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There was a question in the forum about Email Campaign Results and Kevin of Hunting Life brought up a great point – “the hard part [of a successful campaign] is building a quality list of subscribers”.
Coming from the catalog world, I realize that the power of any successful company is their ability to build a strong list of quality customers. Building a strong subscriber base for your hunting company begins with the quality of your products and services.
There are things you can do on and off your own Website that will gain the trust of your visitors and get them to sign up for your email campaign. In order to build a strong subscriber base of valuable subscribers you’ll need to convert the people visiting your site. These visitors are highly valuable as they’ve already shown an interest in what your business provides and they’ve taken the first step by visiting your site.
Depending on how your Website is setup, there are many places you should be putting your email sign-up.
I have seen email sign-up areas in multiple places on the home page and I’m sure all work depending on how sites test the conversion of getting subscribers. For an example of the power of testing your email sign-up here is a speech by Tim Ferriss, author of The 4 Hour Workweek on how he tests various things to convert first-time visitors to long-time subscribers.
You can take advantage of these pages by using their specific content to show a benefit to subscribe to your email campaigns. Use specific calls to action on each of your site’s pages as ways to share the benefits on your site with your visitors on a deeper level via email subscription. There is a lot of opportunity with specific calls to action for getting people to subscribe to your emails on your pages. If you have a blog for your hunting business (and I suggest you do) and you have done some keyword research and you’re targeting topics that will likely attract the attention of potential customers via search, you will get some new visitors to your blog posts and your goal is to convert these people to subscribers. Don’t let your quality visitors get away without getting them to subscribe to your email campaigns. As Tim Ferriss mentioned in his speech, testing is very important for getting strong conversion on your site.
There are lots of things to test with calls to action and it takes testing to find what’s best for your specific business. Earlier I touched on the importance of communicating the specific benefits readers will get from each of your site’s pages if they subscribe to your email updates (ex: photo gallery). Here is an example of how one company, Conversion Rate Experts, shares the benefits of their email campaign with their visitors in order to convert them to subscribers. Lots of companies do a great job of communicating the specific benefits visitors will receive if they subscribe to an email campaign. Make sure you share the benefits of your email program with your readers and visitors and get them to convert to subscribers.
Then you’ll be able to deliver on your promises (providing them what they actually signed up for) as well as providing relevant product and service offerings. You’re going to get some traffic to your Website if you’re doing things like paid advertising, sharing links with other hunting Websites, paying for listing in directories, listing your business in free directories, etc, but in order to grow your own audience you’re going to have to spend some time off your site looking for other Websites that share your target audience.
There is a lot of opportunity to grow you’re the audience on your site and the size of your email list by spending time off your own Website.
Guest posting is a great way to introduce you and your business to someone else’s audience. Look for other blogs and Websites that share a similar audience to the one you’re targeting for your hunting business and offer to do a guest post. Another thing you can do to get the attention of someone else’s audience and convert them to email subscribers is to participate in interviews. Make yourself available to be interviewed on the topics you’re the expert in – what your business provides. Ask other site owners if they would be willing to interview you via email, phone, or video for use on their site as a way to share your expertise with their audience. Also ask other site owners with large audiences that you would like to target if you could interview them and then allow the interviewee to share the interview on their site with their audience. By exposing you and your business to other audiences, you’re expanding the reach of your marketing message and showing your potential customers the benefits of your business. These are just a couple of ways you can participate off your own Website that will bring traffic to your site in ways that will likely convert people to your email list with proper calls to action. Now, with all of this offsite activity it’s important to remember to include calls to action so the other audiences know what they’re supposed to do now that they’re aware you and your business exist.
Make sure when you participate in discussions on other sites that you provide ways for new readers, listeners, and viewers of how they can contact you and subscribe to updates from you. When doing guest posts, leave your Website and email subscription link so people can quickly sign-up.
Make sure you’re converting your new audience to subscribers so you can share your quality products and services with them via your next email campaign. Once you get new subscribers on your email list it’s important to deliver on the promises that you mentioned that got them to subscribe. With email, it’s easy for people to unsubscribe to your campaigns or worse, put your emails in their spam filter.

Just because I may think that the top right is the best place for your email sign-up on your home page doesn’t mean that it’s the absolute best place to put yours. I like putting the email subscription call to action at the end of my blog posts, but maybe for you it works best at the beginning.
The beautiful thing about the Web is that it allows you to adapt quickly to the needs of your audience.
Converting visitors to email subscribers on your site is important for building long-term relationships that lead to strong sales conversions for your business on the Web. You’re likely to see an increase in the number of visitors you convert to subscribers on your site.
Also do some participation off your site to extend your marketing reach to other audiences.
Make sure to always leave strong calls to action so that your new listening audience has a way to subscribe to your email campaigns.
As your email list grows, make sure you’re following through on your promises by providing valuable content in your emails.
The strength of your business on the Web directly relates to the quality of your subscriber base. Link development to the strategy and outcomes required of the function as a whole, integrating development into daily operations.
All of this is driven from our extensive experience and research database, in particular a research model that we have come to think of as being the secret to HR success – The HOW factor. We call it The HOW Factor, because in our experience what differentiates the success of an individual, a strategy and a function lies not in what you do but how you do it. Jane Chesters Jane is one of our founder partners, and leads our strategy and services practice. Jane has spent the last 20 years in and around the HR function – both in-house and as a consultant.
In most cases, it is better to not stay all bundled up and keep things to yourself, even if it is sort of embarrassing.
Authentic Happiness by Martin Seligman is a calm and collective book striving to lay upon readers the underlying principles of happiness. No Arms, No Legs, No Worries is an inspirational and captivating story of Nick Vujicic, a man with no legs or arms. It is important to note that greed and happiness have an adverse relationship with each other if you are learning how to be happy . IzumoFS can be installed on any commoditized Linux server and by clustering several nodes it is capable of creating ascale-out NAS easily. Currently IzumoBASE has established partnership with Creationline, Inc., Network Value Components Ltd. Scale-Out NASScale-Out NAS is a NAS that has architecture to increase its performance and capacity by adding nodes.It enablesto create efficient infrastructure without increasing operating cost by handling whole storage nodes in cluster as a single file system. Software-Defined Storage (SDS)SDS is a storage virtualization technology that provides scalability and availability by software that was conventionally achievedonly by hardware. In-line de-duplicationDe-duplication is a technology for reducing the amount of storage usage by eliminating redundant datasignificantly.
Ikuo Takeuchi, senior project manager, Mitou program, Information-processing Promotion Agency, said: “I would like to give big gratitude to the announcement of IzumoFS. Yasuhiro Arai, representative director, Cloud Utilization Promotion Agency Japan, said: “I am very excited to see IzumoFS, a product launching from Japan in storage market which has traditionally being driven by non-Japanese products. Yoshimitsu Tanaka, manager, IT department, Kitahara International Hospital, said: “Scalability and availability is a must to manage our increasing medical data but we also required high security level to protect our extremely sensitive privacy information of our patients. About IzumoBASE, Inc.IzumoBASE, founded at April 27, 2015, is a start-up company from The University of Tokyo with vision of 'Making Storage As A True Infrastructure'.
The power to build a list of customers who have opted into your products and services with their purchases or approval for you to contact them can make a business successful for a long time. In order for Web users to subscribe to your email campaigns you’re going to have to gain their trust. Those visitors who are coming to your site likely heard about your business via offline referral, searching a keyword phrase related to what your business does, or they followed a link from another Website (online referral of sorts).
It’s important to convert these visitors to subscribers so you can market your products and services to them via your email campaigns. I like having the email sign-up near the top right of the home page, but I am in favor of trying it out in various places to see what works best.
One of my favorite email campaigns is Field and Stream because they always include great headlines for awesome photos in their gallery. If you can show that there is a specific benefit, people will sign up because they see the value in subscribing to your email campaigns.
If you have a forum, tell your users that if they subscribe you’ll share with them the hottest topics in the forum each day. New readers who read an entire post on your blog are likely interested in hearing more from you.
And this is not only true for getting new visitors to subscribe to your email campaigns, it’s important for getting new and long-time subscribers to convert as paying customers as well.

And it doesn’t only benefit you it benefits the blog you’re guest posting on because you’re providing the blog owner with quality content for their site as well as providing quality content for their readers to view and discuss.
Grow your email list with quality subscribers and you’ll see stronger sales conversions for your business. Check out my articles on Hunting Business Marketing and follow my daily findings on Twitter. It supports inter-site clustering that adds simple but powerful DR capability from three minimum nodes. The industry for storage space in Japan is currently a ?40 billion market and is doubling its revenue every two years. By dividing the data into a certain number of shares,it becomes impossible to read a single byte of data from those shares and can be only restored when certain numbers of shares are obtained.
This cost-effective software will allow users to integrate different types of hardware (depending on their requirements) with the same or higher level of functionalityof ordinary hardware based storage. IzumoFS processes it on a real-time, on-the-fly basis, with only a few overhead.It also has an advantage of extending the lifetime of SSD or increasing cache hit rate for better read performances.
Shigeo Kagami, GM, office of innovation and entrepreneurship, Division of University Corporation Relations (DUCR), University of Tokyo, said: “Congratulations to the announcement of IzumoFS. Especially the Secret Sharing Scheme that IzumoFS provides has made this new technology so easy to use.
We strongly believe that IzumoFS will bring the next level of performance and capabilities that provides cutting-edge features such as Secret Sharing Scheme and In-line de-duplication. You’re going to have to show them that you will provide valuable content within emails, whether it’s access to new information and products, exclusive promotional offers, or unique articles that relate to your business. Field and Stream has an awesome gallery of hunting photos and they always use these photos in their emails. And the best part is these people are likely to be satisfied when you actually send them updates with your email campaign that includes photos. If you have a page that offers your various outfitting packages, tell your visitors that if they subscribe to your email campaigns they’ll receive updates on the latest hunts you offer as well as limited time discount offers or something along those lines. Sometimes the best way to get the attention of visitors is to catch them off guard with things that are non-standard. It’s easy for people to unsubscribe or to put your business in the spam filter so make sure you give them a reason to open the email and click through to your Website and ultimately purchase your products and services.
Jane leads teams to help our clients formulate and assess people strategies, then makes sure they’re set up to deliver them. IzumoFS comes with inline de-duplication by default that reduces the amount of storage usage for each nodes and increases cache hit rate for better reading performances. It is apparent that traditional hardware-based storage solutions could not meet suchademand.
We are organization called Office of University-Industry Collaboration and are helping start-up companies from The University of Tokyo. While it is amazingly simple and easy to use, it also provides advanced security by Secret Sharing Scheme.
Jumpei Arakawa, CEO, has studied about storage virtualization and distributed storage system at The University of Tokyo and based on that R&D he has developed software-defined storage IzumoFS. And once that trust is there you can promote your other services and because you have the trust of the subscriber, they are likely to convert over to buyers. User will be able to choose redundancy methods from two types, replication for performance and Secret Sharing Scheme for next generation security. Scale-out NAS has begun to emerge as a new storage solution and in 2016 it is expected to exceed the traditional scale-up NAS in the market.
At that time he has been working in research of virtual file system and received the tile of "Super Creator" from IPA Mitou Business.
It is equipped with cutting edge features such as inline de-duplication and Secret Sharing Scheme while retaining very easy installation and maintenance process. Installation and setup process of IzumoFS is amazingly simple and fast which takes two steps in less than 60s. Arakawa was avery passionate student with entrepreneur mind from at the time of his master and doctorial studies. IzumoFS is expected from various industries to provide them a high cost efficient storage solution. IzumoFS is Fault Tolerantand equipped with version control, advanced security and very simple as distributed storage system which is of course scalable. This time I am very excited to hear that he is trying to make large transformation to big data era in the field of software-defined storage. I strongly believe that IzumoBASE will become one of fewest Japanese company that truly has power to compete globally.

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