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Companies hire people to shop (or pretend to shop) to get a real feel of how their stores are running, such as cleanliness and customer service.
Sometimes you can self-assign a shop, without having to get accepted, although it’s unlikely when you are starting out. It’s best to look through the list of shops in your area and apply for any that interest you.
The average gig however, is arriving on the day (sometimes during a certain timeframe) that you are assigned and making note of your arrival and departure times. That’s another part of this job that varies; it can be as little as $2 for making a phone call, to a $600 reimbursement for a hotel stay! My favorite Secret Shopper gig is the massage parlors because, well, who doesn’t love massages?!
I was surprised by the variety of shops that have this done and how well you can do financially when you put enough work into it. In this economy, when people are struggling more than ever, Secret Shopping is a great way to assist in the hardship.
Sign up for free updates that will get you feeling like a champ when you check your bank account.
Tera, did you say that I would have to pay for these services out of pocket first in order to try them & then hope for repayment from the companies? Kim, Yes, you pay out of pocket first and then reimbursement is contingent on you completing the shop correctly. In some states (Texas for example), this service is considered private investigation and requires a license. Learn how Anna went from broke to bad ass in record time with the Spenders Guide to Debt-Free Living.
I was living alone, but paying two mortgages, so I had to find a way to bring in more income other than the unemployment insurance that I was receiving.
To get specific jobs, a quiz will need to be taken ahead of time to determine if you’re eligible for that particular shop.
Keep in mind that any reputable Secret Shopper company will NOT ask you to pay a fee; all of the legit companies are FREE to join!

The more companies you work for, the wider your variety of shops are, and the more jobs you can accept. You can test drive a car, get your carpets cleaned, call a funeral home, tour a golf course as if you are a bride, have dinner, get a hair cut, pick up some groceries, watch a movie, order a pizza, tour a storage facility, go out for drinks, inquire about cell phone service, get a massage or facial (!), tour an apartment complex, get an oil change, take your pet to the vet, get your taxes done, etc. Just like any other job, you have to prove yourself when you’re the new kid on the block. You’ll have to note: the cleanliness of the store (Were there smudges on the windows? I was so excited to have it done (because it was overdue for a professional cleaning) since I would not only get reimbursed for it, but earn a little extra cash in addition! I’ve visited Cheesecake Factory before, but until I had to shop them, I was unaware that their staff are all supposed to make eye contact, smile and even fold your napkin if you leave your seat; how nice!
As I stated earlier, I started this when I was laid off; I didn’t find a full-time job for another two years! I just dont know if I could resist not overbuying or waiting to be reimbursed with some of these companies! If you sign up with a bunch of different companies you will get a ton of emails on a daily basis. So when I found out that Tera Borden has been a Secret Shopper for the past two years I knew I had to interview her about it. By sending someone in to report on the activities of an establishment, they get an honest feel of how well, or how poor, their staff is performing.
My best friend, Jen, suggested that I become a Secret Shopper in order to make some money and get free products, so I did! Turning in reports late or flaking on assignments earn you negative marks and schedulers will be hesitant to assign you future jobs.
Be sure to spend some time reading through the instructions before you apply. Once accepted, you will get an email informing you of the details. It takes about an hour total which includes reading the instructions, spending 20-30 minutes on location, and then completing the report.
It’s something that I RARELY treat myself to, so now I can get them on a regular basis, albeit it comes with the price of a tedious report! It took me a week to get someone to even come to my home to estimate the job and then the tech told me that he couldn’t even clean it!

I learned that Michael Kors only hires attractive employees and the report even asks if you thought their employees are attractive!
I’m working now, but I make a LOT less than I used to, so I still Secert Shop to help ease the strain. I no longer have time, but have a friend who has been doing this a long time and she loves it. Was their merchandise stocked and organized?), how was the customer service (Were you greeted with a smile? I always feel good when I complete a Secret Shopper job before going to my day job to clock hours there. I had to explain to the scheduler what happened and hoped that it would be rescheduled, so I would be allowed another attempt. Read the online magazine and other articles you find online, post on the forum and ask questions! I’ll apply for a grocery store shop as often as I can because groceries are always a need. I take a hair-cutting shop when I need a hair cut, so that it’ll essentially cost me nothing. Being that I worked for this company’s biggest competitor (before being laid off from there), I knew what to expect, so I was the perfect shopper for this assignment. Another week later I got my carpets cleaned by a tech that also hesitated, but it worked out in the end, although it was a pain to get it done. Sometimes the companies require names of the employees, so you’ll need to glance at their name badge or get a business card. After your assignment, be sure to submit your report before the deadline given which is usually within 12-24 hours.

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