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Two Frosty Mart employees were fired last week when a Secret Shopper caught them violating several Frosty Mart regulations. Boog and Lenny freak out when they learn a Secret Shopper is coming to evaluate the Frosty Mart and will close it down if they fail. The boys hide in the freezer to avoid it, and Lenny and Boog enter, wondering what happened. Fanboy uses a lamp to thaw the Secret Shopper, but the script originally said he uses a hammer to smash the ice around him.
Following "The Hard Sell", "Chicken Pox" and "The Janitor's Apprentice", this is the fourth episode where nearly the whole episode remains inside a building. After Fanboy says "Oh, I gotta chill", his and Chum Chum's tags disappear and never return. Step 3) You will be instantly emailed your shopper packet including Getting Started instructions. This is a list of episodes from the Nickelodeon animated television series Fanboy & Chum Chum. Yum Yum (Fanboy and Chum Chum's gum friend) comes to school, but the new janitor is on the case. The boys go to the Frosty Mart to buy Frosty Freezy Freezes, but Chum Chum spends their only dollar on Boog's Chimp Chomp game. Fanboy trades Chum Chum for Yo's Mecha-Tech robot, and soon learns a valuable lesson on how friends are better than material possessions. After they accidentally "power down" Yo's digital pet cat Scampers, Fanboy and Chum Chum bury it at the graveyard only to make it come back as a zombie.
Fanboy refuses to bathe for a not bathing record, but his right hand comes to life and threatens to rob the school's charity bake sale. Fanboy and Chum Chum have a test coming up and if the entire class passes, they win a bouncy house. When a heatwave hits Galaxy Hills, the boys see the Frosty Freezy Freeze machine is on the fritz. Boog will do anything for the boys if he wants to get one of their 3 tickets to see a Chimp Chomp movie. Boog believes he saw a monster in the Frosty Mart, and Fanboy and Chum Chum help him catch it.

Fanboy suspects he's bitten by a vampire, and the boys go see a neck specialist who IS a vampire. Kyle transforms into a chicken after getting the chicken pox, so the boys try to get him to turn back to normal by laying an egg.
Fanboy and Chum Chum meet a viking named Thorvald, and try to get him back home to Valhalla.
When Fanboy and Chum Chum are punished for making a mess in the cafeteria, they have to help Janitor Poopatine clean up the school. Fanboy, Chum Chum and Kyle get Kyle's Scrivener Elf to write fake excuse notes to get out of various classes.
Boog and Lenny are away, and the boys learn to take care of business when a Secret Shopper comes to the Frosty Mart. The kids are grossed out when the new lunch lady serves only disgusting, red glop and won't let them leave until they finish eating it. The boys are desperate to keep a recalled toy of their favorite octopus cartoon character, Agent 08.
Lenny and Boog plot to steal Fanboy and Chum Chum's special cup that gives them unlimited, free refills. The boys want to buy a Frosty Freezy Freeze from the Frosty Mart's new bus, but Boog won't let them. While Chum Chum leaves Fanboy by himself to care for his new Ultra-Ninja, Fanboy accidentally breaks it, and tries not to let Chum Chum know.
The boys are under the weather, and when they wind up fighting each other, they also fight over Kyle's attention when he comes to visit them. Fanboy and Chum Chum buy Boog's plastic bubble from a yard sale, but Boog gets outraged when he discovers it makes the riders bop-proof.
While playing pirates, the boys accidentally bury the map with the treasure, so they get the whole class together to help find it.
Fanboy, Chum Chum and Kyle go camping on the Frosty Mart roof, but Kyle accidentally drops the rope to get down, forcing the boys to try and survive in the roof's bitter, cold, frosty weather! The boys' desks are separated for singing out loud during "Quiet Time", so they try to get reunited. Panicking, they leave the mart unattended to avoid being fired, only to let Fanboy and Chum Chum take over the counter and drive the Secret Shopper crazy with their enthusiasm.

Fanboy and Chum Chum come in and as they see the wet floor, they skate on it, as it's Wet Floor Wednesday to them! Fanboy decides to install his brain into Oz's robot in hopes that it will make him smarter, but worse results come to follow. They try to nurse Berry, the ice monster who runs the machine back to health but wind up getting "Frosty Freezy Freeze Fever" the moment they lick him. And when Sigmund comes over to his place for dinner, Kyle tries to pass Fanboy and Chum Chum off as his elf assistants. Soon, Fanboy poses as a wizard named "Wizboy" and challenges Kyle to see who's the better (pretend) wizard.
Mufflin catches Fanboy teaching him kung fu and thinks he's hurting him, so he takes Precious back and Fanboy can no longer care for him. Lenny then reads the following heading: "Two Frosty Mart employees were fired last week when a secret shopper caught them violating several Frosty Mart regulations".
They do their best to impress him-they give him coffee, but it backfires when they turn it up too high and use a goat for the milk.
Irritated, the Secret Shopper demands a Frosty Freezy Freeze, and the boys make one for him-with the ultimate freeze. But the power goes out and while playing at Oz Comix, Lenny and Boog's hat signals light up for the power surge warning, and they leave. As they see the boys out, Lenny gives himself and Boog mops to clear up the ice, but Boog goes on break. Back at the Frosty Mart, the boys finish making the Frosty Freezy Freeze for the Secret Shopper. He drinks it, and freezes, but the drink hits the floor and starts freezing the entire mart in pink ice.

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