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While guessing may make you less anxious as you wait, you could be mistaken and your guess may be far worse than reality.  Job seekers guess when they try to fill in the blanks of future conversations. Another person I know decided she had a “bad resume and age was an issue.” In fact, the resume was on-target for the employer’s needs and age didn’t seem to be an issue when she finally met with the business manager who ended up making an offer. Guessing can be productive if you include the pros and cons of your actions to help make you a stronger job candidate.  In some ways guessing also may serve as a way to gain a measure of control over the unknown.

Why haven’t all those people you’ve contacted — people who know you’re looking for work — returned your calls?  If  you’ve been looking for work , you probably know what I’m talking about first-hand. Playing the guessing game can keep you from following up on conversations and make you doubt yourself.

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