorial, as it consistently attacked anyone in its lake (The Saturday family and the bounty hunters that actually meant to attack it).
The horn (as stated above) is seemingly easy to break off, and is assumed to regrow like a shark's tooth (as Zak asked if it would be ok without it). Oddly, beneath the fallen horn there are several tentacle-like appendages that it can use to attack with. When the Saturdays look for the Alkali Lake Monster, they get into a fight with Van Rook and Doyle over its horn which is a key to finding Kur's tomb. Drew does some research, unsure if Doyle is really her long lost brother, but states that seeing him was like looking at her dad's face again. While Drew is searching the Crime Data Base, several characters from the Ben 10 show can be seen briefly including Dr.

We learn that the airship has a utility closet, the perfect place for hiding when you really want to help.
It's revealed that the Tibetan monks who found Drew were the ones who gave her her fire sword. When Drew and Doyle attack Argost and he hides in his cape andĀ curls into a ball shaped like a turtle shell, this is a reference to the Super Mario games whenever you attack Koopa and he hides in his turtle shell. The Secret Saturdays is about Doc, Drew, and Zak who are part of a network of scientists who work together to save the world by keeping hazardous secrets! The Alkali Lake Monster also possesses a horn which is very easy to break off and can grow back like a shark's tooth. This sound, when played in front of Kur's tomb, opens a stone door, allowing access to the tomb.
The horn itself might be tightly wound and hardened tentacles much like hardened hair on a rhino's nose. While underwater, Drew]] fights Doyle for the horn, his helmet is knocked off and she realizes he might be her brother.

She recounts the story of a trip her family took in the Himalayas when she was a little girl and how a freak storm separated them and she was found by Tibetan monks.
Doc is suspicious it may be a trap and wants to go with her but Drew refuses, stating if it is a trap there's no need for them all to go. Later, Doyle arrives at the Saturday HQ with a piece of the Kur Stone he stole from Argost, stating he found some things out about Argost that didn't suit him and offers his assistance in fighting Argost for a reasonable hourly wage and a place to live in. Season 3, Episode 8 S3 E7 Dec 26, 2009The Unblinking EyeThe Saturdays go to Istanbul to extract the Lake Van Monster.

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