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Their able to do so thanks to hundreds of thousands of happy mystery shoppers located around the world.
Right now, as you read this, Secret Shopper is accepting applications for mystery shoppers throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.
Secret Shopper looks for reliable and detail-oriented individuals with excellent writing and communication skills. Once you sign up to be a secret shopper, you will be given log in information so you can gain access to all the training materials and a list of available job postings on the Secret Shopper website.
As soon as you’re accepted as a mystery shopper, you’ll be able to view all the available shopping opportunities in your area. Each shopping assignment is different as not all clients will want to learn the same things.
You can also read about other companies that offer work at home opportunities or visit the most popular work at home industries on our website. Get instant access to the Ultimate Money Guide book, packed with 81 unique ideas to make EXTRA MONEY.

The information provided in The Ultimate Money Guide is a compilation of our research, presented here for your convenience and information, and not necessarily intended as an endorsement of the companies listed herein. Their mystery shopping solutions include inspecting daily store interactions, monitoring employee effectiveness and checking competitors’ pricing and sales. Access to a computer, reliable Internet connection, digital camera or scanner is also required.
Such information was gathered from third-party sources, and we cannot attest to the accuracy of the information contained herein. Since 1990, the company has performed millions of mystery shops throughout North America and the Caribbean. This is typically a scanned copy or picture of a receipt or business card which you received from the shop location. Ultimate Money Guide does not make any earnings claims with respect to the potential income from any industry, company, or advertiser listed on our website. Unless the instructions state otherwise, all reports are submitted online and no later than noon Central Time the day after your assigned shop date.

It is up to the reader to do their own due diligence when reviewing all business opportunities. New clients and opportunities are added everyday so be sure to log in frequently to check out new jobs! The Ultimate Money Guide is not responsible for the content of any third-party website or advertiser referenced herein and undertakes no obligation to update the information herein.
The Ultimate Money Guide may have business relationships with some or all of the companies listed herein, and may receive compensation for the listings or advertisements that you see within The Ultimate Money Guide website, book, or email communications from us.

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