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First thing I noticed was user interface, it’s not the best looking and I am sure there could be some improvements with usability.
Compared to Pleasant Password Server and Team Password Manager, Secret Server is the product that puts the most effort in security. Secret Server has a dashboard with screen divided on three parts, left part is your password database where you organise passwords in folders.
You don’t have to share secrets with your team, you can set up RDP connection and share connection only, your team member will be able to launch RDP session from within Secret Server. Just like you customise local RDP session and limit access to drives, clipboard and printers you can do the same for Server Server RDP session.
In most corporate environments you have a policy in place where you have to change passwords, admin accounts are no exception, if you fear that you will have to change all the RDP passwords that you have in your vault manually, you can rest assured that you wont have to. You can limit access to SSH services via firewall and create only way to access SSH – through Secret Server. You can integrate your browser with Secret server and when ever you have to fill out login credentials, you press on the button and credentials are populated automatically. Events logging is very thorough, all events are logged and you can trace all the actions through events. Support is great, I have received prompt response from their technician who took time to explain.

Express is $10, it’s basically free, $10 fee goes to Reading is Fundamental, a children’s literacy non-profit, a great gesture from great people.
Enterprise and Enterprise Plus have individual pricing model, you have to contact Thycotic. You should be aware that Online version lacks AD Authentication, Remote Password Changing, Manage Service Accounts, Custom Reports, Folder Synchronisation and Access to SQL Database.
I came across Secure Password server and when I saw features list, I downloaded the trial and installed application. But don’t let the look fool you, below the surface is a powerful tool that makes it one of the most powerful password server products. Middle part has all the information about your object, right part has quick menus – recent items, Favourite passwords, help and new password templates.
Your password can be the most secure but if its known to attacker, he has not boundaries, he can access all the servers in your company.
You can lock devices with additional private key, password that is know only to you or special team. User is authenticated by Identity provider and won’t be prompted for Secret Server credentials. Express edition is limited with features but is a great starting point for smaller organisations who only started with password management.

Erik Blum is IT Manager for one of the fortune 500 companies and likes to share his experiences.
You can restrict access to RDP via Secret Server connection only (without knowing the password). This could be done via extension, preferred, but unfortunately it’s not available yet. While the product is not cheap it can cover very complex requirements for Password management.
While they cover all of the features and functionality I had couple of moments when I was looking for additional information but was left out only by a paragraph or two. But what if your company is tight on a budget and you would like to incorporate two factor authentication?
By using email as two factor authentication, you will improve security and not spend a fortune on additional services.
Another scenario is when you have contractors who didn’t receive their fob yet and they need to access your systems urgently.

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