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There is a Spock Emoji in iOS 8.3, but it is hidden and not part of the new emojis that appear on the iPhone keyboard like the new skin tones and the Apple Watch. This new live long and prosper emoji only works on iOS 8.3, if you send it to a user on an older device they will see a square or a square with an alien on it. You can call this the Spock Emoji or the Vulcan Salute emoji, but whatever you call it you will need to use this iOS 8.3 trick to unlock the secret Vulcan Salute emoji because Apple does not include it in the new emoji keyboard. Here’s what you need to do to make sure you can send the Spock Emoji from the iPhone or iPad without constantly copying and pasting all the time.
This is how you can make a shortcut to insert the Spock emoji or the Vulcan Salute emoji on your iPhone or iPad. Why are you asking me for personal information?We collect personal information including your contact and demographic information for the purposes of identification, account administration and display of personalised content and advertising. Cara Rose DeFabio is a pop addicted, emoji fluent, transmedia artist, focusing on live events as an experience designer for Real Future. The good news is that you can now adjust the skin tone on nearly all of the people-emoji to a shade that suits you.
But of course the Twitterati was quick to dampen the celebration by chiming in on what was missing— namely, gingers. This might be a good time to point out that it is impossible for Unicode to develop an emoji, viable across platforms, that represented everyone in the world.
I’m most inspired by the use of emoji not as cartoons or stickers, but as a language, and as such I think emoji should be representational without having to be literal.
While you begin to think you can’t find it anywhere in the emojis that are there for you on the keyboard, know that you need to add it to your device on your own.
Follow it up by double tapping on the Phrase section and paste the Vulcan emoji you copied earlier. As soon as you hit save, you are good to go, having added the Vulcan salute emoji on your device. Make your way to messages, and enter the shortcut (llap) and it will transform itself into the emoji.

Please note that the emoji is not available on Android, and Windows devices, while iOS users running 8.3 are the only ones who can get their hands on the secret emoji. Share the Vulcan salute with your friends, and let us know of how amazed they were via the comments box below. WATCH: First FOR THE LOVE OF SPOCK TrailerAdam Nimoy and 455 Films have released the first trailer for the upcoming Leonard Nimoy documentary “For the Love of Spock”.
Remembering Leonard Nimoy On His BirthdayLeonard Nimoy, who passed away in February of 2015 after a battle with COPD, would have turned 85 years old today. Adam Nimoy to Appear On ‘Big Bang Theory’Leonard Nimoy’s son Adam will guest-star on next week’s episode of “The Big Bang Theory” on CBS.
Emmy Awards In Memoriam Pays Tribute To Leonard NimoyThe 67th Emmy Awards In Memoriam paid tribute to several actors, directors, writers, and producers who passed away in the last year. William Shatner to Write Leonard Nimoy BiographyTheir friendship is legendary and their on-screen chemistry is undeniable.
Shatner Unveils Leonard Nimoy TributeWilliam Shatner unveiled a Leonard Nimoy tribute mosaic on Sunday. Leonard Nimoy Laid To RestLast Friday, fans around the world mourned the death of Leonard Nimoy — who passed away after a battle with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) at the age of 83. The late Leonard Nimoy would find this emoji a most logical addition to your iPhone’s keyboard. You’ll need to add a shortcut to the Spock Emoji if you want to send the live long and proper sign. Spock, is a well-known character in Star Trek played by Leonard Nimoy and recently by Zachary Quinto. Don’t bother looking in the new emoji keyboard, as there is no Vulcan Salute emoji shown. Once you add this you can start to type the shortcut and the keyboard will show the new emoji in the suggestions for you. Well friends, the wait is over: Apple has finally updated its emoji keyboard to include a rainbow of skin tones for its popular emoji characters… putting an end to digital racism once and for all!

Somewhat ironically, the default woman emoji used to have reddish hair, but she has been erased and replaced with a scale of hair options from blonde to black.
But there are several apps though that will allow you to make your very own face into an emoji, if that’s your aim. Which is why, as odd as the stark yellow Simpsons-like couples and families may look, I’m fine with them, because the alternative is bound to leave someone out. Twitter has yet to update their own emoji set to include the diverse cast of characters, and I was unable to find the new characters on my macbook. The film, crowdfunded through FirstGiving, is being produced by Nimoy’s daughter Julie and her husband David Knight. Now it appears that William Shatner will pen the official biography of the late Leonard Nimoy. The book will be filled with tributes to his life and images from his career in television and film. Get the latest updates on "Star Trek Beyond", past television series and films, conventions, fan films, video games, books, humor, comics, collecting and more. Unlike the other gestures that let you change the skin tone, you cannot change the color of the Spock emoji the same way as you can many of the new emoji but the iPhone can show multiple colors.
The options appear when you hold down the icon, enabling you to select from five different flesh options, or the default happy-face-yellow. Capturing all possible gender and race permutations would require a separate keyboard all of their own, and would hardly be a shortcut to what you’re trying to say.
But now that we have 42 different international flags to choose from, you might consider pairing the knife and fork with the Mexican flag if you’re going out for tacos.

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