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A tell-all book by an ex-Secret Service agent who worked the President Clinton detail is bound to ruffle some feathers inside the Beltway. Retired Secret Service Agent and Peabody alumnus Jerry Parr (far right) protected numerous presidents, including Ronald Reagan and his wife, Nancy.
On March 31, 1981, Agent Parr was head of the detail protecting President Ronald Reagan at a speech at the Washington Hilton. Parr retired from the Secret Service in 1985, and went on to pursue the ministry, including serving as a pastor and counselor. Parr acted as an adviser for the feature films In the Line of Fire and Contact and for the documentaries In the Line of Fire: Behind the Scenes with the Secret Service and Inside the US Secret Service. After completing his master’s degree, Parr spent 10 years as a counselor for Affiliated Community Counselors in Rockville, Maryland. Joseph Petro served for 23 years as a special agent in the United States Secret Service; eleven of them with presidents and vice presidents.

Parr received the 2014 Distinguished Alumnus Award from Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College of education and human development during Commencement May 9. From 1962 to 1968, he conducted foreign and domestic protective surveys and worked with security, intelligence and law enforcement professionals in all 50 states and in 37 countries.
In 1979, Parr moved to the Presidential Protective Division, where he was special agent in charge and head of the White House detail, directing security for Presidents Carter and Reagan. With his wife Carolyn, he is the author of In the Secret Service: The True Story of the Man Who Saved President Reagan’s Life (Tyndale House Publishers, 2013). In 1989, he was ordained as a minister by the Church of the Saviour, where he was co-pastor for 12 years. For four of those years he stood by the side of Ronald Reagan.Following his career as a Navy Lieutenant, during which he patrolled the rivers and canals along the Vietnamese-Cambodian border, he worked his way up through the Secret Service to become one of the key men in charge of protecting the President. From 1969 to 1978, he worked for the Foreign Dignitary Division on details for Vice Presidents Hubert Humphrey, Spiro Agnew and Gerald Ford and directed security for 56 foreign heads of state.

In 1982, Jerry Parr became assistant director of protective research, a post he held until he retired from the Secret Service in 1985. The Secret Service presented him with the Director’s Award of Valor and later with the Presidential Rank Award for Meritorious Executive. In 1987, he earned a master’s degree in pastoral counseling from Loyola University in Maryland. Treasury Department, of which the Secret Service is a part, honored him with the Exceptional Service Award. He was also named to the Honor League of the New York City Police Department, received a commendation from the Maryland State Senate, and was named one of four “Top Cops” by Parade Magazine.

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