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Country chanteuses Copper & Coal sit pretty in the classic country genre, covering golden greats such as Loretta Lynn, Buck Owens, and Hank Williams. Few songwriters alive today work as hard as Knut Bell, who regularly clocks four-hour marathon shows at honky-tonks all the way from Conway, Wash., to Austin, Texas, where he recently delivered 200 cases of Rainier in exchange for 200 of Lone Star as part of the Great American Beer Swap organized by alt-country social club Horses Cut Shop. Voted Best Country Artist by the Seattle Weekly 2012, Skagit Valley’s most favored sons’ songs are all his own, born of his experiences as a fisherman, a rabble rouser, and a lifetime resident of the northwest. Saved by the Bell was, and in some respects still is, a popular show that ran during the 80s and 90s. At his whim, Zack could call a "time out." If he was in a bad situation, Zack could throw up the symbol we all know, yell "time out!" and everything would freeze except for him. If you want to believe that the people and events in Saved by the Bell were real then Zack being God is the only possible explanation for his time outs. And if a show is going to ask us to take themes and stories seriously, then we have to take all aspects of that show seriously.

They also deliver a shining set of original tunes and are set to release their debut album, produced by Portland’s King of Country Music Caleb Klauder, in June 2013. Hand-in-hand with his rock-solid work ethic is the rumbling, Waylonesque baritone that barrels from his broad frame, nailing covers from the "outlaw" catalog alongside his own self-penned tunes—songs accompanied by country legends like Merle Haggard's guitarist Redd Volkaert and Johnny Cash's piano man Earl Poole Ball on his latest album, Wicked, Ornery, Mean, and Nasty. You can hear traces of Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, and David Allan Coe in the feel, and the driving rhythm of his tunes will have your toes a tappin’ if you’re not already up two-stepping. We all know the characters, identifed with at least one, and will forever remember it fondly. He wasn't a jock, wasn't smart, and wasn't really anything other than cool, calm, and awesome. Soaring vocal harmonies, fiddle, and pedal steel beget a nostalgic sound that will have you laughing, dancing, drinking, and crying in true country style. It taught us about the environment during that really tedious episode where the kids chained themselves to an oil derrick.

This explanation also covers the fact that he never used the time outs for nefarious reasons. Or Belding was Zack when he was older and this was Zack's internal way of dealing with his future-self? It even taught us the value of friendship and that just because we're different doesn't mean we aren't humans. Or maybe Belding was a real-life person in Zack's real world who harmed him in some deep, psychological way? We get to witness God discussing his trials and tribulations and witness his magical ways to get out of any and every situation.

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