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Disclaimer: this site is not endorsed by or affiliated with Electronic Arts, or its licensors. You always look bronzed and glowing, talk us through your fake tan routine?"First I exfoliate in the shower with an exfoliating glove, then I moisturise the really dry areas like my knees, elbows, ankles, toes, hands, under my arms and a little bit under my bust too. Let's talk about make-up - what are your favourite products at the moment?"There's a brand I really like called Make Up For Ever, I found it in St. How do you think your look has changed since you first appeared on TOWIE?"I've really toned down my make-up since I started the show, and I think a lot of that is to do with insecurity.
I use my Chloe Sims Tanning Mitt, ?2.95, but I buy plastic medical gloves and wear them underneath so I don't stain my hands.
I first use MAC Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation, ?25, then apply Make Up For Ever Pro Finish Foundation, ?29.75, over the top for a really flawless look. I found a picture of a body I'm trying to achieve for the summer, and I've given it to my trainer. They are too complex and just too hard to play with on a casual basis.But then one day I came across the many truly inspiring building videos by The Sim Supply on YouTube, building houses in Sims 3.
I use my Chloe Sims One Hour Tan, ?15, and apply it in strokes using the velvety side, then I use the other side on areas which can get a bit clogged with product. I'm also using Smashbox Bronze Lights Bronzer, ?23, it's quite dark so I only apply a little. I like MAC Limited Edition Mineralize Skinfinish in Centre of Attention, which I use on my cheekbones for a shimmer, and for eyeshadows I like the Urban Decay Naked Palettes.
When I first started, I was involved in a 'glamour world' and I'd wear low-cut dresses, but nowadays I'll dress more covered up and keep my make-up more natural. I also put a green tea bag in with my usual tea, so it tastes normal but still has the benefits of green tea.

Afterwards, I take a wet wipe and go around the outline of my foot because the skin there is dry, so your tan can go really dark. I've also been using Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer, ?25, and my favourite mascara is Bobbi Brown Everything Mascara, ?19."Another brand I like is called KIKO. But the building tools are awesome for just playing with ideas.Building the house the secret writing outhouseI work as a writer, so the first thing that comes to mind when designing a house is that it's needs to be perfect for writing. For my face, I first use a lot of moisturiser, then I'll apply two pumps of tan on a big MAC make-up brush and just put it over the areas where the sun would naturally hit, before blending down to my neck."Any tips for cleaning up mistakes?"If you make a mistake, the best thing is to take it off there and then with a wet wipe, then blend over with a little more tan. Today I ate two poached eggs with turkey ham and salt and pepper for breakfast, sushi for lunch, and for dinner I'll have fish and vegetables.
That means having special places to write and work, preferable in super awesome environments.With this in mind, I designed this outhouse before anything else.Just imagine how amazing it would be to work up on that platform?
I think it's very easy to get caught up with a certain 'look' when you're around a different group of friends.
I'm into dark lip colours at the moment, but I hate the way the inside of your lipstick always comes off first and gets stuck to your teeth! And being in this industry, you're always penalised for things so you take it a lot more seriously. So I take my Rock Idol Lipstick in a natural shade and just apply it to the inside of my lips, blending it in with my regular lipstick.
But you start to look at yourself and think, 'Well actually that doesn't look that nice,' or, 'Do I really need those massive lashes?'"Out of all the girls on TOWIE, whose look do you admire the most?"I'd say Lauren Pope's.
It's a five bedroom house, and I haven't even calculated the square footage.Secondly, we need a kitchen, dinning and living room, and I'm one of those people who like open plan buildings.
I had a cream cake yesterday, and there's another one in the fridge so I'll probably eat that at some point too!"If I could have anybody's figure, it would be one of the Victoria's Secret models.

We've been on a lot of trips together and we'll both be in the mirror, doing our hair and make-up. It's also got caffeine and lemon extract, so it's really nice and soothing when you feel tired in the morning. I put quite a lot on and just leave it for a while, then when it starts to dry, I pat it in.
It makes me look more awake without having to put loads of make-up on!"Do you do your own make-up when you appear on TOWIE?"Yes. I apply it to my roots and my fringe, then when my hair is dry, I use a large curling wand and tong quite big sections. I have had make-up artists in the past, but the problem is we never know exactly when we'll be filming. We get call times the day before - sometimes up until 11pm - so I don't know when to book a make-up artist.
I shake my hair out with my hands and then apply the spray again, picking sections of hair up and spritzing quite close to my scalp. I already have great plans for my next design :)- Show Comments - About Thomas BaekdalThomas Baekdal is the author of several books about the shift that is happening in the media industry. He is a professional writer and a publisher of Baekdal Plus, the strategic magazine for media executives.

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