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Notes on Battlestar Galactica: The Plan, directed by Edward James Olmos (“Islanded in a Stream of Stars”) from a screenplay by Jane Espenson (“The Hub,” “Deadlock”). This is why we have the original 1960s “Star Trek” on Blu-ray now and also why we’ve just been gifted with a Blu-ray edition of The Prisoner: The Complete Series. Like “Star Trek,” the 1967-68 version of “The Prisoner” (the finest British hourlong ever made if you’re scoring at home) is an usually visual series, a mesmerizing mix of secret agents and sci-fi. Had I known how engrossing IFC’s “Monty Python: Almost The Truth” is, I would have started watching it much earlier.
One of the masterminds behind the project is Terry Jones’ son Bill, and one does sense an extraordinary level of access and investment. When I’d initially heard about “Almost The Truth,” I’d reasonably assumed it was just a repurposing of the (also excellent) new documentaries shot for the complete-series collector’s edition that hit DVD last November. Six hours of silly bliss … They say analyzing comedy kills it, but in this case, it's one revelation after another.
Exhaustively splayed across six wonderfully messy parts … There's some fat here, to be sure, but producers Bill Jones and Ben Timlett have assembled so much juicy stuff as to make this destined DVD release indispensable for Pythons fans and a more-than-just-nostalgic introduction for anyone else. Monty Python: The (Highly Unlikely) Rise Of has nothing to do with the just-aired IFC documentary.
I haven’t seen an “On The Road” segment in more than two decades but I remember loving them back in the day.

Last month the first season of “The Larry Sanders Show,” one of the two funniest live-action sitcoms ever forged, was $25.49. Hey, wanted to make sure you knew about BBC Video’s Fawlty Towers Remastered ‘lookalike contest’ where you can win a SIGNED DVD from John Cleese, with winners being selected by the man himself!
Add rare footage of their early years, some non-Python TV appearances, tense on-set footage filmed during the making of their movies, and clips of their greatest hits, and you've got Monty nirvana.
Judd Apatow, Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Paul Rudd, Luke Wilson, Jimmy Fallon, David Hyde-Pierce, Hank Azaria, Jay Roach, Robert Klein and Carl Reiner are among those who express their adoration for the show. Learn that all five British Pythons independently adored radio’s “The Goon Show” with Peter Sellers and Spike Milligan. Learn what role Victor Lownes, an American Playboy Club executive living in London, played in bringing the series to America. Learn that John Cleese still considers “Beyond the Fringe” with Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, Alan Bennett and Jonathan Miller the funniest show he’s ever seen. Learn that a key Columbia Pictures exec shelved “And Now For Something Completely Different,” made for American audiences unfamiliar with the series, because he did not enjoy its Twit of the Year sketch and the troupe refused to cut it. Learn that while all the five British Pythons got their first big break on “The Frost Report” as writers, Cleese was the only one who also served as one of the show’s stars.
Learn that John Cleese, who has married at least three Americans, was the only member unwilling to come to America following the Canadian tour.

Learn that Chapman was promoted to star for “At Last The 1948 Show,” which also starred Cleese and Marty Feldman.
Learn that the five other Pythons made their American network TV debuts doing 20 minutes of material on a disastrous episode of “The Tonight Show” guest-hosted by Joey Bishop. Learn that Wilson still speaks of the night he dined with the Pythons in a Mexican restaurant overlooking Dallas. Learn that “Holy Grail” enjoyed a blockbuster opening during its exclusive run in New York -- in stark contrast to “Completely Different,” which had years earlier closed in New York after only a few days. Learn that Palin and Gilliam flew to New York in an effort to get the American court system to stop ABC from airing the final 90 minutes.
Learn that the court case resulted in the Python members taking control of the broadcast rights of all 45 episodes from the BBC.

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