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What it’s about : In New York City, three teens from a private school are chosen to be part of an exclusive Secret Society, but what was supposed to be a fun adventure might be hiding some unpleasant secrets. Bummed you didn’t enjoy The DUFF I agree though it needed to go into the consequences of her actions more than it did. Some items will only become available to win once you advance the picture or puzzle's scene level to a certain point. If the item you need still isn't showing up on the 'Can be found' list for a picture, it may be the picture is in the wrong game mode. Luck items, such as talismans and artefacts increase your odds of winning anything from the 'Can be found' list by a certain percentage. If you already have a quest item before a quest begins it does not count towards the quest. Additionally, if you are playing that version of the game, you can skip the current quest in the collection sequence by simply combining the collection (you'd need to have all 5 items already obviously). If you are talking about a quest to find an item with no plus sign, that is one of the harder items in the game to find then chances are you technically didn't 'find it'. If the item you are talking about does have a plus sign, and can be found in a picture normally without a quest, it used to be the case that the item could not be found in that picture until the quest was complete. Some items will only become available to win once you advance the picture's scene level to a certain point.
Text mode will appear in normal rotation, but you can also force text mode to appear if the picture has an anomaly in it.
The best way to get an anomaly in a certain picture is to play a wide variety of pictures, including the one you want the anomaly in. When all else fails at getting the anomaly into the picture you want it in, start leaving all other pictures in night mode.
If a different anomaly than the one you need appears in the picture you can banish it and keep trying. Some items will only become available to win once you advance the puzzle's scene level to a certain point. In blocks, you may only move horizontal blocks left or right and vertical blocks up and down.
The trick to pipes is to work from the outside in, and concentrate on the 4-way pipe pieces. To complete a game of Gem Match, you must remove the yellow borders from squares that have them by making matches of 3 or more gems of the same colour, where one of those gems is in a square with a yellow border.
When a picture has an anomaly in it, open the Research Window for that picture by pressing the picture on your Home Desktop. If you are playing a version of the game prior to the Valentines Update, then as a general rule of thumb, you should banish the anomaly if a quest says 'banish' and play the picture with the anomaly still in place if the quest says anything else. If you have updated to the Valentines Update or later, then you can do either and still complete the quest. One of the late 2015 updates changed the way the picture award count shows your progress by no longer telling you your best row but rather just showing your current progress (having reset to zero if you lose a photo search). One of the late 2015 updates changed the way the puzzle award count shows your progress by no longer telling you your best row but rather just showing your current progress. All awards are obtainable in the game, but the later levels of some awards are currently impossible to complete. There are two main ways of making friends in the game - using codes to add people particular players or using the in-built random invite system. 1) Adding Friends by Code: Open the friends section by tapping on the Friends Icon on bottom right hand side of your Home Desktop when you are playing the game.
Alternatively, in the 'Add by Code' tab, press the green 'Enter' button and a keyboard will appear allowing you to type in the 6 digit code posted by other players, either here or on other forums for the game. Note: the codes only work for 4-5 uses, then a new friend code is automatically generated, so you have to keep checking your own code to make sure it hasn't changed, and don't get discouraged if many of the codes you try don't work - they get used up very, very quickly so if you aren't one of the first 4 people to see a post with a code, then chances are you won't be able to use it.
Once you have invited someone, or they have invited you, there is still another step that must be completed before they appear on your friends list. 2) Adding friends by random Invite System: Every 8 hours, the game generates 6 random people for you to be potentially friends with. The game will also give the "You have entered an incorrect code" message if you try to add a player you are already friends with. The Treasure Island Update (version 1.10), released September 10th, 2014, fixed this problem. G5’s The Secret Society: Hidden Mystery is a free casual hidden item adventure game that will have you transporting to all sorts of interesting places around the word to look for lost items, and your lost uncle. It all starts when you receive a strange letter from your Uncle Richard’s secretary saying that he has mysteriously disappeared. Secret Society: Hidden Mystery is played by going to different locations via a stack of photos your uncle left you, and finding all the hidden items on the screen. You unlock the various picture levels as you play Secret Society: Hidden Mystery by spending some of your coins and by finding the pieces, since the photos have all been ripped up and scattered throughout the different locations.
So Secret Society: Hidden Mystery is a nice little casual hidden game that is fun to play, even if you can only play it in short spurts.
It’s challenging and a bit repetitive, but that is usually to be expected from hidden games.
I am really enjoying the Secret Society, but cannot seem to find where to “win” the musical symbol for “flat”. I have been trying to play secret society ever since the last update and keep getting kicked out after doing 1 scene. Jenni Lada brings us information about all of the groovy new gaming imports from around the world. G5 Entertainment, is a leading developer and publisher of high-quality casual and free-to-play mobile games for women. Wren: “My mom showed this game to me when I told her I was looking for a simple game to play on my phone while I spent hours rocking my son to sleep. Dianne: “This game has become a lifeline to me as I suffer from CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome).
Heather: “As the mum of two active kids I spend a lot of time waiting in the car for them to come out of clubs.
The Secret Society – Hidden Mystery is a captivating mix of I-spy scenes, gem match puzzles, brain teasers and memory games. If you would like to try the game yourself you can click on the link below that is compatible with your smart phone or tablet. If you do try the game or already play, leave us a comment letting us know what you think or when you play.
Join the mysterious Secret Society and explore numerous enchanting worlds!The Secret Society is a clandestine community of people with the unique ability to move through magic worlds. Embrace spring’s warm days and blooming plants in this fresh update of The Secret Society!TWO NEW HIDDEN OBJECT SCENES – Attend the Spring Festival to see the cherry blossoms and visit a stirring Rock Stage.NEW SPRING EVENT – Take part in the Celebration of Spring and get a charming spring Avatar, a Magic Box full of valuable gifts and a Talisman of Spring that restores energy.MORE QUESTS AND COLLECTIONS – Hurry!
Yet she ends up kissing him, and soon she finds herself in a friends-with-benefits relationship with him. The book was presented like a comedy, a little on the silly side but filled with misunderstandings and pranks; it had all that and more, with maybe just a tad too much silliness for me. Totally agree that the issue with her father was handled so poorly, and I actually came to despise Bianca. You can see the 'Can be found' list in the Research Window that opens when you press a picture or puzzle on your home desktop.
If the quest is asking for a particular collection item, go to the Collections Section of the game and find the collection it belongs to. The quest will only complete if you win the item once the quest bubble has appeared on the left hand side of your home desktop (you do not have to press accept first). If, for example, you are on a quest to look for the 3rd item in a collection and you already have that item, and one (or more) each of the other items in that collection, then opening the collections section of the game and combining the collection will tell the game you already have the 3rd item.
Most of those items can only be found during picture investigations and puzzle games during the quest itself.
Since the Valentines Update, the game has been changed so those items can be found before the quest begins by advancing the picture to a certain scene level.
You can see the 'Can be found' list in the Research Window that opens when you press the picture's icon on your home desktop. If you banish the anomaly using a banishing item instead of playing the picture, the next mode to appear in the picture is Text mode. The only way to get a picture into curse mode is to play the picture when it has an anomaly in it (do not banish the anomaly!). You can see the 'Can be found' list in the Research Window that opens when you press the puzzle's icon on your home desktop. Although some puzzles may seem impossible at first, they are all solvable without the use of tools, and within the time limit given. All of the pieces around the 4-way pipes and the edge of the board have only a limited number of correct positions, so working your way out from these points reduces the possible moves you can make across the board.
Making matches on squares that do not have yellow borders does not increase your progress in the game, so it is best to concentrate on the matches that will remove a yellow border. Once you reach High Seeker level on Memory Match you will reach the maximum number of cards in each game.
Anomalies do not appear in a night mode picture and eventually you can limit the pictures available for anomalies to the one picture you want one in.

If you lose a single picture investigation, your streak goes back to 0 and you must start over.
The game has its own built in friend mechanism what works either via invite code or random generated friend selections. Once you invite someone, you will have wait until they accept your invitation before you become friends. You will get a "you have entered an incorrect code" message if a code has expired or if you are already friends with that player.
Here you will see all the people you have invited to be friends, along with all the people who have sent you invitations. Once a code has expired, anyone who tries to use it will get the "you have entered an incorrect code" message as the code no longer works. When posting your own code for others to use, it is a good idea to also post your game name, so people can check if they are already friends with you before using your code. As of the release of the Mac computer version of the Christmas Update (25th February 2015), all platforms should now have access to the fix. You play as a detective in the secret Order of Seekers, with the goal of solving more than 1,800 quests and puzzles in various locations. You also find out that you are part of a secret society called the Order of the Seekers that has the magical ability to teleport to any location through a photograph.
You are also asked by Uncle Richard’s butler and secretary to find various things that are missing (because it’s somehow your responsibility to find stuff they lost but whatever.) These items go into different collections that you can complete throughout the game. You can either wait to find the pieces as the game progresses or you could use your diamonds to unlock the levels instead. Along with the hidden item puzzles, there are also three other games you can play: a block sliding game, a pipe connecting game, and a memory match game.
Experience is needed to advance in level (which gives you perks like more energy) and coins are needed to buy items and unlock picture levels. There are no free hints in Secret Society: Hidden Mystery like there are in other hidden games. It is always the same scene, but the items move around to make it harder and different each time.
You will talk to people here and there and find clues that will help you locate your uncle, but it is mostly just casual gameplay.
The use of collections, achievments, and the three non-hidden object games give it more variety and something to accomplish other then finding scads of random items. The energy limits of each play make it a short experience each time, but that also means you won’t beat it too quickly. I’m sorry you are having trouble with the game, but I have nothing to do with the production of the game, I just reviewed it! Let every day be Casual Friday when you read about your favorite casual games in our weekly update.
The spirited, adventure-seeking women who devour their games include multitasking moms looking for inspiration, stimulation and excitement. The Secret Society – Hidden Mystery is a captivating mix of I-spy scenes, gem match puzzles, brain teasers and memory games. I play it while my newborn is sleeping on my lap and I can’t move anywhere for fear of waking her up. I have gotten my mother, sister-in-law, husband, best friend, son, daughter, niece and nephew all addicted to this game. In the game, you become a member of the Order of Seekers and start exploring enchanting worlds by entering photographs. All she wants is to keep things simple, physical, but the more she spends time with Wesley, the more she learns to like him. This wasn’t even balanced by interesting twists, humor, steamy romance or brilliant writing. An information box will pop up showing you which game character has provided the quest, what the quest is asking for, and how to achieve the goal. The list appears above the green 'Research' button in this box, and you can scroll through it using the arrows either side of it. Keep playing the picture to make the mode change, and check the 'Can be found' list again on different modes to see if the item is there. When using any of these luck enhancers all you are doing is increasing your odds of winning anything at all. The number of quests in the game is limited, so you might as well enjoy them while you have them. Even if you have 100 of that item in your inventory, there is no way to send any to your friends. The only exception to this is for players playing the Valentines Update or later version of the game.
This was probably done to reduce the overall memory (ram) load of the game, as prior to this update the game suffered from more memory issues.
Try to get every picture up to the highest possible scene level (currently Professor, the baby blue frame). The list appears above the green 'Research' button in this box, you can scroll through it using the arrows either side of it. The picture will randomly rotate between Text, Silhouette, Night, Pairs, Pieces and Morphs mode as you play it. Once you successfully play the picture with the anomaly in it, the NEXT mode in the picture will be Curse mode.
Banish anomalies in other pictures if you can (though there is no limit to how many anomalies you can have at a time). Anomalies left alone in pictures can rotate between the different anomaly types over a period of a couple of days. If you are struggling with a particular puzzle, use a Seeker's Eye tool to remove a block from the board. If you are stuck, images of completed pipes puzzles are provided in the Walk-through section of the Pipes page of this wiki. In order to remove all the yellow borders in time you will need to take avantage of the special gems created when matching more than 3 gems. At this point it will take some time to work through the cards to find matches, no matter how lucky you are, how great your memory is, or how many tools you use.
Instead press the green Banish button, which is above the Research button, in the position that the scene progress bar for that picture would normally be. If in doubt, open the quest information box by pressing its icon on your quest list, and press the 'Show Hints' button. If you press the awards icon on your home desktop and open the Desktop Picture Investigation award it will tell you what your current best row of picture investigations won without a failure is, and what the goal is to reach the next level of the award.
If you press the awards icon on your home desktop and open the Desktop Puzzle award it will tell you what your current best row of puzzle games won without a failure is, and what the goal is to reach the next level of the award. The only version of the game that requires a Facebook account to make friends is the Facebook version of the game itself (and you need a Facebook account to play that anyway since it is built in to Facebook).
The biggest advantage using codes is that it gives you the opportunity to talk to the players you make friends with, which helps in finding people with similar game playing habits.
This is your current invite code, which other people can use to invite you to be their friend. Once a code expires, a new code is automatically generated in the 'Add by Code' tab of the Friends section. Since you are Uncle Richard’s only living heir, and the only one with the magical ability to move through photos, it’s your job to find out what happened to him and protect the society from the dangerous men trying to find its secrets.
Along with collections there are also achievements you can unlock and experience to earn different levels.
This is not recommended though unless you are really impatient because diamonds are a lot harder to come by than coins. G5 included options for you to buy coins and diamonds using real money. Instead, you can use six different items: dynamite which finds 5 random items for you, a clock which adds more time to the clock, a compass that points you in the right direction of an item, an eye that finds on object and two other items that aid you in the dark locations. Sometimes the list of items show up as silhouettes that you have to find which make it a bit easier. I love the fact that it keeps my brain stimulated especially since Alzheimer’s runs in my family. Also, my four-year-old stepson likes to ‘help’ find items (he taps the screen repeatedly and loses some of the allotted time). The goal is to collect clues that will expand even further the world you’re traveling in and help you unravel mysteries related to your missing uncle. After a period of despair, you realize that you too are blessed with these special powers and thus are the only one that can find him!
If you have already combined a collection in this version of the game, the last quest in that collection sequence, which asks you to combine the collection automatically completes without you having to combine again.
Combining again will complete that quest if you still have at least one of all of the items for that collection, and so on, until the you get to the quest to combine the collection, which will automatically complete. If you have it already, then either you were given it as a bonus reward from the Collector desktop award or the game gave it to as a bonus reward for being a good friend while you were visiting a friend and charging their desktop.
In that case, yes you have already found the item, but chances are it will be easy to find again.
All items that can be won as rewards for successful picture investigations are shown in the 'Can be found' list. Unfortunately there is no sure fire way to force any particular game mode to appear, with the exception of Text (Abc) mode.

If you stop playing pictures, or just play puzzles no new anomalies will appear on your home desktop.
All items that can be won as rewards for winning puzzle games are shown in the 'Can be found' list. This will help you solve the puzzle, but be sure to examine where all the other blocks are before you complete it, this will help you see where the blocks need to be to solve the puzzle without the Seeker's Eye next time.
In particular, you should take advantage of the sepcial moves you can make by matching these special gems with each other instead of gems of the same colour. I think that the game is not exactly boring as such, but it just takes longer to complete than any other puzzle or picture in game. If you have the right item to banish that anomaly, it will be banished and you will receive a certain number of rewards. A blue arrow will point to picture, and when you open the Research Window another blue arrow may point to either the Research button or the Banish button. If you stop playing pictures, or just play puzzles, no new anomalies will appear on your home desktop.
The best row shows the final number of pictures investigated in a row without a failure before your last failure.
The best row shows the final number of games won in a row without a failure before your last failure. The award levels reflect this fact, so some have goals that might not be achievable right now, but the developers hope will be achievable eventually as the game grows. If you press Accept then they will be automatically added to your friends list (and will disappear from the Waiting Room). Players must check this section regularly to see if they have a new code to give to potential new friends. You also only have 5 minutes to find all the items on the screen and you are penalized 10 seconds for randomly clicking too many times.
Now that my son is older I play while he naps and again after he goes to bed for the night.
This wildly popular hidden object adventure also features social elements: you can help your game mates, make friends and send and receive in-game gifts. Locate your beloved uncle, protect the sacred Artifact of the Order and thwart the forces threatening the entire society in this fantastic blend of hidden object tasks and puzzles!
If you’re interested in reading a novel of secret societies, I highly recommend Secret Society Girl by Diana Peterfreund. Just because something is in the 'can be found' list does not mean you will win it on every try. It is also a good idea to keep playing a wide variety of other pictures during this time as the anomaly is less likely to change if you play nothing at all or only play puzzles.
See the Gem Match page on this wiki for more information on special gems and special moves. If you do not have the right item in your inventory, then you will be asked to buy it for crystals (this will automatically use it to banish the anomaly). If you investigate a picture successfully and this number does not go up by 1, then you know your current win streak is less than that number. If you play a puzzle game and win, and this number does not go up by 1, then you know your current win streak is less than that number.
If you press Reject then they will not be added to your friends list (and will disappear from the Waiting Room). You can sell or gift away your excess items.If you want to complete a quest by having the item gifted, first go to the Collections menu. You start out with 50 and every three minutes you get another point (it maxes at 50 though.) So it takes about 17 minutes for your energy to fully recharge when you are empty.
I don’t know how other people feel but my friends [in the game] are considered my friends. The power level I have at this time allows me to play during the lulls in my housework without forgetting to get back to work.
Think of it as a dice roll, for each item you win, a die is rolled behind the scenes to determine which item from the list it is. The odds are just the same that any one item you win will be the item you are looking for with or without all that extra help. You will have to follow the quest instructions and play the right picture in the right mode or play the puzzle until you win the item the old fashioned way. Visiting your friends frequently and using all your daily charges for each friends is a good way to get those hard to win collection items. The first 5 quests ask you to find one of each of the 5 items from a particular collection, the 6th quest asks you to combine the collection. Play both pictures, or just play the one you prefer or that requires less energy points for each play. Try to get them all to the highest level possible by following the instructions in the Awards Section.
Note: Since the Valentines Update, anomalies are less likely to rotate between types if left alone.
The more you play, the more puzzles you will figure out and the faster you will win each game. Matching pairs is actually an enjoyable mini game, but when you suddenly go from 20 second completions of other games and puzzles to a game that will always take more than 1 minute to complete, it feels like a stick in the mud.
You will be returned to the Research Window for that picture, and the scene progress bar will be back. If there isn't a second blue arrow, look through the 'Can be found' list for that picture to make sure the item you are looking for is there. You must keep playing and successfully investigating pictures until the best row starts to rise with each win again, and then raise it to the goal number. You must keep playing and winning puzzles until the best row starts to rise with each win again, and then raise it to the goal number. They will not be notified that you rejected their request, but you will also disappear from their Waiting Room. In this game, it pays to be a good friend (no seriously, you get way more out of visiting your friends than the friends you visit get). Just be sure to check the 'Can be found' list for that picture first to confirm the item can be won in the mode the picture is in and level the picture is on, as some items require you to be on a certain level and in a certain mode. You can make quests for yourself by looking at your friends wishlists, and seeing if you can win the items they need for them, and then give them to the friend as gifts. Don't be afraid to move the target block backwards, or even completely enclosed in other blocks. Then either research or banish the anomaly (if you banish it, the next mode will be text mode giving you a second chance to win the item if you do not get it the first time). After a certain number of days in the waiting room, a person will be dropped from your list.
This is why players will often get frustrated when trying to add new friends by code, as most of the codes they try will already have expired.
This ensures that your quest will complete upon receiving the item from another player.Add other players via the Random friends function or via your Facebook account if any of your friends play this game. But the items are weighted, which is why some come up every time, and others take many, many, attempts to get that lucky roll.
If there is a 1 in a 1000 chance of winning the collection item you need, using every tool available to you still means there is a 1 in a 1000 chance of winning the collection item you need.
You can play it straight away by pressing the green 'Research' button or exit the Research Window and return to your Home Desktop.
If this keeps happening, you can reply to the original post and let the player know that their code has expired (and post your own code for them to use).
Gem Match is a match-3 type minigame, where your goal is to match with all of the yellow-bordered gems before the time runs out. So this means you can’t play the game for very long unless you buy a lot of recharging items or wait for your energy to recharge. All of these games work on the same principle as blocks, so solving the logic in them will help you solve the logic in blocks. The Blocks minigame’s goal is to move the yellow block into the exit on the left or the right side of the board.
Unblock me is very similar to blocks, but does not have a time limit (or a need to spend energy points to play), so it is a very good way to practice for blocks. You need to clear all of the obstacles between the exit and the block, and swipe the yellow block into the exit to succeed. If you are stuck, complete puzzle solutions for every puzzle in blocks are provided on the Blocks page of this wiki. The goal in the Pipes mini-game is to create a fully uninterrupted pipeline using the elements present in the board. Start on the outside elements, then move to the surroundings of the 4-way elements.If you need an item which drops from a certain anomaly, then keep playing various pictures to trigger their appearances.

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