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DISCLAIMERI, Miliany Bonet, am NOT a medical doctor (or a doctor of any kind), a Certified Nutritionists or a Certified Detoxification Specialist. Although I do believe in holistic cures (and the ability to heal and cure diseases through the power of a wholefoods, raw living diet) and healing naturally without medicines (I believe food is thy medicine), please do not misinterpret the information provided on this blog as diagnosing, prescribing or treating. I don't believe in counting calories, thus, none of my recipes will provide the nutritional values. Please keep in mind: I do not judge or criticize others, as everyone is entitled to their own opinions. My blogs are very eye-opening and informative; I expose the truth, and nothing but the truth here.

MIS OVEJAS OYEN MI VOZ Y YO LAS CONOZCO Y ME SIGUEN; YO LES DOY VIDA ETERNA Y NO PERECERAN JAMAS, NI NADIE LAS ARREBATARA DE MI MANO. Pastor y Fundador de Ministerios Jesucristo es Amor, en San Martin, Buenos Aires, Argentina. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
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Not only does it have beautiful, vibrant colours – it has ginger, which is really epic. All the information I provide concerning health, nutrition and diet, are all is intended to help improve your life(style) with nature's perfect foods (the foods we're designed to eat): fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Although, check back on my other blog, where I’m actually thinking about posting the health¬†benefits¬†of ginger.

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