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Bev is a downtrodden housewife who's failed her driving test eight times, having only been instructed by her impatient husband Ian. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Once he hit puberty and discovered that girls were a lot more interesting than he’d previously thought, all bets were off. If you ask Bill Murray, one of John’s old friends from his Army days, what the secret was, he’ll give it to you straight. But John was there and he smiled and then, a little later, he laughed and it was the most delicious sound that Sherlock had ever heard in his life.  And somehow, he found himself laughing along with him.

They’d run all the way back to Baker Street, giggling like a pair of right fools and Sherlock found that he absolutely could not get enough of that sound coming from John.
Of course, plenty of other things happened right after that - the so-called drugs bust, discovering the true identity of that wretched serial killer, Sherlock playing his game (and he was still sure he’d gotten the right pill!) and then, the serial killer killed by what was, frankly, an amazing shot fired from right across another building.  Sherlock had to admit that it saved his life and his mind was quite engaged, yet again, in the puzzle of figuring out who the mysterious crack shot was. And then he saw John, standing quietly behind the police lines, looking as innocent as you please and Sherlock just knew.  That innocent look wasn’t proof against Sherlock, of course and contrary to popular opinion, he wasn’t incapable of showing concern for another human being. But there was John, turning on the full power of that absurd smile, now laced with more than just a bit of mischief and in seconds they were both giggling again, more than a little bit giddy with relief. Sometimes it was something Sherlock did - like the way he’d play the violin for John at 3 am, when the latter would wake from some nightmare or the other and make his way downstairs to sit in his favorite chair with a cup of tea, quite unable to make it back to sleep just yet.

For the record, Sherlock was not completely ignorant of pop culture.  The first time he’d surprised John with his knowledge of Elvis Presley, the man’s delighted grin was a memory Sherlock would firmly put in his Do Not Delete folder.
And then, one day, taking Lestrade’s pithy, plain advice which consisted of: “Stop being an absolute tit, man up and tell him”- Sherlock finally told John how very much he loved him. That smile - brilliant, amazing, extraordinary - was the most beautiful thing Sherlock had ever seen.

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